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  1. To be honest, I've never emulated Daphne myself so I probably won't be much help there. You should be able to use the built-in app closing tools for Big Box, but there are always emulators that are exceptions and don't use standard practices. Not sure if Daphne is one of those or not. Most likely though, if you can configure Daphne to exit with the Escape key, the controller exiting should work with it.
  2. Okay all, we're hoping to put out the 11.9 release early next week, so we're ready for the translations for 11.9. Thank you guys so much for all your work. @Opak @cyanjiang @Bardock @MajKSA @gamehacker @Kondorito @Nyny77 @alexposad @k_kutsugi @dukeemu @Just001Kim @Cauptain
  3. Yeah, I understand where you're coming from, but I'm thinking it's a probably a pretty rare occurrence/situation. I assume you're referring to manually-populated playlists? Keep in mind that you can always restore from a backup in that case.
  4. Beta 4 is out now with a fix for the MAME import text issue above. I don't see much of a benefit to alphabetizing them, so I think we'll just leave them as-is (now that they're fixed). The thought is that generally, users who don't pay attention just want the recommended settings to be the defaults. Since we definitely recommend those boxes to be checked (especially for users who don't want to deal with it all), we'll leave those as the defaults.
  5. You probably just need to reboot your computer if something is still using LaunchBox. There currently is not a way to manually download LaunchBox without entering your email. Regardless, the automatic updater should work fine in the vast majority of circumstances.
  6. Beta 3 is out now with the following: New Feature: The MAME full-set importer is now MAME-version agnostic and will work much better with older or bleeding-edge MAME releases (manual MAME updates on the LaunchBox server are no longer required) The Amazon/Twitch importer will now download backgrounds and screenshots from Amazon Fixed some issues with importing Amazon/Twitch games as additional apps (combining them in) Fixed some Origin import issues Adding some further logging for Origin imports to help address any further issues that come up Fixed the ROM import issue reported above Fixed a rare threading error with multi-threaded downloads Let us know if you run into any other bugs with this release. Also, some details on the new MAME import features. The MAME import process uses the following five resources in order to compile and combine all the data necessary for the importer: MAME.xml (generated by MAME itself) catver.ini (from ProgrettoSnaps and manually updated by them every MAME release) - http://www.progettosnaps.net/catver/ languages.ini (from ProgrettoSnaps and manually updated by them every MAME release) - http://www.progettosnaps.net/languages/ series.ini (from ProgrettoSnaps and manually updated by them every MAME release) - http://www.progettosnaps.net/series/ nplayers.ini (from ArcadeBelgium and manually updated by them every MAME release) - https://nplayers.arcadebelgium.be/ The four ini files above are all included by the LaunchBox setup process and are installed to LaunchBox\ThirdParty\MAME. These four files can be manually updated with newer or older versions as needed. The current versions are for the latest version of MAME (0.227). In the future, we may try to implement automatic upgrades for these files, but for the most part they should work fine with different versions of MAME. The worst case is that newer games for the latest versions of MAME may be missing some metadata (such as genres, number of players, etc.) unless the files are manually updated. The MAME.xml file contains the majority of the data required for the import, and is automatically generated from MAME every time the full-set importer is run (so it automatically matches the correct version of MAME).
  7. Issues like this almost always related to system-specific issues/conflicts with the startup or pause screens. Can you try disabling the startup and pause screens in Big Box to see if that fixes the issue? Those options are available in the Big Box options list under Game Startup and Game Pause (iirc).
  8. Perhaps @Kondorito could change that up when working on the translation for 11.9.
  9. @alexposad @dukeemu Sorry for the delay here guys. I have both translations updated for 11.9-beta-3, which should be out shortly. They're actually slightly different, though I understand how it could be seriously confusing lol. One says "this platform" and the other says "this category". In both cases though they use the same "Platform Categories lists". Nested Name is basically how the name is displayed when in nested lists. For example, if the unique name is "Windows GOG", the nested name would be "GOG". That way if the "Windows GOG" playlist is displayed nested under "Windows", it will use the nested name "GOG" instead of the unique name "Windows GOG". Hope that helps.
  10. Just for anyone else who happens to read this unrelated comment, FYI, we've been having issues lately with external tools corrupting LaunchBox data and causing issues for people on the forums. So if you do use external tools, make a backup first and check to make sure whatever tool you're using isn't causing data issues.
