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  1. Thanks a lot. Will do that.
  2. So I have the exit key bound to My button on My control panel. So I can exit emulators with it. But when I hit it in bigbox it exits bigbox. I thought by locking bigbox and not checking allow exit while locked it would stop this. So I locked it. When I hit exit it still exits. Is there a way to keep this from happening? I'd like to have to unlock bigbox to exit in any way.
  3. Hey guys, so built a 4 player pedestal. Have it so My 50 inch tv can rotate to play vertical games and pinball. My question is there a way to set a theme for certain platforms like pinball or for playlists like vertical shooters? Issue is if I go and rotate My screen for pinball or a vertical game when I come back to bigbox ofcourse the screen is sideways. Is there a way I can either rotate the wheel etc in a view or use a theme like vertical for just certain platform/playlists. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  4. Hey was just wondering if this can do 1080x1920? I want to start on a vertical theme and can't seem to find any way to do so.
  5. *Update* Fixed it. Somehow the Mame Platform got messed up in the xml as a Category and the Arcade Category was inside it. Just changed everything in the xml to point in the right direction and its up and running just fine.
  6. I moved My Mame Platform to the Arcade Category and Launchbox closed. Now it reopens with everything blank and closes. Bigbox still runs fine. How do I undo this problem? Been setting up launchbox for months and dont want to have to start from scratch. Any help is appreciated.
  7. Just because mame has the rom does not mean it is playable or working. If you know the rom is from a working system then you may need a chd or bios file that you dont have. Try running the game straight from the command line and mame will usually give you some info to go on. Even if its a playable system lots of roms may have issues or be unplayable. One of the fun things about mame.
  8. Yeah. Thats where I originally tried it. No go. Now as I said if I do it in the individual game Emulation Custom command line it works right off the bat.
  9. Click on the platform in launchbox and select all games you want to change the folder for. go to tools and click change rom folder path for selected games. Pick the dir your roms are now in and it should do the rest for you.
  10. Thanks Lordmonkus. I did that for the default emulator command line arguments and no go. If I do it in the emulation command line arguments for a individual game it works. Its a solution but having to manually change 100s of games through emulation arguments is a very dirty solution. I was really hoping to get away from rocket launcher but Im so used to writing and redoing ahk files. I think launchbox needs to add tokens and allow full editing of the command line for the emulators. Again thank you for the help and Ill keep this trick in mind if I need it for some games.
  11. When managing emulators. Is there a way to add a command line argument after the [File]? I need to run mame64.exe channelf [File] -inipath "blah blah". I have not found a way to do this at the moment and I do not want to have to write a batch file for each system for such a simple task. Any help would be appreciated.
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