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  1. Hey all, just wanted to announce that I've uploaded version 0.23 to the Play Store, with the following: New long-press menu is available in the platforms list (either by touch or by holding down the A button on a controller) Platforms can now be deleted via the long-press menu in the platforms list, and you can choose whether or not to delete images and game files Fixed controllers not working properly after selecting Exit from the main menu and restarting This version took significantly longer than I was hoping to put out, because I had to basically reinvent the wheel to get the long-press functionality to work. But now that we have that mechanic working, it'll be easy to incorporate elsewhere as well (such as for deleting games). I'll also be looking to add some more emulators (and fix the ones that I previously removed) for the next version. Enjoy.
  2. I don't fully follow @bran479, but I'm happy to hear that you've found a side benefit.
  3. Thanks for the info @douglasamcintosh. That might help; I can try manually adding /storage/sdcard1 as a possible storage location to see if the app can access it.
  4. I haven't purchased any myself @Mu144 but check out ETA Prime's YouTube channel, as I know he's covered at least one.
  5. Hi there wonderwhy, hopefully we can get there eventually, but honestly it'll probably be a long time before that happens, as we have a lot of other things to focus on first.
  6. Okay, thanks. Most likely then it's one of two things: it could be a corrupted .NET Framework install or a conflict with another app (most likely one that's poorly programmed). Are you running any anti-virus or anti-malware software other than Windows Defender?
  7. I really don't know time frames because I don't know what all will be involved. As in the past, I don't make promises as to release dates, even roughly. I'm sorry for that. If the existing solution isn't ready for you, then just hold off until it is, and use whatever solution you had previously.
  8. I think so, yes. Should be the top button of the four.
  9. The Y button should work to open that menu. I've tested it with a Shield controller and an Xbox One controller.
  10. That functionality is coming soon. However, currently, yes, the export process is the only option. Whether it feels backwards to you or not, this was the best option we had to get our user base up and running relatively quickly.
  11. @Taychrexis Sorry to hear about the issues here. We'll need to do a bit of troubleshooting to get it fixed, because this looks to be a one-off issue that is specific to your machine. Have you tried installing to a brand new folder to see if you have the same issues with a new install? That will determine if it's somehow an issue with your data, or if it's a software issue. You can leave your current installation in tact and just install to a different folder to test.
  12. Yeah, agreed. Would be best to just select Rocket Launcher from the list of emulators and create a new one. Then that one emulator can handle all platforms.
  13. The problem is not MAME, and it's not related to the version of MAME at all. The problem is that the emulator is actually pointed to Rocket Launcher, while you've called the emulator MAME. So first off, I would highly recommend changing the emulator name so that MAME is not in the name of the emulator, to avoid stuff like this from automatically happening again. The MAME version doesn't matter; if you launch the Rocket Launcher emulator and add those parameters, it will break it.
  14. Ah, that makes sense. Yes, MAME-style ROMs will absolutely require extracting ROMs to not be enabled. Good question on AES vs. MVS. I haven't really played with the platform much yet, but I'll keep that in mind.
  15. Hi @KillerQ, we're looking into this. We have successfully tested it in the past. Do you have the Neo Geo BIOS files in the Retroarch system folder?
  16. Good question lol. I'll play with it in Dex here at some point, but I haven't set it up yet to test with it.
  17. Yes, one license should cover all your personal devices, and I've confirmed this with my own devices, as I have it installed on three devices (my Shield, my phone, and my tablet). If it's prompting you to purchase it again, then perhaps you have a different Google account between your devices?
  18. @Gunnderson I think I know what happened, after seeing that screenshot. It's an odd situation that you would have an emulator called MAME and that is actually Rocket Launcher. A new version came out several versions ago that automatically added "-keyboardprovider dinput" to the command-line paramaters for MAME, in order to solve a number of issues. But that did not work correctly because it's actually Rocket Launcher and not MAME. So I think all you need to do is just remove "-keyboardprovider dinput" from the command-line parameters for that emulator. I would also recommend not calling the emulator MAME, because that may cause further problems in the future.
  19. Gotcha; that is good to hear, as I can replicate it now as well, and should be able to get it fixed completely. Also, FYI, if you do end up in that situation, all you have to do to get the controller working again is switch to Options from the menu and then back to Platforms. I'm actually working on the option to remove games already. The time-consuming part is adding context menu functionality, but it's coming.
  20. My understanding is that it is possible if you have a Shield device, but it's probably not very flexible. The Shield allows you to mount a network share as storage for your device. I don't have a walkthrough because honestly I've never done it myself. One restriction is the the folder path will still have to match the correct one exactly in the network storage.
  21. I can add emulator support for MAME4droid here soon; the problem though is the fact that the export process is mostly useless for MAME because it requires a completely different romset. So we need a better solution other than having to import an old romset on PC.
  22. It should, but I haven't tested it yet. I don't know why it wouldn't though.
  23. @deesko Version 0.22 just went live on the Play Store.
  24. Good to know. Bin and cue files are a bit tricky, because they can be so complicated. Currently the only supported situation is one where there's one .bin file and one .cue file that are the same file names. Every other situation (including using .img files), will currently require manual intervention. I should be able to at least add support for .img files, though. I'll add that to my list.
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