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  1. Beta 12 is now locking up for me on my dev machine during the themes demo, so that figures, sigh. Seems to happen every time we try to sneak in a feature at the last moment. Just letting folks know that beta 12 may have some stability issues.
  2. @wallmachine Apparently the download is available; it's just confusing because it's not listed clearly what the proper download is. @kmoney clued me in. So I actually got the HwndExtensions error message fixed by putting HwndExtensions.dll along with Microsoft.Expression.Interactions.dll and System.Windows.Interactivity.dll (the right versions) into the plugin folder, but the error messages seem to go deeper. It's not looking like it's going to be something we can fix.
  3. @wallmachine I am unable to download WootLauncher for some reason. The download is here: ...I think. But I don't see an actual WootLauncher plugin download available there.
  4. I will take a look here soon to see if there's anything I can do to fix the issues with WootLauncher without requiring any updates to it. We may end up being out of luck though.
  5. Gotcha. Yeah, I can see that being the biggest area of confusion. We may want to provide an option for that. I don't think it'll make it into this release though, as I'm already adding this stuff last minute. So as long as everything is working as designed, we'll plan to release it on Monday.
  6. BigBoxSettingsOverride.xml should be generated if you change any theme-specific setting. Is that not working properly for you?
  7. I could be mistaken, but that looks to be a rather old version. What theme are you running and have you looked for an update to the theme?
  8. Thanks Retro. I did a bit more research. I think what's happening is that when you use the "Switch View" key mapping, it is by default now switching the view and setting the theme-specific setting to the new view. So from that point forward, it will be a theme-specific setting (and I can see how that could be confusing). You can reset that setting though by going to the theme-specific settings for that theme and selecting the option to reset all settings for that theme under the theme name section. I'm up for hearing ideas to make this more straightforward to use. As it is, I realize that we're probably going to get people on the forums who are confused.
  9. The complication of all of this is one reason why I was so hesitant to implement it. There are now three layers of settings for games list views, and two layers of settings for platforms list views. For games list views: Priority #1 is the platform specific theme and view settings (which will be ignored of course if they are not set) Priority #2 is the theme-specific view settings (which will be ignored if they are not set) Priority #3 is the global view settings. These are only used if the other two (above) are not set. For platforms list views: Priority #1 is the theme-specific view settings (which will be ignored if they are not set) Priority #2 is the global view settings. These are only used if there are no theme-specific view settings. I just did some testing and it does appear to be working properly to change the global games list view, but you have to keep in mind that any theme-specific or platform-specific views will override that setting.
  10. "Save Settings" for each theme is basically what we just implemented: theme-specific options. Big Box does indeed let you have a different theme for different platforms. That feature has been a thing for a long time now.
  11. Beta 12 is out now with the following: When migrating media after changing a platform's name, empty folders from the old locations are now removed The same media migration process's progress bar now spans the whole window The Add/Edit Platform window's Image Type context menu now shows up no matter where you click in the box (instead of just on the text) Translation updates Theme-specific options for platform and games list views have been added now as well (but of course any platform-specific views will take precedence) We still need as much testing as possible on the theme-specific options and the new Add/Edit Platform features specifically.
  12. Yes, that is what that item entailed. It just missed the 20-item cutoff though, so it'll probably end up again on the next poll.
  13. Thank you guys! I have both translations updated in 11.7-beta-12, which I just put out.
  14. I'm gonna look into what it would take to get that implemented, and then I'll make a decision as to whether I can get it into the release for Monday.
  15. Welp, I wish that had come up a bit earlier, to be honest. I can certainly implement that (at least for when platform-specific views have not been set), but I don't think we'll be delaying the release for it, so it'll probably have to happen after the 11.7 release.
  16. Views are saved per platform, so in order to save views per theme we'd have to save views per platform, per theme, which would get a little ridiculous. So as of right now we don't have plans to implement that. I guess we could do it, but only if you disregard different views for different platforms.
  17. Hey all, it's time to get all the translations up to date again for the next release. I plan to release the 11.7 official version this coming Monday. Thanks as always for all your work. @Opak @cyanjiang @Bardock @MajKSA @gamehacker @Kondorito @Nyny77 @alexposad @k_kutsugi @dukeemu @Just001Kim @Cauptain
  18. Thank you @Just001Kim; I have your update in for 11.7-beta-11, which I just put out.
  19. Okay, with the log I was able to determine 100% (or at least I believe it to be 100%) that VLC's Stop method was causing the crashes during the disposal process for videos. I don't really understand why VLC would cause the crash in that case, but as best I can tell, we don't really need to call Stop when disposing videos, so I simply removed the call. Hopefully nothing else will be negatively affected by that, and hopefully it will indeed fix the issue. All I can figure is that VLC didn't like to be told to stop the video in some rare cases (probably due to some kind of a threading conflict). Anyways, 11.7-beta-11 is out now with the hopeful fix.
  20. Beta 11 is out now with the following: New Feature: When editing platforms and changing the platform name, you'll now be prompted to optionally change all the platform folder names, and also optionally migrate all media (from the poll) Some minor changes to VLC video playback that will hopefully fix some random crashes that certain users were getting on occasion We could use some significant testing throughout LaunchBox and Big Box to confirm that the VLC changes don't negatively affect anything. Also, the new Add/Edit Platform window (with the associated batch editing features) could also use some extended testing.
  21. @joshchawks Thanks once again for the testing. I just put out beta 10, which again contains potential fixes and again more logging. Hopefully this will either fix the issue or finally clue me in to the actual problem; there's not much else that could get in the way at this point. Per the Metadata.xml path issue that you're seeing in the logs, I'm not exactly sure where that's coming from. Are you using any plugins? Do you have anything in your LaunchBox\Plugins folder?
  22. As it turns out, I forgot to move the VLC folder back for the previous beta. Beta 10 is out now with the moved VLC folder back to the original location (which should fix the issues with eatkinola's plugins).
  23. Oh, also, I believe I fixed the memory leak you mentioned above as well.
  24. Thanks for all the testing @joshchawks. I added another potential fix and again more logging in 11.7-beta-9. Let me know if you run into any crashes with beta 9.
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