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  1. The "Or" there you're using is not valid syntax at all. I'm guessing you got it from a particular binding that has "Or" in the title, but that is not a flexible thing that you can do. The best approach to do something like that is the PrioritizedPathSelector control. You can find examples of that in the Unified Redux theme. I think there's also a forum post around here somewhere with more details.
  2. Those features aren't as easy to work with because it's impossible to make them so. I refused to tackle them for years and years for that exact reason. It's not possible to make them stupid easy, because they're not features that you can tackle without hacks. Our approach is not changing.
  3. Yeah, visual hitching while loading the app is going to be even harder to get rid of, so that's probably mostly a pipe dream, unfortunately. There are very few apps out there with animated startups like Big Box that don't hitch at least briefly on startup. It's just that most development frameworks are not really designed to support that kind of thing.
  4. I can see this being useful, but it's a huge can of worms, and I can see the requests explode out of control just over this one feature. So I think the best solution for this is to just use images like we are currently doing and allow people to use a separate app to generate them. I'm sure something like that has to already exist out there somewhere...so all LaunchBox really needs to do is display the images.
  5. We actually don't use VLC to play that startup sound. We use DirectSound (part of DirectX). Which, in theory, should be able to do it just fine.
  6. Honestly that's an issue that I've tried to fix many times over. The problem is that we want to use up the CPU as much as possible to make Big Box load as quickly as possible, and thus the sound file can hitch. The only solutions I've found so far involve artificially slowing down the loading. I'll see if I can revisit again soon though.
  7. Thank you brother. I'm always looking for ways to reach out without pissing people off or coming off too preachy. But yes, there's no doubt, none of this would exist without the Lord's direction and grace in my life.
  8. For what it's worth though, you can configure each PC game individually with different pause screen settings. If you play around with the settings, you'll probably find settings that work for most games. There are probably some though that won't work at all. Regardless, every single game is likely to need manually configured.
  9. Pause menus and PC games are very rough. The primary issue is that every game behaves differently, and so every single game requires a different configuration and method. On top of that, there are far more PC games than games for any particular console. So, yeah, I don't recommend pause for PC games. As far as I know it's never been done well, and that's because it's not really possible.
  10. Beta 3 is out now with the following: Improvement: The Enter key will now launch games in LaunchBox Improvement: You can now bulk edit the Broken field on games Improvement: When editing an emulator and making it the default emulator for a particular platform, LaunchBox will now ask you if you want to change all games in that platform to use that emulator. Improvement: Double-clicking on the video in the game details sidebar in LaunchBox will now open the video fullscreen with VLC Improvement: When auto-play videos is disabled in LaunchBox, the videos in the sidebar will now display a black background with a play icon instead of an empty space Fixed: Various places in LaunchBox and Big Box were occasionally using the operating system's language/translation settings instead of the language specified in the LaunchBox options
  11. That CefSharp folder does not contain any of your data, and should be re-generated on startup, so you shouldn't need to copy it over. Just delete it and it and a correct version should regenerate. Same with the VLC folder. Per the corrupted XML error, that probably happened because of all the other errors going on. Hopefully you can pull a known good working copy of it from your other system.
  12. It looks like Platform Wheel 2 would be a safe choice, as it doesn't have the boxes.
  13. I would highly recommend a VPN for this, though I'll admit I'm not 100% clear on the differences between a VPN and a proxy server. I can add that to my list though.
  14. Images for controls is what it meant originally. Unfortunately we'll probably never try and configure controls for all of the emulators; that would require different code for each and every emulator, and it'd be quite a mess.
  15. Wow, what a mess. That first error suggests that maybe there's some kind of corruption in the .NET Framework install on that machine. Beyond that though, it's hard to tell what's going on. I would try a fresh install to a new folder to see if that works on that machine first.
  16. I think at some point we need to provide an option to reverse the sort order for any of the Arrange By options. I'll add that to my list.
  17. I'm not positive, but it does sound like a group policy permissions issue. Often times, businesses will put custom group policy permissions on their machines. Is it a business computer?
  18. Thank you for this @JoeViking245. I gotta say, I love success stories like this, and I love being part of them (even if only in a very small way).
  19. I don't think any services like that exist. But LaunchBox is really easy to use, so you could start over with a new setup and then use our tutorials here:
  20. Good to hear. Sadly I'm not surprised about the emulators though. Those hard drive sellers are incredibly scammy and most of them don't give you much that's useful.
  21. Beta 2 is out now with the following: Improvement: Added Viking's new Colorful 4K platform videos to the platform video downloader; they are highly recommended, give them a shot and then give Viking some thanks on the forums. Improvement: Added default emulator settings for Cemu, PPSSPP, and Redream Also, I just released Music Box Alpha 0.18 with metadata/tag editing: https://forums.musicboxalpha.com/topic/186-music-box-alpha-018-released/
  22. The license file goes in the same folder that LaunchBox was installed to, but I have no idea where the hard drive seller would have put it. If you search for LaunchBox.exe, it goes in that same folder.
  23. There is an import Windows games option in the wizard, and it's pretty much as good as importing random Windows games can get. You can always search the file system for EXE files and import those though instead. This is a known issue and happens when Big Box custom themes use the views that contain the favorites and recent boxes from the default view, but don't have them in the theme. As of yet, I haven't figured out a way to disable this for themes that don't have the boxes displayed. Yeah, it's probably not difficult to set up from that perspective. Imports with metadata and media are the main issues.
  24. Hi @Aaron5689, unfortunately Neil is correct. There are a few malicious hard drive sellers out there who are illegally selling our software (as well as loads and loads of ROMs). If you would be willing to share with us who you bought the drive from, I would really appreciate it. You can share it via PM privately if you would rather.
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