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  1. @blusapphire23 There is 2 folders in PS3GameImporter.zip. Delete the folder named "source" and move the folder named "PS3GameImporter" to Launchbox/Plugins/.
  2. Im not sure if I can be much help to be honest, sounds a bit "out of my league" but anyway.... When BB becomes unresponsive can you use the mouse to click on BB, does it become responsive again. Or can you alt tab to BB does it become responsive again? Does dark souls have "window mode". If yes try putting it in window mode and see if it behaves the same way.
  3. @tycho1974 right click the dll, go to properties and select unblock. EDIT: the previous error I can replicate by putting the contents of the zip in my plugin folder. Not sure what else would be going on for you.
  4. @tycho1974 did you by any chance download the zip and extract it into the plugin folder? That error is LB trying to load the system drawing dll found in the zip. Im guessing you want to remove the contents of that zip from plugin folder and use the .dll instead. EDIT: just the pcsx2 plugin dll that mitchhawks posted.
  5. @klepp0906 Hey dude. Yeah LB 10.12 will break it. Iv updated it here:
  6. If you have a black screen when exiting games or BB/LB is unresponsive until you alt - tab back to BB/LB it might be because BB/LB has lost focus. This plugin will run an ahk script on game exit. The ahk script will then activate BB/LB, bringing it back into focus. Is compatible with shutdown screens. I dont have any steam games but Im sure I have seen it mentioned that LB doesn't know when steam games have exited so might not be compatible with steam games or any similar type of games. For LB version 10.11 and below: Download this: focus 10.11.zip Unblock it. Put RegainFocus.ahk in Launchbox/AutoHotkey. Put AhkOnExit.dll in Launchbox/Plugins. For LB version 10.12 and above: Download this: focus 10.12.zip Unblock it. Put RegainFocus.ahk in Launchbox/ThirdParty/AutoHotkey. Put AhkOnExit.dll in Launchbox/Plugins. If you are already using the 10.11 version, which is scattered around these forums somewhere. You will be getting an exemption, on game exit, when you have updated to LB version 10.12. Just replace the AhkOnExit.dll with the 10.12 version.
  7. Again its not ideal... If your not to familiar with xaml/wpf im not sure this will be much help. Anyway if you wanna give it a go. Download this New folder (3).zip Unblock it. Move the folder "Default - Copy" to Launchbox/Pause Themes In "Default - Copy"... If you open Default.xaml in notepad your notice this line: xmlns:tst="clr-namespace:Test;assembly=Test" Near the top. And near the bottom just above </Canvas>, this line: <tst:TestControl Height="{Binding Source={x:Static SystemParameters.PrimaryScreenHeight}}" Width="{Binding Source={x:Static SystemParameters.PrimaryScreenWidth}}" HorizontalAlignment="Center" VerticalAlignment="Center"/> (you cant change BB's default pause theme to include a user control, you have to use a different pause theme or like me just make a copy of the default theme) Move Test.dll into Launchbox/Plugins. Open BB and select "default - Copy" from the manage pause themes section. Load a game, open pause and your get a message box. The source is included in the zip.
  8. Hey @Zaazu Currently there isnt any plugin support for pause. Its not ideal but could you add a user control to the pause xaml and use the controls loaded event.
  9. Hey @daz am loving this theme. There is a couple of issues with PlatformWheel2FiltersView I hope you wouldn't mind fixing please. The most played game overlaps into the video. Any chance you could push the video to the right hand side please. Also I cant select any of the recent games. Pressing right on controller doesnt focus/select the recent games. But works fine on the other platform views. Not sure if thats just my issue? Thanks for this cool theme.
