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  1. Thank you @viking! Both Colorful themes available in the Themes Manager in Big Box have been updated, so if you have downloaded them from the themes manager, you can update them from there. Otherwise, if you've downloaded your theme from the forums, the forums themes have been updated as well.
  2. We are looking into this one. Not currently, but we'll keep it mind for a new release.
  3. What do you mean by no longer seem to be working? Do you have "Play random game videos for platforms" checked in the Big Box video settings?
  4. An update to the Colorful theme is in the works. We've already solved the issues. The theme should be out soon.
  5. Thanks for the report. I've reverted the release over this, so the official release is now back to 11.12 until we can get that issue fixed. We should have it fixed and have a new release out tomorrow. You're free to stay on 11.13 for now, or you should be able to downgrade to 11.12 by just installing 11.12 over top.
  6. Thank you all. Btw, I have all three translations into beta 7 (actually I think they were in a previous beta as well). We're planning to release on Monday.
  7. We still have never been able to reproduce this, so we're not exactly sure what to do there.
  8. Hi Claudio, for some reason I don't see the upload here.
  9. Hi all, we're nearly ready to release 11.13, so it's that time again. Thank you all so much for your work on the translations. We're hoping to release early next week. @Opak @cyanjiang @Bardock @MajKSA @gamehacker @Kondorito @Nyny77 @alexposad @k_kutsugi @dukeemu @Just001Kim @Cauptain
  10. I'm definitely keeping a close eye on this, and I might buy myself one if it turns out that I truly can install Windows on it and do whatever I want with it. As per running it natively, it's just a flavor of Linux, so it's gonna run into the same issues we've run into previously with Linux. It works, but not nearly as well as on Windows, and developing a native version is kind of a joke (it would take years). That said, also, I'm back to developing on Android, and though we don't plan to ever put it on the Play Store, you can expect a new version of the Android app to be out in a month or
  11. Well, it took me a bit to dig through what is and isn't currently possible, but it does appear that Android 11 still does allow you to pretend to be an older application and use the older storage mechanisms. That appears to be what the other frontends are currently doing. There are still some silly restrictions on where and how you can share files (for example, our previous file extraction routines aren't working on Android 11 at all), but I'm grateful that it looks like there are ways to make things work on Android 11. Some of my testing with the other frontends was faulty, so I apologize for
  12. Hey all, I am considering the possibility of opening LaunchBox for Android back up for development and release. That said, I've done literally only a half hour of research and already I'm running into the same nasty problems that plagued us the first time around: Having to place ROMs in ridiculously deep and ugly folders in order for them to be able to be launched Security issues launching games (Retroarch basically just crashes if Android doesn't allow the launch) Issues with app switching (you can't load up a new ROM in Retroarch if you don't manually close the previous o
  13. I'm honestly not sure at this point. I think it should be fairly high (close to that number), but I've never fully figured that out with the 2.0 version. Yes.
  14. Should work just fine on MiSTer, I would guess. Though I don't have one to test with.
  15. Probably not, but I will be open sourcing the code here soon, so someone could certainly add that. Also, FYI all, I have everything rewritten in 8088 x86 assembly and working fine, sans for the editing capabilities. That's quite a bit of work yet, but once it's all ready to go I'll release and open source it.
  16. @kevin.k Of your screenshots in the first post, the Keyboard one can be changed via KeyboardView.xaml. The others are unfortunately not currently able to be modified. We can fix that for a future release; however, it may not exactly be the highest priority, if I'm honest.
  17. We've put this on our internal list, @James Carden. Hopefully we can get to it soon.
  18. We'd like to announce that @faeran has officially joined our team here at Unbroken Software, LLC! If you've been around long enough, you probably know him from all the themes he's been sharing with the community since 2017. He will now be serving as our Product Manager, and while that title doesn't do justice to all the things he'll be doing behind the scenes, you'll definitely be seeing his presence more and more as he settles. Some of his new roles pertaining to the community will include: Supporting LaunchBox through email, forums and social media Listening to the co
  19. Beta 7 is out now with the following: Fixed: Missing retro achievements leaderboard in Big Box Fixed: Rare error when opening a "Browse Folder" dialog window Fixed: The Add/Edit Game window wasn't always saving image files correctly when two games in a platform had the same title
  20. @megashub Unfortunately, even if it is a bug, there's not likely anything that we'll be able to do to fix it, because we use either VLC or Windows Media Player to play the videos. We do have a general volume control on the videos of course, but obviously it's not getting changed between videos, so if there's a volume discrepancy, there's not really anything we can do about it. Do all the videos play at the same volume when you compare them to the prerecorded videos outside of LaunchBox/Big Box?
  21. Do you have any FLV videos? Several other people lately have noticed VLC having stability issues with FLV videos. Unfortunately themes that really on the eatkinola plugins may not continue working going forward, especially the video plugin, as it was always prone to stability issues.
  22. Beta 6 is out now with several stability fixes and performance improvements for imports and metadata/media downloads. Also resolved several issues with continuing EmuMovies downloads after restarting the app.
  23. Thank you @Kondorito; I have this in for the official, which we're hoping to put out later today.
  24. Beta 4 is out now with the following: Improvement: Double clicking a controller in Manage Controllers will now open the edit screen for that controller Fixed: Controllers weren't showing to add in Bulk Edit Fixed: Removing controllers via the Manage Game Controllers window were not removing controllers Fixed: The metadata scraper was only scraping one controller entry per game even if there were multiple
  25. Thanks @Cauptain, we have it updated for beta 4.
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