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  1. Command lines help

    Its 6am and I have nothing to do... @ckp pretty much covered it. Import persona.exe into launchbox Inside launchbox right click on persona, edit additional apps tab add app give it any name browse to cryptserver.exe check "run before main application" Ok But... Im assuming as @Aevans0001 has created a bat to run his game that you might have problems (difference being he/she is mounting iso). For instance if cryptserver needs a moment to load before starting persona than its not going to work as intended. Also when exiting persona, cryptserver might continue to run in the back ground if persona doesn't close it automatically on exit. Also im assuming like @ckp, that cryptserver only has to be executed and nothing else.
  2. So I installed demul to see what was happening. I learnt that alt and f4 is a windows shortcut to close the active window. I didnt know that. Anyway can try this: sleep 5000 MouseMove, 1920,1080 Send {F9 Down} Sleep 1000 Send {F9 Up} ~5:: { Send {F8 Down} Sleep 1000 Send {F8 Up} sleep 5000 Send {Alt Down}{F4 Down}{Alt Up}{F4 Up} Exitapp } Apparently some games and apps etc need the button to be held down for a second (might need to change to 2 seconds or so). You might also need to play around with your first sleep 5000 command. For me demul takes some time to load and timing needs to be right. Ahk and demul is a pain in the ass.
  3. sleep 5000 MouseMove, 1920,1080 Send {F9 Down}{F9 Up} ~5:: { Send {F8 Down}{F8 Up} sleep 5000 Send {Alt Down}{F4 Down}{Alt Up}{F4 Up} Exitapp }
  4. Alt and f4 exits demul right? Im sure I read that here somewhere recently. I dont use demul. You will have to see if it saves when using alt and f4 to exit. If it does you could use something like: sleep 5000 MouseMove, 1920,1080 ~5:: { Send {Alt Down}{F4 Down}{Alt Up}{F4 Up} Exitapp } Other than that I cant help. Sorry.
  5. 8.0-beta-1 Released

    I have tested my amateur script over 64 xbox360/ps3 era games. 51 games work. 2 Games work in window mode. 9 games wont work but do have window mode so might work that way, haven't tested. 1 game refuses to acknowledge any script and no window mode. 1 Game always crashes no matter what I try. And as you say about win98 games, I would imagine these figures would get worse the further back we go. I know you and the rocket launcher guys can do better than my amateur skills. But my personal opinion is if I was a paid for app, like launchbox, I wouldn't go down this avenue. Anyway thanks for the reply.
  6. 8.0-beta-1 Released

    That's good to know. I did read that windowed mode can lower the resolution. As im not really bothered about the whole resolution thing it didnt seem much of a problem to me. Admittedly Iv only tried it on 2 games, duke nukem forever and need for speed shift, just to see if the script would work. But sounds like I might actually need to play the games. I always do things half assed. I did try one of these borderless window app things but, again doing it half assed, didn't work out well. I'll give gedosato a look. Thanks. Maybe its about time I got a second screen for my pc. Its hard to justify spending the cash on something I dont really need. Especially when I could spend the cash on another hdd instead or a new gfx card or... i could go on.
  7. 8.0-beta-1 Released

    Am interested in seeing if you can come up with something. Iv been trying something similar with windows games. But trying to force an application to open over the top of some games results in the game crashing. The only thing I have managed to come up with is putting the game in window mode. And adding a script to additional apps to maximise the game with no title bar, gives the appearance of full screen. Some games, as an example: assassins creed revelations, don't have windowed mode so cant do anything with it. Maybe if you can magic us up something, you could explain how it works?
  8. Per platform script would be good or bulk additional apps. Per emulator script is available already in launchbox. The Additional application settings are in Launchbox\Data\Platform\*.xml. Scroll to bottom of xml and your find "<AdditionalApplication>". You can tell which app belongs to which game by the <gameID> field.
  9. dual screen

    #SingleInstance Force Process, Close, app.exe Exitapp Change app.exe to your new apps .exe. Or SetTitleMatchMode 2 WinActivate, windowtitle Send {Alt Down}{F4 Down}{Alt Up}{F4 Up} ExitApp Change windowtitle.
  10. Escape No$gba From launchbox Normally?

    That's fair enough. I was just being noisy lol. The above script wont work because no$gba closes on key pressed but I put a wait for key release. I dont have any problems with it either. Esc:: Process, Close, NO$GBA.EXE Again I dont know how it will work out.
  11. Exit to BigBox menu without stopping game

    A while ago I started writing a script that when the xbox 360 home button is pushed it would minimise the game. I could access the start menu and bigbox etc and when home button pushed again it would maximise the game. There where 2 issues I came across. The first one was having to write the script per game to be able to recognise what game was playing and what window to minimise. The second issue was that when pressing the buttons outside the game it would still interact with the game. So you would be googling something using the controller then maximise the game and your dead lol. Now I know more I could prob sort it properly but its so much work. My suggestion is maybe get another screen so you can dual screen. Game on one side, maps and pics etc on the other. I doubt we will see anything like pause for some time. Or you could use pause.
  12. dual screen

    There might be betters ways but I don't know any. But this should work. Google, download and install autohotkey. Right click anywhere, say desktop. New. Autohotkey script. Right click on new script. Edit script. Copy and paste the following underneath the lines already there: #SingleInstance Force SetTitleMatchMode 2 WinClose, Paint Exitapp Save as anythingyouwant.ahk Right click on it, compile script. In launchbox choose a game. Right click, edit. Additional apps, add app. Give it any name. Point the path to the the compiled script. Check the "run after main application" box. Ok. With this you will have to add it to all your games. But you only have 80 games so not to bad. What the script does is it looks for a word in any window title. If it finds that word it will close the window. In this case its looking for the word "Paint". It is case sensitive. It will only close one window with a matching word.
  13. dual screen

    What program are you using to view the image? Photos or windows photo viewer or ?
  14. Escape No$gba From launchbox Normally?

    Are you saying you want esc to send alt+x? Just out of curiosity why? If you use esc, pressing alt+x isnt to different. Esc:: { KeyWait, Esc Send {Alt down}{X down}{Alt up}{X up} } Obviously this will conflict with the emulator, you will need to change the escape key in the emulator settings if you can. If you want to use a different button to send alt+x change the 2 instances of esc to ctrl or alt, etc etc.
  15. Can't Start My Games

    I have GOG version of sands of time and it just works. Roller coaster tycoon 2 needs compatibility changed to xp sp3 and it needs directplay installed. Try changing sands of time as well.