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  1. Avenger

    GPD Win

    How well does n64 run on the Win 1? I hadn’t thought about running it on my Win 2 since I was planning to get a N64 controller and adapter and using my main PC. I’ll try the desktop mode setup on the Win 2 as you directed.
  2. A bit off topic but I saw the retro-link controller today in a store. It looked a bit flimsy to me. I think it was $15 if I saw the right brand. I think I’m going to go with an original controller and an adapter if I can get the correct parts. Edit: I think what I saw was the N64 version.
  3. Avenger

    GPD Win

    I have a GPD Win 2 and just installed LaunchBox on it. The joystick works fine in BigBox mode but didn’t in desktop mode. Maybe I have to enable it somewhere like in BigBox mode? I heard of the battery problem with the original but you are probably better off going to the gpdwin reddit or discord channel to find a solution there. I don’t know how big of a gpdwin audience we have here.
  4. I have gotten disenchanted with Mayflash adapters. At least with the situation a few years ago. I remember I bought a ps2 to pc adapter and the driver was messed up. I winded up buying another brand that worked. Right now I am gonna try a few from the brand mentioned in the above post.
  5. Avenger

    Negcon Love!

    It may have been. The original game it was meant for was Ridge Racer. It really is a cool controller for driving games where you don’t want to, or have the space for a steering wheel setup. Some of the buttons are analog so it’s like pressing the gas pedal and brake with various amounts of pressure. I’ll let people know how an up to date adapter works with it when I receive it. An issue could come up as there are a few analog axis’s and you may have to swap them around.
  6. Avenger

    Negcon Love!

    Anyone still have their Namco PS1 Negcon? For those who don’t remember, it’s a controller you twist in the middle as a steering device. It is awesome. A steering wheel without taking up the space. Long ago, I had it running with Daytona on the supermodel emulator but I had to run through hoops to get it working. I just ordered a raphnet adapter which officially supports it and has current drivers for Windows 10.
  7. As an update, since everyone here is so helpful, I didn’t hesitate and bought a lifetime license. It came with an emumovies code at the bottom of the e-mail.
  8. I went ahead an ordered a raphnet adapter. By the time it comes, I’ll see if the retro fighter controller next batch is available. They come from Canada so it takes some time.
  9. I’ll take a look at the retrofighters one but I think they are on backorder. The Hori mini (from back then) is also praised but goes for a lot of money now. With a raphnet adapter, is it basically plug and play with m64p? No complicated configuration or anything, right? The N64’s control scheme is weird to say the least.
  10. I was wondering if I should buy a USB version or use an adapter with an original controller (raphnet adapter, etc.). Is it plug and play with m64p? I don’t own either a USB or original controller so I am open to either. Thanks.
  11. By the way, anyone try an N64 controller with the emulator? Does it work without any issues?
  12. Yeah I just found this a few minutes ago by doing a -? As a command line argument. The GUI seems to show up for a second before going into full screen mode so it isn’t too elegant. But when you press ESC, it does disappear.
  13. I can set full screen in the special mupen64 settings. But if I press ESC to exit the game, it goes back to the mupen64 GUI. Anyway to make that not happen?
  14. I donated to the Patreon and got the program. There doesn’t seem to be any instructions for command line arguments and it does’t seem to take the default -nogui -f -g for the standard version of the program. May I ask what arguments you use to start it full screen? It runs the rom now but in the GUI window.
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