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  1. Just tried latest Yuzu EA 3714, can comfirm all working again
  2. My settings are like yours, same as they've always been, not changed anything in settings. It seems that something in the code of the latest builds of Yuzu just doesn't like being launched through LB...? Me reverting back to a earlier build and everything working again clearly shows this. If early access v3703 is now working again then that's good news, usually takes a few week for the new features from EA versions to transfer to the mainline builds
  3. I've just tried the latest Yuzu (1477) same problem, Yuzu closes on startup. My Early Access (3696) has the same problem. I update Yuzu regularly, I noticed this problem start a few week ago, as I've stated every game run flawlessly up until then and I've changed no settings in LB or the emulator....it's giving me a headache 😡 *UPDATE* I've just tried a earlier build from April (1402) and everything is working again. It sucks that we're loosing out on the new features but will have to make do until a fix is discovered....
  4. My problem persists so I've started using Ryujinx fo everything which is not ideal as Yuzu runs some better. This problem started about a week ago, everything worked perfect before and I've changed no settings so very frustrating. I'll try a earlier build and see what happens....
  5. I've just delevoped the exact same problem, every game launched before then yesterday they all suddenlt stopped working. I run a game, it shows Yuzu GUI for a second then reverts back to LB. If I run them through the emulator they work fine. I've not changed any settings in the emu or in LB. Did you manange to solve the issue?
  6. Cheers guys! I found another way, I edited the Snes9x.conf file, 'Fullscreen:Enabled = TRUE' Thanks 👍
  7. After updating Snes9X to the latest version (162.2) games would no longer launch from LB. I finally discovered the problem was the -fullscreen command, works fine now I've removed it but the emulator obvs now doesn't start in fullscreen. Anyone know if there's a new FS command for this? Cheers 👍
  8. Version 1.0.0


    I scraped wallpapers for PS1 and was disapointed at the amount available so I set out to fix that. I went through 1296 games, removing bad/incorrect images, finding appropriate images to match the game, all cropped to 16:9. I've lowered the brightness so they don't overpower the foreground images in the theme.
  9. My roms were in a strange format, I grabbed a CDI format set and they're working ok now
  10. Ok, I updated BigPEmu but I can't get it to run CD roms, I'm just getting a black screen. Are there command lines needed running it through Launchbox? Anyone got this working? Cheers
  11. Yes, I was overwriting the theme folder, I used a fresh download and now it works great! Thanks for your reply @Rob_G ! Loving this theme, just what I've been looking for, cheers 👍
  12. The new release is great but I've found a few problems. The visibility condition bug is still present.... Some platforms boxart isn't showing up..... Playlists show logos instead of boxes.
  13. Version 1.0.0


    I recently started using the Unified Lives! theme, it supports fanart for systems and games, which is a nice feature. Here's backrounds for 290 Dreamcast games, I've lowered the brightness as I like the background not to overpower the logo/box art....
  14. I now have the exact same problem, last time I ran Redream was a few month back and it was perfect, never had a problem with it. So today I try a few games and they all have screen glitches now, I've tried changing every option in the emu, grabbed the latest Redream release, no change. I'm still on Win 10, there was a update for it recently, dunno if that changed anything? Did you find a solution by any chance?
  15. Liking the new additions but I ain't keen on the new marquees top left covering the system logo, looks messy with the logo popping out . Is there a way to disable these? Thanks
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