  10. This will bulk import Wii U .rpx files into LB. Requirements - At least 1 game already imported into Nintendo Wii U platform. Note - this modifies your Nintendo Wii U xml file so as always make a backup before using. "Launchbox\Data\Platforms\Nintendo Wii U.xml" How to use: Download this: WiiUGameImporter.zip Right click on .zip, properties, unblock. Put the "WiiUGameImporter" folder into Launchbox/Plugin folder. Start LB, go to tools, import wii u games. Click browse, point the dialog box to your wii u roms folder and click import. If any games are stored within cemu's mlc01 folder, move them to a different location. Cemu's mlc01 folder holds game updates, this importer blocks any rpx files being imported from mlc01 so not to import updates. The way the importer works is.. 1. It searches for the "Game/Meta/meta.xml" file. If it finds meta.xml it will import: .rpx path. Title. Publisher. US and Europe regions. US esrb age rating. 2. If meta.xml doesnt exist. The plugin will find the title id from "Game/code/app.xml" and compare it to a database file thats included with the plugin. It will import: .rpx path. Title. region. If neither of these xml files are found the game will not be imported. A txt file will be created in the plugin directory with the path(s) of games that didnt import. When import is complete use LB bulk editor to change associated emulator.
  11. Not to bad mate. Been moving up in the world, have been learning a bit of c#. How you doing? With the ps3 importer it gets the title from a sfo file, with wiiu I can get the title from meta.xml file. A few of my games dont have the "Meta" folder which holds the xml file. If the game doesnt have the Meta folder, it wont be imported and will have to be added manually. Another thing is... im not sure where eshop games are stored in cemu. If they are stored in the "mlc01" directory I dont think I will be able to import them. The mlc01 folder holds game updates so I think I will block importing from this folder otherwise all the updates will be imported as games. Anyway I'll have a go when I get some time this weekend.
  12. @The_Keeper86 Yeah would be good to have them in pause but unfortunately we dont have any plugin stuff for pause. If pause menu plugins was mentioned on the community poll it wouldn't get many votes either. So will have to wait patiently and maybe some time in the future it'll be added.
  13. @The_Keeper86 You will need to leave the txt file where it is. When you exit a ps3 game through LB/BB, the plugin copies the needed trophy file (the file that tells us if the trophy is unlock/locked) into the LB directory, overwriting the previous file. It uses the txt file path to find the trophy file in rpcs3. That reminds me if you play the games outside of LB/BB the trophies wont update. But i thought better to have it copy the file then rooting around in rpcs3 potentially waiting for the hard drive to spin up.
  14. Hey @The_Keeper86 Iv changed how this works... again. Now instead of getting the trophy data from rpcs3 directory, I now extract the trophy data from each game directory and import them into LB's directory. There is a few benefits doing it this way but 1 down side too. The downside is the trophies do take some space, I have 97 games worth of trophies imported into LB directory and it takes up roughly 380mb. But the benefits are its a bit quicker. Instead of reading up to 50 image files, an xml file and the trophy file, it now reads just 2 files, a dat file that holds all the images and xml details and also reads the trophy file. It doesn't need to search rpcs3 directory when viewing trophies so if its stored on a separate drive there wont be an issue with the drive needing to spin up. All game trophies are now imported, not just the games that have been installed into rpcs3. If you want to give it a try replace "BBTrophy.dll" in the plugin folder with this .dll BBTrophy.zip In LB go to tools, import ps3 trophies. Wait for it to complete may take some time depending on how many games you have. It will import all the trophy files to Launchbox/Images/Sony Playstation 3 Trophies. Note: I have 107 games. 97 trophies imported fine, 9 games dont have trophies as some early ps3 games didnt support them and I have 1 game that doesnt extract the trophies. I did plan on adding a semi manual method for the games that dont extract but turns out my game (modern warfare 3) doesnt work in rpcs3. Im not sure if its because the game is corrupt or what. When import is completed a message box will pop up, if all went well it'll just say import complete, if there is any issue extracting any game it'll warn you and it will create a txt file in the plugin folder with the title of the game(s) it didnt extract. If you do get this txt file try opening the game(s) in rpcs3, if the game does work, let me know and i'll create a method to import the game(s) that dont extract. (I hope all that makes sense). Also if you delete a game from LB, use the import ps3 trophies again to remove the associated trophy files. Also you can now view the trophies in LB by right clicking a game and selecting "view trophies". And just because we can here is a badge plugin that indicates the game has trophies. Its only compatible with LB Betas at the moment but should work when next official is released. PS3TrophyBadge.zip
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