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  1. I'm hoping this new version resolves that issue. Let me know if you're still seeing it. I made clear from the beginning that I would tackling an option to show text on all the boxes, but that I did not want to tackle putting text below the boxes for this particular theme. I never changed my plans or the words that I stated. We really don't need this passive aggressive crap here on the forums. You have multiple options if you want that. Yeah, the clear logo thing is a known issue. I suppose what we could do there is just not show the text for clear logos, since the text should be pretty easy to read in the image anyways. The tooltip is by design, though it also definitely works better with other types of images.
  2. Beta 2 is out now with fixes for all the previous issues with the new theme, at least as far as I can tell. We're also working on some new retroachievements.org features from the poll, which should be out in beta form here very soon.
  3. It's been quite a while since I'm programmed that, to be honest, so the exact technical details would take effort to research. The Games Database is much faster now than it was previously, but there is of course always room for improvement. Everything the dynamic approval process and all that stuff does just takes processing, so it's not easy to improve at this point.
  4. Hi Garret, the installer *should* install the framework and everything you need, but we have seen some rare cases of issues, especially if you're not up to date with Windows updates. It should work perfectly fine to upgrade from 9.10 directly to 10.7. I would run all Windows updates first, however. You can also back up your LaunchBox folder and easily go back if you have any issues.
  5. Thanks, that helps. All I can figure at this point is that there's something strange going on between a particular driver you're using and our implementation of VLC. Have you tried updating your video drivers? Beyond that, it would be good to know the exact hardware you have so I can take note of it. Thanks again.
  6. It's possible that the brunt of the issues on your old installation were caused by MSI Afterburner. It's very poorly written software and has a nasty habit of significantly interfering and causing performance issues with .NET applications. So that could have been the main issue, but I can't say for certain. As Neil stated, LaunchBox can use a significant amount of CPU usage while caching images (which will complete before too long), so that could be the reason for the CPU usage there. Also, in Big Box, what theme are you running?
  7. The videos are available in LaunchBox under Tools > Download Platform/Playlist Theme Videos.
  8. Glad you're up and running @Goshyiyo, but I would still appreciate it if we could figure out what's going on with VLC on your system.
  9. Hi @Goshyiyo, first off, sorry to hear that you're running into those issues. This is an odd one, because it's not an issue that I've ever seen before, so it's probably somehow system-specific. I have some questions for you in order to help narrow down the problem: Is the issue happening in LaunchBox, Big Box, or both? What version of Windows are you running? Do you have MSI Afterburner installed? Do you have any anti-virus or other security software installed?
  10. That path is actually a relic from before you could actually import games directly on Android. I'm not sure how you're testing, but that folder is/was probably empty. ROMs are not moved or copied on import.
  11. ROMs are not moved on import for the Android version. So no, it is not copying your ROMs over to any other location. It is downloading images for the ROMs, though, and that may be on internal storage. Is that what you mean?
  12. Hi @willkills, this is definitely possible. Are you importing directly on Android or exporting your desktop collection? All you have to do on Android is just put the ROMs on your SD card, and it will continue to use them from there. Or, you can export from the desktop directly to your SD card as well.
  13. Can you give it another shot? I can't think of any reason why the import would find the ISO and work properly for Wii, but not GameCube. To me it sounds like there was a different issue somehow.
  14. That's probably the issue, if the platform is incorrect. Make sure you're importing into the correct platform.
  15. Sadly yes, it's hitting it's memory limit. Feel free to PM me your text file. I've been working on a new version written in assembly for quite a while now, but of course that's taking a long time. The previous version's memory limit is due to the fact that it's written in Visual Basic for MS-DOS 1.0. For now, the only thing I can suggest is using separate instances. You can use one instance to filter and launch other instances to artificially remove the limit. Removing some metadata may help as well.
  16. I will be adding an option to always show the titles, as they are currently displayed when an item is selected (overlapping the box art a tiny bit). I'm planning to put the option in the controls bar to make it easy to turn on and off. What I specifically won't be doing for this particular theme is adding text below the boxes, because I feel like it will ruin much of the cleanliness of the theme (among other reasons, like the fact that I don't want to spend the extra time to do it for the moment). The good news is, though, as always, these themes are completely customizable, and I'm sure someone will step up and build something similar if enough people want it.
  17. Lololol. Helpful Monkus. Very helpful.
  18. Er, I guess it was both @Retro808 and @DOS76. Lol. Regardless, no biggies. Just trying to keep the peace.
  19. @GreenGriffon I do appreciate your feedback, but I'll be completely honest: some of the words you used did come off as unnecessarily negative and made reading them more irritating than I would prefer. I don't communicate stuff like this usually, but in this case, I feel like it may be useful going forward. @DOS76 was just trying to make the point that you went a little bit overboard in the intensity of what you were trying to say (and I fully agree).
  20. That in particular will not be happening for this particular theme. So feel free to just use the old theme, or tweak this new theme however you like.
  21. Per the text, I can easily add in a setting to always show the black text box on the bottom of the artwork (instead of only when it's selected), so I'll probably do that before release. The other option though is to just press control+A for select all.
  22. Hmm, that's new. Hopefully the new theme isn't too advanced or something. It looks like an error with the framework, unfortunately. Hopeful that one is rare at least.
  23. Nope, all past themes should work exactly the same.
  24. The random game and edit scrolling are currently minor known issues. It works usually but occasionally things won't be scrolled to properly in those cases. I'll get that fixed here soon. However, I don't know of any reason why performance should be any different with this theme (though I suppose it's possible that rendering specifically could be taking a tad bit longer, but that shouldn't be causing slowdowns).
  25. Currently there isn't. But yes, you could just modify the XAML. Depending on feedback I might take the time to provide an option for that. With all the translucency though, I find that the normal fanart backgrounds don't look all that great and make it difficult to see (though I felt the same about the old theme somewhat).
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