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  1. These are great! Just missing a few, any chance you could add them some time? Cheers Alien vs. Predator Bubble Trouble Centipede Conquest of Zow Dragnet Eye of The Beholder Fat Bobby Lexis Lode Runner Loopz Marlboro Go! Raiden T-Tris
  2. Thanks for your reply but as I stated I'm a noob when it comes to editing files, where is this file located?
  3. Noob question. Can anyone tell me how to change the text colour on the Amiga theme plz?
  4. Yer right I was using HW rendering and upscale, switched to SW rendering and it all works fine now although doesn't look as pretty. I saw a YT vid of it running at 4K/60 fps with no glitches on PCSX2, god knows how he managed that? Anyway, thanks for yer help m8
  5. The game runs great on my PC but with some annoying glitches I can't seem to solve. I've seen it running perfect on YT so I know it's possible. Glitches like the Sun has a box around it, black vertical lines around the text and numbers and a constant shadow on the road in front of the car. As anyone else had these probs and solved it? any help would be very much appreciated AMD FX-8370 - Radeon RX480 - 16 gb - Win10 pro 64
  6. I have Launch Box and all my emulators and roms on a external HDD with no issues. To speed loads times up I created a symbolic link from the image cache in Launchbox to a internal SSD so all media load nice n quick. Good luck!
  7. All the games in that folder need XPadder. Don't know how I added it? mmmmm
  8. After playing a Taito Type X game I noticed the XPadder icon had appeared in the edit box. What's it's function? for some reason it only appears on one game, any info would be great.
  9. Didn't expect them so soon! cheers
  10. These are great! I'm just missing two.... Sega Bass Fishing Challenge & SEGA Clay Challenge. If you could add these to the set that would be great
  11. When I'm editing images I find it a pain having to search in the region folders that are auto created by LB. I'd like all images displayed at once in the folder, Is there any way of disabling this feature? when I delete em they just reappear.
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