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  1. Not sure, but I am able to replicate it, so I'll get it fixed.
  2. Beta 9 is out now with the following: Further threading optimizations Image fixes for the retro achievements profile popup Improved ROM prioritization so that prototype/beta games are not prioritized as much Big Box now runs under Linux Wine I linked to it just above, but if you're interested in running LaunchBox or Big Box on Linux, see this thread:
  3. By "crashes", do you mean legitimate crashes, or just delays within the app? It's best to clarify that "crashes" are when the EXE stops running completely. Error screens or delays in the app are a separate thing.
  4. Yup, I'm furious. Not really. For real though, this was all just caused by confusion and using the wrong words. You didn't realize that plugins and project references are two separate things, apparently. I never told you that they're the same. Regardless, we're not gonna put up with an attitude like that for much longer, FYI. Fair warning.
  5. Hey all, the first post of this topic and the associated script file has been updated. Big Box now works in 11.3-beta-9.
  6. Beta 8 is out now to address some thread priority issues with the image cache and image population getting delayed in LaunchBox.
  7. Muhahahahaha. AI indeed. Let me know if you have that error happen again.
  8. Project references are not user plugins; that's where the confusion lies. Plugins are either located in the LaunchBox\Plugins folder, or the Plugins folder inside of the Big Box theme folder.
  9. @Android16 The stack trace you provided tells me 100% without a doubt that those errors are occurring while loading plugins. So somehow or other, plugins are being loaded. That stack trace error does not occur if there are no plugins to load. It's possible that you are getting a different error without plugins, however. If so, please let me know what that error is. These are all options that are available. You can turn it on under the View menu. I've been testing the Colorful - Light and Colorful - Dark themes, and haven't seen any stability issues, and those themes use that exact same Ao.Bigbox.Themer.v3_9_7a.dll plugin without apparent issues. However, that plugin has so many random features that it's possible that there's a bugged feature that Colorful isn't using. Please do let me know if you still see the stability issues with a different theme so we can help to narrow it down. Can you get me a video of the video snaps playing too fast issue? We did upgrade to the latest version of VLC. I'm not seeing that issue though.
  10. Where are they not displaying? I see. Can you confirm if it's caused by that plugin or not? Does it happen with other themes or without that plugin? I hope we can get that plugin working, but we might hit a wall on that (might need to hit up @eatkinola to get his help to determine what's going on, since we don't have the source code).
  11. Any plugins installed? Unfortunately that log doesn't give us any useful information.
  12. Hey all, 11.3-beta-7 is out now, and the instructions and scripts in the first post of this topic have been updated. Videos are now working in LaunchBox.
  13. Beta 7 is out now, primarily just with some compatibility fixes for Linux Wine. For anyone interested, I'll be updating this thread here in a moment:
  14. @Android16 That error is apparently caused by a plugin, either in your Big Box theme, or in your LaunchBox plugins folder. What themes are you running? Do you have any plugins?
  15. I have no idea what you mean by "immediate crash", so I'll ignore that for now. If you need to add a DLL "reference", you can do that by right-clicking on Dependencies and selecting "Add COM Reference". Then just browse for the file.
  16. FYI guys, I have LaunchBox working with VLC videos and Big Box is starting up as well now (though seems to be locking up shortly after startup). The next beta should be an improvement. I'll update this thread when it's out.
  17. @wallmachine "FIRST CHANCE EXCEPTION" and "EXCEPTION IGNORED" can both be safely ignored, unless you're running into some other issue. They can help to find other issues, but by themselves they don't mean that there's any problems.
  18. Beta 6 is out now with the following: Added a "Core\Plugins" folder link to help solve some additional plugin issues The LaunchBox and Big Box default theme project files for Visual Studio have been updated to work properly against the betas with .NET Core Fixed "The system cannot find the drive specified." error found by @wallmachine Hopeful fix for rare "Cannot set Visibility to Visible or call Show, ShowDialog, Close, or WindowInteropHelper.EnsureHandle while a Window is closing." error with startup screens Updated VLC to 3.0.11 Corrected message popup logic that was minimizing the add/edit window
  19. Why 11.0? If anything, I would downgrade to 11.2 if you want to get off of the betas. 11.1 and 11.2 contain important fixes for the 11.0 release. Should be safe to downgrade to 11.2.
  20. Usually that error occurs when you've recently sent an email to that address already.
  21. @wallmachine @pixelcide We're having trouble replicating all of those issues. My best guess is that they're being caused by plugins. What plugins do you have installed? Can you try temporarily removing them to see if those issues go away? Also, what LaunchBox theme are you running?
  22. Sure, that should work. Should just need your Data and media folders. Still don't know why one instance would work though while the other doesn't. @C-Beats has this fixed for the next beta. What theme are you using? Any chance you can try temporarily removing plugins one by one to determine which one is causing the issue?
  23. Beta 5 is out now with the following: Improvements to alternate name matching during import and download metadata processes Improvements to ROM combining on import New fields are now in audit More folder links have been created in the Core folder for all the media folders and the ThirdParty folder (should provide better compatibility with certain plugins and themes) Alternate names have been added to the MAME import Fixed some further high-DPI star rating issues Fixed games database syncing New fields are now available for filter, arrange by, and auto-populate playlists Improvements to threading to hopefully reduce waiting situations (people have been describing these as lockups)
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