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Hello guys, Is it possible to have a feature to set the emu command lines individually? The command you will set becomes the default to all the roms. I can give you the example of Nulldc, the command line needs you to set the rom path and it will be the default for that emulator, basically you will only be able to launch one game. nmc pew pew pew and out......
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nmc, Yes you can. You need to set it up as an app. To do this add/edit a game. Make sure emulation option is unchecked. Go to the Launcher tab. In the "Application Path" area enter the path to your emulator exe file. In the "Application Command-line Parameters" area enter your command-line instructions. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- This is what I had to do to every title to run WinKawaks, Nebula, and MESS. It also is helpful if you want to apply the default for the emulator to most of the roms for said emulator but have a select few titles that you want to run with a different command-line. I hope this was helpful. If you need more help I will try my best and if you need any clarification on my instructions just ask and I will be more than happy to assist you. Cheers!
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I finally got it, thanks to you ps4isthefuture, you remind me of that feature again. Under "NullDC 1.0.4 r150 " The nulldc is a bit tricky, so first you have to make some changes in the configuration file " nullDC.cfg " ( open with notepad ) located in the emu main directory, change the following: Emulator.AutoStart=1 Emulator.NoConsole=1 AutoHideMenu=1 Fullscreen=1 PatchRegion=1 LoadDefaultImage=1 DefaultImage=defualt.gdi LastImage=I:\Sega Dreamcast\*.cdi In launchbox don´t use the emulator pannel, instead use the main one " Launcher ", in " Apllication Path " put the emulator location path :
" c:\*.*\NullDC_Win32_Release.exe ", use this one not the " no trace "
In the command line the extension look a bit messy but it works launching the hames individually, put: Ill put my one to give a start
C:\Program Files (x86)\Emulator\NullDC 1.0.4 r150\NullDC_Win32_Release.exe -config ImageReader:DefaultImage="I:\Sega Dreamcast\daytonaUSA.cdi"
Yes all that, if by any means someone is having a problem with this emulator, fell free to ask me and all the launchbox communitty. We will gladly help you. nmc pew pew pew and out.....
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