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  1. I have been away from the scene for awhile, but now I am back and looking to polish up my system. The biggest issue that I have right now is the lack of quality movies. I posted this topic a couple of years ago, without any results, but things can change in the course of a couple years. So I ask the question again: Are there any websites (other than EmuMovies), paid or free, that offer movie clips for retro games? To be clear, my collection is mostly RPG or Strategy games, and EmuMovies struggles in this area.
  2. No there wasn't any device reporting as 1Joy, in fact I used that script as a basis to enumerate the Joypads detected on my system. I am playing with possibilities, I will certainly write something more flexible in the future. I just wanted to put this information out there so others could find it as well.
  3. I was originally going to post a question about an issue I was having; but the engineer in me wanted to dig in just a little deeper, and I found the solution (of sorts). After months, my AutoHotKey scripts (via LB) just ... stopped working. Nothing has changed, the hardware is the same, the software is the same, the input devices are the same, etc... As it turns out, AutoHotKey was working just fine, but it didn't seem like it was detecting my controller. Some more digging and running scripts to enumerate the controllers AHK can see, and immediately I discovered that the only controller on the system was being reported as controller 2! So I had to change all of my scripts that referenced Joy to 2Joy and everything just worked again. Unfortunately I don't know why it changed, and if/when it will change again, so I will likely have to update my scripts every time it randomly breaks. Apparently its a known issue (see the note here) https://www.autohotkey.com/docs/KeyList.htm#Joystick but there doesn't seem to be a solution and the "one person reported" portion of the note doesn't seem like its widespread enough to matter. So if your Joy keys stop working in AHK, or don't work at all when they should, check and see if its actually the first joypad. I am putting this out there so that anyone else that runs into this situation will have a resource to find as I was not able to find any topic that discussed this.
  4. The clips at EmuMovies are a seemingly random 30 seconds from roughly the first couple minutes of the game. It does not matter if that first couple minutes is not actually representative of the gameplay. I don't want this topic to turn into a rant about EmuMovies, but a tactical combat game that doesn't show any tactical combat and spends 30 seconds navigating the menu/hub (as an actual example of some of the videos) is not very useful. I will make my own if I have to, but I cannot be the first one to want good video clips of classic emulated titles. I would rather spend my time playing the games than making clips of them, if someone else has already done this.
  5. Are there any sites (free or paid) that have good quality video clips for many/most emulated games? EmuMovies is the only site I know about, and their video clips are terrible. "Good Quality" to me means that the clip is representative of the general gameplay. A mini ~30-60 second trailer of sorts.
  6. I understand now. I will polish up the script I am using, make it more generic, and then post it.
  7. To recap, putting together a few ideas from the thread, what I did was have a script that looks like: Run "C:\Users\MyUser\LaunchBox\AutoHotkey\AutoHotkey.exe" "F:\Scripts\RunAfter.ahk" No Esc or other key trigger, just this command by its lonesome. Then in the RunAfter.ahk I can run WinWait, SomeEmulator WinWaitClose, SomeEmulator MsgBox, SomeEmulator Closed! Exit And this works perfectly. Thanks for everyone's participation and throwing around ideas.
  8. I just want to run a single command after a program finishes executing. It has to always run (no race conditions), it cannot rely on additional software that needs to be installed, and it cannot "break immersion" (additional popups, terminal windows, etc...). These are not unreasonable asks. What is the end goal you have in mind with that? I press a button to exit the emulator, that button cannot be the same button that triggers the script because of race conditions. If I changed the button to something else, then I would have to hit one button (before?) I exit the emulator, and another button to exit the emulator. I think you have the wrong impression. The goal has never been to achieve this in any way at any cost. Thats easy. I could rattle off a dozen different solutions that would get the job done. LaunchBox is a visually pleasing, elegant, all-in-one launcher solution. The goal is to use this system to perform the task. I have yet to test it, but it seems like (from the last few posts) that I can use the AutoHotKey executable bundled with LaunchBox, to launch a separate script from the script inside of LaunchBox that will not be killed when the original script is killed, letting me execute code to wait for the process to end. This would not require additional software, it would not create a race condition, and it would not cause additional windows/popups/terminals to show up. I do appreciate the discussion, since starting this thread we have went from creating a batch file that runs some javascript and wraps the emulator, to an actual solution from within LaunchBox that seems like it might work. I will update the thread once I have tried it out.
  9. I fear that this would create a race condition if the emulator is also polling for, and processing, the Esc key. However the ability to run another AHK script directly like this is an interesting idea. If a script run in this fashion continues to run when the callee is killed, then one could have an AHK script that defers entirely to another AHK script and that one waits for the application to end.
  10. I think that a per emulator check box that says "Persist AutoHotKey Script" that relies on the user to end the script if checked (unchecked by default), would be a much simpler addition. That is an interesting solution, though it does not scale out to hundreds of games (not until the to-do-list item is complete at least). IF my feature request gets accepted (https://bitbucket.org/jasondavidcarr/launchbox/issues/4147/autohotkey-persist-after-termination) it might be a good temporary solution to do on a per-game basis. I thought that was the case, since I could not get anything to execute after the program has terminated. I think you might be surprised how useful it can be and how many people would utilize it. My personal use case is for some emulators, DS, 3DS, Arcade, etc... that use a vertical layout, I can have it automatically rotate the screen when the emulator launches and rotate it back when the emulator closes. All while still using BigBox and no keyboard. With the current setup, I cannot rotate the screen back, because that code is never executed. I think quite a few people would find this useful. It sure makes playing vertical resolution emulators/games so much nicer.
  11. Yeah, I misread, I did not absorb the big capital word "COPY" and somehow thought that the original was being renamed. Regardless I am not yet at the point of desperation where I want to resort to hacks to solve the problem. I am holding out hope that there is a solution that will work with LaunchBox or that they will fix the bug/add the feature once I submit the request.
  12. This looks like it will affect every platform, I only wish to do this on a couple of platforms. I am going to try and make a feature request first before I try any work-around solutions.
  13. It is easy to create a batch file that will execute a program, wait on the program to exit (which causes the program to spawn a new terminal window), and then use Javascript to execute the SendKeys method via Windows Script Hosts. That will "get the job done" but the end result is not something that I would be happy with. The whole reason that I bought LaunchBox was because it was a great, integrated, all-in-one solution and it would be such a shame to stop so close to the finish line. That would be perfect, yeah. I will see about filing a feature request/bug report? and hope that they feel the same way.
  14. There is nothing to post, I simply want to press a certain button combination when the emulator exits. Something like: WinWaitClose, RetroArch Send !{Space} Its not as easy as it sounds. Not without additional 3rd party tools. I do not wish to install additional applications other than LaunchBox/BigBox and the needed emulators. What would be the chances that I could get them to change the behavior to not immediately kill the AutoHotKey script, just wait for the script to finish naturally (with possibly a timeout if they are worried about never ending scripts)?
  15. I appreciate the responses, I was just explaining why I would not use an option like that, not that I was unappreciative of it. I posted here because the options that should work, are not working. I suspect that LaunchBox is killing the AutoHotKey script when the process ends so it never gets a chance to trigger those events, but until I dig deeper, that is pure speculation. If someone else has managed to get this to work, or knows the reason that it doesn't, that would be very helpful.
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