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The pinnacle of liquid-cooling beauty: the Hard-Piped Build (quoting MaximumPC magazine)


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The July issue of MaximumPC magazine has a decent DIY article on a hard-piped build. Hard-Piped-Build.jpg The tricky aspect is that the tubing is acrylic and therefore quite solid at room temperature. You have to heat the tubing to bend it. They say a hard-piped build is not easy and screw-ups are inevitable, but I say it looks sweet when complete! I wouldn't use a white liquid, though. Somethin' in the blue, green, purple family that 'glowed' under UV light. More like this: Laugh More-like-this.jpg It'd be really cool if ya could aerate the fluid with pee-wee bubbles, so you could perceive the movement of the coolant. Smile Ohhh..., how 'bout mixing water and a colored, light oil. It would be taking advantage of the ol' adage, "Oil and water don't mix." Remember these: (I'm not sure if it'd look cool or not - it might be too blobby. I'm sure I'd like the fizzy effect, though). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UUZ8vrj-qzM
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