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  1. Thanks, that is good to know. Glad you got it working and thanks for the update.
  2. @Chris Kant That's an interesting observation, though I don't know of a solution (or if one even exists). The first thing to check would be to see if you see the same behavior with a different frontend (such as Dig).
  3. You should be able to just delete them and then turn off the option to download missing images automatically in the background (under Options). The white box is there because it's the border for the image, but it shouldn't show up unless there's an image to show, so if you properly delete them and then turn off that option, you should be good to go.
  4. I see; I think it will show up still if you have playlists under that platform. This is still on our list, so either way we will get to it here at some point.
  5. What exactly is happening? Is the pause screen just not coming up at all?
  6. Pause screens are known to work just fine in Big Box, and have been working fine for ages. I use them in my personal collection all the time. I suppose it's possible that there could be a compatibility issue with one of your settings, or with that theme, but I doubt it since we are not getting other reports that it's an issue.
  7. Jason Carr


    @Ally68 I've put this on my list of emulators to add, so hopefully soon, assuming that the emulator actually supports launching via a frontend.
  8. @bigsmall999 We have lots of people launching SNES and Genesis ROMs with Retroarch with no issues (including of course myself on my Shield TV Gaming Edition that I purchased in 2019). I know that's not very helpful, but it's certainly odd that you're running into issues with those common and easy to setup platforms. The /data/data is not likely the issue. Maybe try the relevant parts of what I recommended above? You shouldn't have to change any Retroarch settings at all (other than downloading the cores) in order to get things working.
  9. MAME/Arcade can be difficult to set up, especially if you're not familiar with MAME. However, it works fine in my testing if you do the following: Sideload the latest version of Retroarch: https://buildbot.libretro.com/stable/1.9.11/android/RetroArch_aarch64.apk Download the Arcade (MAME - Current) core in Retroarch after installing it Use a modern/recent MAME ROM set Import the ROMs into LaunchBox as the Arcade platform Choose the Retroarch (64-bit Sideloaded) emulator and the mamearcade_libretro_android.so core in the platform emulator settings in LaunchBox I just tested all this on my Shield and had no problems launching the games. I don't recommend using an old ROMset or using the MAME 2003 core. I have gotten that to work in the past, but we've heard from various users that there are potentially issues with it. I don't believe LaunchBox for Android has any bugs related to any MAME/Arcade game launching issues. I think the issues are all either Retroarch bugs or configuration issues.
  10. @TechBoi Did you download those images in a previous version, or the latest version of LaunchBox for Android? I have fixed some related issues like that in previous versions, so it would be best to delete the platform and the media and re-import/download it. I'm guessing that will fix that issue.
  11. @Juzzotec @Vader @C0ntrA The performance issues on the Shield could honestly be caused by any number of issues, including the fact that the Shield is not really all that powerful of a device. We have to remember that most modern phones are significantly faster than Shield TV devices (and also cost more). In my testing, the wheels on my Shield are not always 100% smooth. Personally, I never expected them to be due to the Shield's hardware. If you feel like you're seeing new issues with the newer versions, I'm doubtful that that's really the cause, because nothing really changed in that regard. It's probably more likely to be the fact that you've added more games to your collection, or you're viewing a platform with more games in it, which of course increases the hardware requirements for that wheel. Don't get me wrong, I always have plans to optimize things to make them run more smoothly, but I do need to temper expectations; obviously you will get a smoother experience on better hardware than what the Shield devices have available in them. You will also get better performance if you use a faster drive for the media content, but I'm not promising that you're going to get a "perfect" experience. Still, I will do some further testing and review the code to see if there's anything we can do to improve performance on Shield devices. But I don't expect it to always be 100% smooth on Shield devices.
  12. It's been working fine for me for 100MB files, though I am seeing some issues above 200 megs.
  13. @The Papaw @PaDeMoNiuM @sucramjd I might finally have this rotten issue fixed. It appears to have been a PHP setting, but of course it was nonsensical. I actually lowered a PHP setting from unlimited to a static value, which I think fixed it (it has for me). Can you test yourselves? Again, sorry for the trouble here.
  14. We're still working on fixing this, guys. It's been a nightmare, to be honest. I've probably spent 20 hours on the issue, and I've been getting the run around from everyone. Just to correct a few things, we host this ourselves, on our own dedicated server. The problem is likely somehow a server configuration issue, but it's been a mess to resolve. I'm still working on it.
  15. I will put this on the list, so hopefully soon. DOS can be a challenge though, because imports are really hairy. Hopefully we can make it happen. Noted.
  16. The 12.0 release has not caused any issues in this regard in our testing, so this sounds like an issue with your local collection. Make sure you haven't overridden the startup or pause screen settings on a game-specific level.
  17. Hey all, beta 4 is out now with the following: Translation updates Fix for errors that sometimes occurred pressing the new realtime filter button Fix for EmuMovies download queues not resuming on startup Fix for the root menu not scrolling Any testing would be appreciated on these and the other new features; we're hoping to put out the official release tomorrow.
  18. I screwed it up apparently. Sorry for that. Thanks for the note. I've fixed it, so it should be correct in the official release that we plan to put out tomorrow.
  19. Alright, let's stop this discussion @Lordmonkus @C0ntrA. It's not worth it.
  20. @C0ntrA What you do and how you acquire ROMs is one thing, but we won't stand for promoting hard drive sellers on these forums, so please keep that stuff to yourself.
  21. Thanks all! We have these all in for the next beta, which should be out in a bit.
  22. Not to bash @C0ntrA, but please don't do this. It supports hard drive sellers who are literally making a living by stealing other people's work. Most importantly, the games. To be clear, I haven't re-read-up on this thread, but there should be no reason why anyone would need to buy a drive in order to use MAME well on Android. The Retroarch MAME core works really well, and you can use the same modern ROMs that you use on the desktop.
  23. Hey all, we're looking to put out the big 12.0 official release early next week, so now's the time to get the translations updated if you can. Thank you all for all your work! @Kondorito @Cauptain @Nyny77 @Opak @dukeemu @cyanjiang @Just001Kim @MajKSA @gamehacker @alexposad @k_kutsugi @Bardock
  24. The games may be combined into additional apps.
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