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  1. Thanks! You can recommend a good emulator for 3DO, Jaguar and N64. For the jaguar I tried both the virtual jaguar and the RA but if there is better? For the N64 I have always used the project64 and I find it very good but with some titles I just can't manage to do it properly. Is there anything better here too?
  2. I set the master system, mega drive and 32x systems as indicated (RA with picodrive) and everything is ok but now I have a problem that does not concern the emulator but the launchbox. How can I change the emulator also for the combined titles (or rather the titles under the new "additive apps") without going to modify the game for game? Thanks!
  3. Problem solved. The problem is that I was wrong in the video options. Now everything is ok!
  4. Ok, I tried ... but can the black bar on the left side be eliminated or is there no core to do this?
  5. The idea is interesting. I would like to try but how should I proceed?
  6. I am using the higan for the master system and the problem seems to be solved but honestly I have not had time yet to check if I delete the black portion on the top left of the screen or on both sides of the game. I will check as soon as possible besides trying the mednafen that I have not yet tried. Thanks!
  7. Thanks for the answers but now I ask you a suggestion for the SEGA systems especially the master system for the problem of the black coffin on the left side and the mega drive that has different resolutions inside the same game and the various emulators pass from a resolution to the other or enlarging / shrinking the image and inserting black bars on the screen (eg Castlevania bloodlines). Thanks!
  8. After having problems with my hard disk, now I find myself reorganizing my launchbox again. With this I took the opportunity to update all the emulators and everything related to the LB. But by updating the emulators and realizing how obsolete some of these were or the emulation itself left something to be desired I would like to list the systems for which I could not find the emulator that satisfied me. So I ask for your help to find the best emulator. P.S. some emulators themselves work perfectly but maybe it's just a matter of settings I can't find. In this moment the main emulator I'm trying to update is the SEGA Master System. I am using higan as it is the only emulator that removes the left side black bar on the screen. Is there any other emulator that does the same thing? I tried the retroarch with the various libs but nothing (maybe I'm wrong). Although with the other emulators (I'm updating them when I have time, so I'm going very calmly) I'm well under way, I hope someone can give me suggestions for having the best emulator for each system based on their experience. Thanks!
  9. It would be possible to add screenshot title, screenshot gameplay ... also the "Versus" folder for games of the fighting genre and a "Maps" or "Other" folder to display game maps or other material you want to view for the titiolo selected. Thanks.
  10. I would like to use the CANAME as an emulator for CPS and Neo Geo systems but once the game is launched, the emulator does not use the display options I set while if used outside of the Launchbox the options are as I set them. Can you help me? Thanks!
  11. Unfortunately, the Mame32 More version does not take all the games. Despite being present he sees them as incorrect (I think it is the version that sees certain versions of the games). At this point I should use either the arcade64 version or the mameui64. But how do I solve the window problem?
  12. Ok! Now the mame32 more also works with launchbox. Thank you!
  13. C urrently when I suffer a game I get the following result. This is the result I would like to have (Mame Arcade64 version). I used a program to change the size of the window. This is the result if I use the Mame32 More version, but this version does not start with the launchboh and it does not seem to me that the proportions of the game are correct.
  14. I'm not interested in the images that you can attach with the game, I'd like to see only the game in its window. Thanks!
  15. Hello everyone! During this time I'm setting up my launchbox for mame games. I have tried the following versions: - Arcade64 - MameUI64 - Mame 32M (mame 32 more) With the first two versions the games, via launchbox, start but with the last nothing. Is there a particular configuration? Another question, even if this concerns exclusively the mame (but since there are maybe you can help me). I wish the game had a x2 or 3x resolution and not maximized, but above all that the window is adapted to this resolution. Currently the games are 2x (mame arcade64) but the window is full screen with a hateful black border on the sides of the game. Which version of mame should I use and above all which options should I select to get the desired result ( the mame32M would be the ideal version but not starting with launcnbox)? Thank you!
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