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Trying STeem for the first time with no success


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Ok I decided to give Atari ST emulation a go tonight and downloaded STeem 3.7.2 I grabbed a TOS file and went through the setup I even grabbed the pasti .dll so I could run any STX games I ran across. Then I grabbed a ST game mega pack from a site I know but no matter what game I insert and run from drive A all I get is a white screen any one with STeem knowledge know what I might be doing wrong at this point. my next move is to try another TOS (they have a mega pack for them too) and see if changing them does me any good but if not I'm out of ideas at that point and will have to try Hatari and/or Stain Ok I grabbed a different TOS and I get something on the screen but that is the thing with ancient PC's I simply don't know how to use them I got into computers about 10 years ago at age 29 but all of my experience is with Windows (XP through 10). Ok I've gotten 1 game to Launch but the screen was all messed up so I heard it but couldn't see it. Also it seems like my screen inside of STeem keeps getting a corrupted look when I reset and other things. Ok I got a game to start and to display graphics I didn't set up any controllers so I didn't get to test anything out. Added 2 games to LB and have them launching with no issue.
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