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  1. So, I actually came up with an idea for my personal use until someone that can code takes over the project or you decide to finish it (should either of those ever happen). I simply turned the PSD's you provided into videos (like Viking's Nostalgia videos) and use them as my Platform videos. Instead of putting gameplay videos on the screen, I decided to go with the consoles intro theme (think "Sega") followed by the original commercials for the consoles. I haven't decided what to do for the consoles that were never advertised on TV though (probably just gameplay videos). It's actually pretty easy to do, you did most of the work already and using your layouts and effects I can probably make a few for other systems too.
  2. Man, this theme would have been absolutely amazing, I really wish that I knew how to code or that someone else would pick up on this. Also, great job on the overlays Copper! They're fantastic!
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