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Compatibility Headaches: Old Game Consoles with New TV's, etc...


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Obviously, LaunchBox is 'the knight in shining armor' when it comes to resolving many gaming hardware compatibility issues, with the Gaming Miracle of Emulation, with a mostly idiot-proof GUI, to the rescue! Smile However, I often decide to struggle with getting somewhat incompatible hardware working together (I don't know why I put myself through the grief. I suppose it's the challange, and more realistic than climbing to the summit of Mt. Everest). Anyway, you may recall me mentioning in a different Thread, when I upgraded my A/V Receiver and TV, my NES and Intellivision no longer worked (I suspect the TV). With the Intellivision, I was getting nothing (wired with the same wiring configuration as with my former stuff (TV was a Panasonic Plasma), but with the NES, I was seeing the games in Black-and-White, with no sound. Really? Black-and-White only? Argh! Anyway, as I finally get to the point, the use of the NES's 'Audio/Video side connectors' resolved the issue (RF connector by-passed)! Woo-Hoo! Still can't get the Intellivision to work, though. It only has the RF-type output connection - no separate A/V, and my new TV isn't goin' for it. Frown NES-Connection.jpg
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