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Using bat to enter key press for Makaron


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Hello Everyone, Reaching out for some assistance because I don't know and I must not be asking google the correct question to give me the answer I am looking for. I am using Makaron for my Dream Cast games. Well to exit the game you press F8, then you must press ALT F4 to exit Makaron. I want to use a bat file so if Makaron is running, when I press the F8 key then the bat will press ALT F4 automatically. I can't just use ALT F4 alone to terminate Makaron or I get a direct 3D error.....blah blah blah...annoying. Anyway even if I could make it taskkill Makaron after F8 key is pressed. Thank You everyone!
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Are you using a controller? Might be worth checking out xpadder. You can map key combinations to controller buttons. E.g. if you were using a x360 controller you could map those keystokes to say rb+back. So pressing rb and back together will completely exit the game and program.
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