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  1. In LaunchBox, check if you have command-line parameters in the emulator settings tab AND if you have per game custom command-lines. I can imagine, if you have both, that the game launches twice. Hi, thanks for the reply. All this time I thought it was a Launchbox problem that was launching the game twice but it's not. I decided to launch the games directly from the TP Ui and the same thing happens! Just can't figure it out, here's a grab from when I run Sega Rally 3....any ideas guys?
  2. I was using the import text file method and it worked but for some strange reason the game was launching twice! I've just tried the --profile=%romfile%.xml method and it works fine but my games are still launching twice. Sega Rally 3 throws up a error, after clicking the game then loads. Daytona Championship USA runs two games at once, I can hear the music from the other game whan I'm playing the other one. Anyone any Idea why this is happening? cheers....
  3. Update: The problem is still there.... 😒
  4. Sussed it! I used the import text file for the game method, so LB was launching the text file then the .xml file so 2 games at once. I just edited the rom path and changed it from the text file to the .xml file in TP's User Profile folder, sorted!
  5. There's nothing to really see in my LB settings just the path to Teknoparrot. It does it with my other TP games too, for example Sega Rally 3 but that throws a error up, I click it off and the game runs. With Daytona it just runs it twice at once and like I said escaping quits both games. It all works fine when I use TP on its own. Obvs LB is launching the game then TP after it, but why? Anyway, thanks for yer help m8
  6. I've recently tried the Teknoparrot launcher and after watching a few tutorial vids I've managed to get it all set up and working fine apart from 1 problem I can't suss out. When I launch a teknoparrot game through LB it runs the game twice! For instance Daytona Championship USA, while I'm playing I can hear the into music and sfx from the second game in the background, pressing escape exits both games at once. Anyone else with the same prob and is there a way round it? TIA for any help
  7. Working fine here on the 20H2 build....
  8. I recently upgraded my PC, whole new system. I used CXBX on my old PC, it worked great but the games run a tad slow so was looking forward to seeing how it performed on my new rig. Trouble is it no longer works. It starts to load then I get just a black screen, same with every rom. I read in a comment on another forum that its not compatible with Radeon RX-5600 XT GPU's, which is the one I have in my new build. Has anyone else had this issue? or even if the comment is true as I can't find any other info about it. TIA for any help
  9. Version 1.0.0


    Boxart, gameplay, game title, cassette and clear logos for 285 games. I couldn't find casette images for all the games, missing logos created by me.
  10. Dragon 32 Media pack View File Boxart, gameplay, game title, cassette and clear logos for 285 games. I couldn't find casette images for all the games, missing logos created by me. Submitter Lukeyboy67 Submitted 10/05/2020 Category Game Media Packs  
  11. Thank you for the missing covers! That was quick work! My collection looks great now, cheers 👍
  12. For some reason LB is not showing box art for certain games that are deffo in the box folder. When I 'refresh selected images' they just stay blank even though the media is in the folder, any ideas?
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