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  1. Hey @cemfundog. At the moment you couldn't add it as a pause screen menu item but it is possible to add it as a custom user control. I'm not sure when mame updates it's hi-scores though. If it updates on game exit, then any hi-scores on the pause menu couldn't be updated til you quit the game and restart it. If you know how to compile code. I'm sure as @JoeViking245 is a cool dude he wouldn't mind PMing you the source so you can modify it to how ever you like.
  2. Nice one @ed20910 thanks for letting us know. And yeah it a bummer about updating themes. We'll been trying to add the hi-scores to the custom fields at some point. At least then wouldn't have to modify the xaml's.
  3. This plugin will work with the base unified refried. But to make it work with all the addons is going to be a chore to say the least. Inside unified refried "Views" folder, there is another folder named "TextGamesView", inside this folder is 600 xaml files. To make this plugin work with the unified refried addons all these xaml files will need to be modified using @JoeViking245 instructions. Obviously that's not viable. Any other themes that include this "TextGamesView" folder. Will have the same issue. When I get some time I'll try and look into it but off the top of my head Im not sure what we could do about this. At the moment the best option is to undo the changes made to unified refried Textgamesview.xaml. You won't be able to see the hi-scores menu item when using unified refried but better not seeing it then seeing it and not being able to use it.
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  6. Hey @cemfundog thank you for these.They look much better than the rubbish I put together. Could I hassle you for a few more that will complete my collection please. They are... Typer Shark. Word Harmony.
  7. Welcome @CBeatt13. Just to let u know jason has already sent me a big list of things he wants u to do first. I'll PM u the list haha. Anyway on a more serious note. Would seem jason is on his way to becoming a faceless organisation. I think a re-branding is in order. I vote "Ubi-broken software". Anyway on a proper serious note. Does that mean, with @CBeatt13 on board. Those of us with plugin issues, can we bug u for a fix now instead of Jason?
  8. @Jason Carr The only way I have found to show new imported games is to change to another platform and back again. And the only way I have found to show a new platform is to change from the platform view to say platform category view and back again. After using AddNewGame() or AddNewPlatform() is there a method to refresh LB to automatically show the new games and platforms?
  9. Isn't the way the exit screen works is when bb regains focus it triggers the exit screen or something like that. So if loading a script there isn't a window to take the focus? Maybe try build a gui into ur script and keep it open behind the emulator and close it when emulator exits. Not sure how well it will work. Might get some nasty flicker. Maybe try and build a loading and exit screen into the script instead of using bb screens. Or Maybe the exit screen works on process so have the script continuously run in the background until emulator exits.
  10. Yeah 1 imported game is still required. I might change it next weekend depending on how much spare time I have. Importing 1 game and changing the emulator only takes a second so Iv only focused on the stuff that would take hours of manual work.
  11. OP updated. @klepp0906 the param.sfo class works on vita games. I dont have enough time to code anything now so will give it a proper look next weekend.
  12. I don't think it actually matters. Im not sure. Its possible to convert png etc to ico anyway isnt it? I saw ur message on discord and I don't think it will work. I think the folder structure will be slightly different. I'll have a look at weekend. All depends on if thedarkprogrammer's code works on the param file. I'm not that good at coding. Removing the eboot.bin from the path will be simple enough so just to import the folder name.
  13. Haha ok if u find me an icon to use by the weekend I'll update it. I don't know anything about the ps vita. If the vita game has the same ish folder structure as ps3. And if it contains a param.sfo and an eboot.bin. move a single vita game into it's own directory and see if this importer works on it. Obviously If it does work It'll add it to the ps3 platform. If the param.sfo editor class i used doesnt read it, it might throw exception but won't do anything drastic. If anyone wants to modify the code feel free, if u can understand my code ha. For instance if a game Id starts with BLUS it's American, BLES it's European etc. The game database website has ps3 id's so it could be turned into a scraper as well.
  14. I didnt know it could be moved but should be fine. Just point the folder dialog to where the dev_hdd0/Game folder is.
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