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  1. I turned off V-sync in Retroarch and I still got flickering (still no screen tearing), so it's probably my monitor refresh rate. I saw a video about Samurai Showdown 2 on MAME saying that G-sync can alleviate those problems.
  2. So I keep getting flickering graphics in some of the snes games such as the characters drop shadows in the fighting scenes in Fire Emblem 4, and the face in the intro of Shin Megami Tensei. I'm sure that's not supposed to happen on the original hardware, and I still can't find a solution to this. 2018-07-08_14-57-34.mp4
  3. It works! Seems that when I added zsnes it was preconfigured to have that box checked but it's opening up the game now that I unchecked it. Thank you so much!
  4. So here's what's happening. I open the game in launchbox and it takes me to the zsnes menu instead. I then use the sample command line parameter which was this,Here is what I typed,So I open the game in launchbox and it works but the screen looks like this,It's then just a black screen. I did drag the file into the emulator and it opens up like normal though.
  5. Alright it's fixed: after some research I downloaded a registry file that removes the snes9x icons and restarted my computer so they're back to SFC files. Some of the files I have are SMC which are Super Mario World Rom hacks so let me check back on if they open zsnes in launchbox.
  6. So if that's true, then I think my problem is that my ROMS are Snes9x files. I deleted Snes9x a while back since I use Retroarch now for non-modded games, but they're still stuck as a Snes9x file format. I can't find the uninstaller in program files, and I deleted every trace of Snes9x in Registry. Any advice as to how to change the files to not be listed as Snes9x ROM will definitely help.
  7. So I got something. I used a Custom Command line Parameter and used the Sample Command (which was Zsnesw.exe "File") and replaced File with the ROM hack name and it opened the game without going into the menu, but it didn't launch the game so I got something.
  8. So I made zsnesw a default emulator for Rom hacks. Is there a way to start the game and have it instantly launch because when I launch the game it takes me to the zsnesw menu and I have to select the game from there. I know I can exit the game quickly by setting KeyQuickExit to 1, but is there something similar to launching the game?
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