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  1. The RPCS3 version problem has been fixed. The procedure for updating the emulator firmware was wrong.
  2. All games outside of Launchbox work fine. Of course there are any various settings to be made (video, audio ...) but they start and work. Maybe I asked the question wrong. The eboot file and therefore the game folder must necessarily be in the DEV_HDD0 \ GAME \ "gane folder code" \ of the RPCS3. From various tutorials it seems not (at least from what it seems) but in practice not unless the game is also in "DEV_HDD0 \ GAME \" gane folder ". As for the launchbox version I will do other tests. It seems to me however that all problems launching games via launchbox stem from loading while loading trophies, can this be a clue? Are there any settings to be made in this regard? Thanks!
  3. I tried to insert the RPCS3 in launchbox and I noticed that with the most recent versions of the emulator the games under launchbox start but all give me errors (eg "fatal error. Trophy initialization failed ..."). Using an old version (0.0.6-8439) everything was perfect. However, my question is another. In the various tutorials I have seen that the importation of games (eboot.bin file if I'm not mistaken) takes place from folders other than the classic one of the emulator (... DEV_HDD0 \ GAME \ ..). I tried too but nothing, unless in the folder there is the same game already installed. Did I miss anything when it comes to importing games? To use the most popular versions of the RPCS3 can you tell me something? Thanks!
  4. I'm importing titles on multiple disks into Launchbox with the m3u file creation method (using Retroarch). With the Ps1 no problem but with the Sega CD it doesn't work. Does this method work on the Sega CD? If so, should I use discs from certain collections of titles? Does the method of creating m3u file change? Also, on which platforms does it work and not (not just consoles)? Thank you!
  5. I went to reopen a DOS game on launchbox (I hadn't played it for a few months) and I noticed that no games started anymore. At each start I get the message "loadlibrary failed with error 126 the specified module could not be found". I went online to see if I could find anything and I think the problem is in the graphic patterns. I have a Radeon RX560 Series and an Intel UHD Graphics 630. I have tried various suggestions on the net but nothing, The only thing is to go into the settings of each single game (Dosbox.conf) and not use any hardware acceleration in the output method in the video options. It is not a launchbox problem but since I have not found valid solutions around, I ask if someone can give me a solution. I also have a similar problem with RetroArch but here the error is "load library failed with error 87 parameter is incorrect". The solution here is to change the video driver (it doesn't have to be gl, glcore or gl1), but the playability of the games drops significantly. If I use retroarch.exe otherwise renamed then retroarch works. Here too it is not a problem but as above I ask for help. One last thing... It often happens to me that after changing the properties of a game (name, series or other) when I close the game edit screen the launchbox freezes and I am forced to close it manually. Has it happened to others? Thank you!
  6. I copied all the files to a folder called MS-Dos, keeping all the files intact This is the structure of the files and folders (the folders are all in capital letters. In the GAMES folder there are the zip files of the games): MS-DOS EXODOS EXODOS GAMES ...... UTIL unzip.exe util.zip EXTRAS ! DOSmetadata.zip _ReadMe_.txt eXoDOS Catalog.pdf eXoDOS Manual.pdf eXoDOS ReadMe.txt LaunchBox.zip SETUP.BAT XODOSMetadata.zip I also tried without the first folder (MS-DOS) but the setup always tells me that the util.zip file is missing (even if it is present).
  7. I can no longer run the eXoDOS block setup file to unpack all the files. To be precise, it starts but I say that I am missing the util.zip file. The fact that the file is present. What is the problem and how can it be solved? Thank you!
  8. Hello. Is there a way to be able to import Win3xO games into Launchbox by making sure that every single game is in a single folder that I decide? Basically like when you import any game that is in a folder you decide. I don't want to import all the games of the Win3xO block but only the ones that interest me and to have them in the folders I want. Some time ago I managed to do it but keeping the folders in the Win3xO folder as the location of the games. Thank you!
  9. Colorman3605

    Menu Items

    This is the typical menu of when I click on a title with the right mouse button: I wanted to know if there is a way (or there will be) to be able to show only some items and not all of them. It would be enough for me to hide the command to start the emulator without game (in this case "Apri SONY Playstation Portable...") or change the wording with something that does not show the specific name of the emulator ( for example "Open default emulator...). Thanks!
  10. The Retroarch works perfectly also through Launchbox (the recurrence of the problem does it also in this case). However, even with the default video driver (the one set after starting the RetroArch, after deleting the .cfg file), the graphics are excellent, so I think I leave this setting as well. Maybe qunado I will have a little more time I will deepen the question.Thanks!
  11. I confirm that everything is working now. The only thing is that if you select a video driver other than the default one, the problem reoccurs.
  12. I have deleted the retroarch.cfg file. Now with the settings the Retroarch (core flycast) starts. I tried with only game, now I will take with others but it is a start, a good start! Thank you very much!
  13. About forty titles have been proven (some with more versions: Europe, Japan, USA), all GDI and all TOSEC. I tried them both through RetroArch via Launchbox, and directly from RetroArch. Nothing is happening. Through the Launchbox nothing at all. Using the RetroArch only, if I use the flycast, the RetroArch is closed directly, if I use the gles2 flycast, I close the RetroArch window for a moment, then it reopens with the word no element. Regarding startups you mean Launchbox or RetroArch. In the first case I use them, in the second where should I look? Thank you!
  14. The format is GDI, but only with the core flycast I have problems. I think it's the emulator settings not the game.
  15. I have tried with the RetroArch. The Redream works, but some titles give me small graphical errors (white dots on the screen) as previously I had encountered in the past on other emultaori before changing computers. The Flycast I just can't get it started yet I think I set everything up correctly.
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