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  1. Lukeyboy67

    LB not deleting roms....

    I decided to have a clean up of my collection, deleting non working games/clones etc. So I enabled the 'allow deleting roms when deleting games' option. I checked the rom folders and nothing had been deleted. Tried several times other different platforms, same result. Nothing gets deleted.
  2. Lukeyboy67

    MAME Namco System 22 Running Slow

    Press F11, then select Auto with F9. Not the perfect solution but it deffo speeded up and smoothed things out for me
  3. Ooops sorry. I wasn't aware of that.
  4. Why don't you download the snap packs from......
  5. Lukeyboy67

    Too much info....

    I'll check that out. Thank you
  6. Lukeyboy67

    Too much info....

    So I have to edit each one separatly? There's 100's of em! Amiga escpecially. Oh well, looks like I'm stuck with em
  7. Lukeyboy67

    Too much info....

    How do I stop LB from showing this info underneath the game title? The only way I've found to do it is to manually delete the text in the 'version' box in edit. I've searched the options and found no way to turn it off. Is there an option for this?
  8. Lukeyboy67

    Taito type x gamepad setup....

    I've not touched the res. I'm aware I can change it by editing the arc/ini files. They're all set to 1080 so I just left em.
  9. Lukeyboy67

    Image cache emptied....

    Can't remember what kinda link it is. Basically everything that gets written to my LB cache gets also written to my linked folder on my SSD amd LB reads the data from my linked SSD cache. My actual LB cache has been wiped so the SSD folder has too. It deffo happened after the latest upgrade, maybe it just does that? I can't think why though.
  10. Lukeyboy67

    Taito type x gamepad setup....

    I set each one up manually, wish I'd've known that. Sorted now, cheers
  11. Lukeyboy67

    Image cache emptied....

    Does LB after a update wipe the image cache? I have mine linked from my external HDD to my SSD to speed up load times. There was about 6 gb of data in before I updated and now it's empty. Is this a feature of has something gone wrong my end?
  12. Lukeyboy67

    Taito type x gamepad setup....

    I grabbed Xpadder and after a bit of head scratching I got it to work. I have to configure each game separatly but at least I can play em now. Cheers Styphlus :)
  13. Lukeyboy67

    Taito type x gamepad setup....

    I followed Unbroken's YT guide to setup Taito Type X in Launchbox and everything's fine apart from configuring my gamepad. It just doesn't register that I have a gamepad plugged in. If I go into the rom folder and run xpad_config still no responce. I'm using a wired Xbox One controller. Any help would be much appreciated.
  14. Lukeyboy67

    Volume control via gamepad problem....

    I set my Xbox one left shoulder button to decrease volume. I really want to change it now because some games use it and I'm sick of the volume going down when I don't want it to. I go into options but it won't let me change it, I click the box, it says 'Press Button' but it doesn't respond. Any help would be great
  15. Lukeyboy67

    Exiting games in MAME....

    Shoud've just read what Neil9000 said. 2nd post after my original question....