  11. Thanks for all the testing and feedback guys. Beta 2 is out now with the following: Fix for Origin import crash and incorrect text Fix for HTTP headers error Startup performance improvements Fix for duplicated games in the Amazon import Fix for the error @Xpendable posted New playlist filter options for Amazon and Xbox/Microsoft Store games
  12. The first 11.9 beta is out now here: Locking this thread as conversation should continue over there instead.
  13. I'll note this and hopefully we can update it soon.
  14. Hey all, the first 11.9 beta is out now with the following: New Feature: LaunchBox can now easily import your Xbox and Microsoft Store games library; both installed and uninstalled games are supported and can be filtered in the wizard, though only games that have been started at least once can be imported (limitation of the Microsoft API) New Feature: LaunchBox can now easily import your Amazon/Twitch games library; both installed and uninstalled games are supported and can be filtered in the wizard Improvement: Instead of only being able to type the first letter of a game to jump to that game in LaunchBox, you can now type the beginning of a game's title (multiple characters) and LaunchBox will jump to that game, assuming that the games list is selected Improvement: All import processes have been overhauled with improved user interfaces Improvement: The Steam import process will now detect and import "Profile Features Limited" games from Steam Improvement: When changing a platform's name, any emulators associated with that platform will now follow along with the new platform name in the associated platforms list Fixed: Custom themes that use platform-specific XAML files will now work properly with platforms that have invalid path characters in the platform names (such as Dragon 32/64). For theme developers, use an underscore to replace any invalid characters in the file names. Fixed: The Cleanup Media tool was not always working correctly with file names that have special characters in them Fixed: Bulk editing the emulator field on games was not allowing you to clear the field Fixed: Resting your mouse on a badge image in LaunchBox was getting in the way of scrolling with the mouse wheel in some cases Fixed: Custom fields with semi-colons in them (that represent multiple values) are now treated as separate values for Arrange By Let us know how testing goes.
  15. The feature does indeed work correctly. It is exactly how it was designed, and it's a matter of opinion whether searching only the title would be an improvement or a detriment. That said, when we do tackle this, we'll provide options for users to choose how it works.
  16. @Michalis If you run the update, it will not overwrite your games or settings. So that would be a good thing to try, yes.
  17. Unfortunately, yes, many times we have seen Skraper be ruinous and cause multiple issues with people's setups. This is the first I'm hearing if it causing terrible RAM usage issues like this, though. Regardless, unfortunately you'll probably have to not use Skraper with LaunchBox to ensure that you don't run into these issues @Tackskull. If Skraper has corrupted your data files, you will probably have to remove them and/or reinstall LaunchBox. All the data files are kept in the LaunchBox\Data folder. You can safely delete your LaunchBox\Data folder and you'll end up with an empty install of LaunchBox.
  18. @Tackskull That's really odd, especially that it's happening on startup. Are you using a custom LaunchBox theme? It's admittedly not anything I've seen before, so unfortunately we'll need to dive into some deep-ish troubleshooting in order to get it figured out, as it's clearly a strange one-off or machine-specific issue. If you'd prefer a refund instead, just let us know. Otherwise, we'll need to ask a bunch of questions in order to get it figured out.
  19. Make sure you're using the correct video card if you have a laptop with multiple GPUs (Intel vs. nVidia, for example). That would cause performance like you're describing. There was no performance degradation whatsoever when we switched to .NET Core, so something isn't working correctly.
  20. Haven't seen an issue, but it could be related to cookies somehow. Are you checking the box to stay logged in?
  21. Sorry for the trouble, but the website is not broken lol...there are at least hundreds of successful downloads every day. What exactly was happening?
  22. @ChaosDrop We're up to date on our emails (we respond to an average of around 10 a day), so if you're sending us emails and not getting responses, then somehow either we're not getting them, or you're not getting our responses. I searched our email history for any emails from your email account that you have listed on the forums, and I don't see any at all, so something's going wrong there. Is that your correct email?
  23. If LaunchBox is running but not showing because it's opening on a hidden screen, you can use Windows to move the window without having to see it. Assuming you're using Windows 10, rest your mouse on the LaunchBox icon in the taskbar, and wait for the little popup that shows the window's contents to show up. Once it appears, right-click on the popup and select Maximize. That should solve it.
  24. The good news here is that all downloaded images will still be there and available, so none of those images will need to be re-downloaded, even if the games don't show up. So you can just re-run the process and it should skip any image downloads that you already have (and go much faster). If the rough-matching image process is causing delays, you can just turn that off in the importer. Most users have relatively quick access to the downloads (I'm in the US without issues), but every once in a while we find someone who it's slow for. Unfortunately with the amount of traffic that we have, setting up any kind of a distributed network would be crazy expensive, so that's not really an option unfortunately. Splitting up the imports might be helpful, but it could also cause confusion. Since the images don't have to be re-downloaded though, I don't necessarily think it's needed.
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