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  1. You could use LB's API or ahk script/additional apps options to implement it yourself. Maybe even share your code with the community to help out those who can't do it.
  2. Iv updated this plugin, I haven't much time to test so it will need some proper testing. Focus On Game Exit.zip Download it. Right click, properties, unblock. Extract the folder to Launchbox/Plugins. It has the original focus plugin built in but now has the option to override the original plugin on a per game basis. The focus being on games that uses launcher exe's. Right click on a game and select "Focus On Game Exit". Option 1 - Replace: Theoretically this should work with shut down screens. But don't hold me to it. Exe1 - this
  3. Looking at time crisis 5 files, I assume it first launches "RSLauncher.exe" then launches "TimeCrisisGame-Win64-Shipping.exe". At the weekend I'll make a plugin that will attempt to focus BB on game exit when playing a game that launches multiple exes.
  4. Sometimes when launching from a .exe, that .exe will then launch another .exe at which point LB will assume the game has quit and the plugin will launch the ahk while the game is still running. If that's not the case I'm not entirely sure why it isn't working correctly. Activating windows to bring them to the front can be a bit finicky at times. What game isn't working correctly? Is it a steam or gog game or what?
  5. @narnz Iv updated the OP. Turns out the manual method is actually just "another method". I imported persona using the original method without problems so not sure why you couldn't. Anyway I would suggest deleting the "Launchbox/Plugins/PS3BBTrophy" folder. Delete the "Launchbox/Images/Sony Playstation 3 Trophies" folder and import everything again using the new plugin. Let me know how you get on.
  6. Thanks @narnz i'll work on adding a manual method. It'll prob take me some time though.
  7. Thanks. Could you also tell me the serial for persona please:
  8. @narnz To do the manual method would require me to code some stuff, it'll require quite a change. The only game I have had that fails to import was because the game itself was corrupt. Could you open the log file and let me know if persona ends with either ----1, ----2 or ----3 so I know where it fails please.
  9. I made a pos plugin some time a go. It was called missing media tool. I was going to improve upon it but never did complete it. I couldnt find any search api's that didnt require an api key or didnt charge for going over a quota... but anyway I started the design: At first I used a winforms webbrowser but its outdated, could get images from google search but couldnt really do much else with it. Then I tried cefsharps chromium, it works well but I dont know if its safe to browse the net with it, dont know what the security is like. Also the biggest problem was adverts, no ublock orig
  10. Hey guys. Iv updated the OP. Tested on LB v11.9. My plan was to improve this plugin but im now back at work and short on time making it difficult to maintain my stuff. Let me know if there is any issues. @narnz Iv modified neon deluxe arcade final files, find them on the OP.
  11. Hey guys. I dont have this problem but you could try the following... In LB, go to tools, Manage Emulators. Select Cemu and open the "Running AutoHotkey Script" tab. Copy and paste the following into the running ahk script tab SetTitleMatchMode, 2 loop 20 { Sleep 500 if WinExist("Cemu") { Sleep 1000 WinActivate break } } If you already have some code in the running ahk script tab, place this^ code at the top above anything else. Just to explain a little what is going on with this code. "Loop 20"... the code within the squirrely brackets will loop
  12. I updated this plugin some time ago. As @slipsystem hasnt been on for over a year I thought Id share it. Slipsystems Movie Scrapper.zip Extract the "Slipsystems Movie Scraper" folder to Launchbox/Plugins. All credit goes to slipsystem. If you get some use from this plugin consider donating some cash to slipsystem here: https://www.paypal.com/paypalme/slipsystem Source: FanartTv.zip Update notes: Updated targeting framework. Added security protocol to Json class. Removed reference to Unbroken.dll
  13. If it zooms in and out to fast, put a sleep, 100 or something in the function.
  14. Remove the "KeyWait" lines.
  15. Hopefully: MyFunction: iF ProcessExist("Retroarch.exe") { iF ProcessExist("CDisplayEX.exe") { } else { Gui, Hide run, nomousy.exe Sleep, 500 Process, Close, nomousy.exe ExitApp } } else { Winclose, Cdisplayex Gui, Hide run, nomousy.exe Sleep, 500 Process, Close, nomousy.exe ExitApp } return
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