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  1. https://emumovies.com/files/file/3765-sony-psp-3d-box/
  2. Commodore CDTV Discs View File Hello!!!! Submitter nmc Submitted 07/06/2019 Category Game Cart Images  
  3. Version 1.0.0


  4. Commodore CDTV 3D Boxart View File Hello!! Submitter nmc Submitted 06/20/2019 Category Game Box Art  
  5. Version 1.0.0


  6. Is there a way to show up the 3d box and cart in the same image set?
  7. I have mine synced with HS and RL structure, it takes some time but it pays off. I only changed 4 paths, wheel, box ,cart and video, at the end refresh the images and voilá everything is in the right place.
  8. Thank you so much THK for your help!!!!!!!
  9. If you don´t mind DOs76, i´m going to post a few pics as i use RL. In LB/BB and RL
  10. Down edges to be refined. Let´s hope it´s a little better.
  11. Thank you for your guidelines and permission to use your logos.
  12. Almost finishing the Naomi project and making a cart template for the atomis system. It's not finished...
  13. Just got it, pretty good for htpc´s!!!!!
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