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I have enjoyed Launchbox for a long time but this really annoys me. The old steam importer that simply imported games from install folders just worked. However the new process is a step back in my opinion. Firstly I didn't like importing everything on my account installed or not but I tolerated it because it's simple enough to deselect what I didn't want. However I recently did a fresh install of Launchbox to deal with an invalid character error that I couldn't fix by editing the launchbox xml or by reimporting my games with a launchbox backup package. I thought this would be fine and it would just take me a little time to set up again. The problem arose when I tried to reimport my steam games. After I enter in my steam community url the program just waits for a long time on the screen that says "Please wait while parsing your Steam account..." "This should only take a moment". I timed it, I let it go for 35 minutes and still nothing. No error notification, no "window not responding", nothing to indicate what is wrong. I had successfully imported steam games using the same process before I did a fresh install of Launchbox and it worked fine. I also quadruple checked that I entered in the right steam community profile url precisely and that my profile is public. Steam says I have 333 titles in my library (including those that aren't installed), I don't think that is such a huge amount that the program simply can't import. Can the old import feature be reintroduced so there is that option or some explanation be provided as to why a fresh installation would be incapable of importing a steam library? I'm using version 5.5 of Launchbox premium.launchbox.png
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Hi @xwing, thanks for the feedback. In the past this issue has been due to firewall issues, so please try temporarily turning off any third-party firewalls to see if that fixes the issue. The size of your library is definitely not the issue there. Unfortunately the old importer had many, many issues, so though it did work well for a lot of people, it was glitchy and did not work well over all, hence our decision to change to this method.
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