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  1. Are there any download packs that have artwork for external programs I wish to add to Big Box (such as Kodi or Music Box Alpha). If not, no biggie. Just curious if there is. I know probably isnt a very requested item. Thanks P.S. If this is in the wrong forum, I apologize.
  2. I currently am running an unraid server for all my TV Shows and Movies. As long as I get a stable connection for high def video content, should I have any issue running my launchbox games from the server? Thanks
  3. What is the recommended platform videos package for this theme? Thanks
  4. Just tried that, I get the same result.
  5. Help, I'm trying to set up the The Sega Model 2 Emulalator first and then I'll import it in Launchbox. I have setup the config file to find my roms: I then try to run my test rom (In this case, Dead or Alive). I get the following screen: I have tried both the multicpu and regular exe files. Thanks
  6. I'm trying to add windows store games to launchbox. After I have taken the shortcut and placed it my Games/Windows folder in the launchbox folder, I get the following error. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks
  7. I"m currently importing some Sega Master System games. One of the games only pulls media from EmuMovies and not the Launchbox Games DB. I checked on another game and it clearly shows the available media from the Launchbox Games DB. Any idea on what is causing this? Thanks
  8. I have installed the add-on without issue and configured it correctly. It takes me to launchbox, not Big Box. Is this expected or am I missing a step?
  9. I get the following error. Could you tell me what the cause of this is? thanks
  10. Help, I just added my first startup video. The video runs, but it quits 5 seconds in and goes to launchbox. I apologize if this issue has already been brought up. Let me know what I'm doing wrong
  11. Just installed this theme. Weird thing is that the platform fanart is not showing. Any ideas?
  12. I am currently having trouble connecting. I can connect on the site, but not through launchbox.
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