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  1. Just played some Centipede with my mouse help turning up the mouse speed for me using logiteck k400r but it definitely isn't as good as having that trackball would be
  2. Does RA MAME even support trackball I've never even tested something like that.
  3. DOS76

    HUUUUUUGE bug in Launchbox

    why bother I already told you your computer is going to self destruct.
  4. DOS76

    Ambience Theme (initial testing)

    Of course it would allow people with less skill to build it if it was UI only but it would also diminish some of the power of what you can do with it because we have some wizards here that discover new things about the xaml with each new theme they do and having that coding ability to create enhanced features would be hard to add into a GUI because it isn't a visual implementation things like timing.
  5. wait what is playing games I thought it was all about compulsive configuration and obtaining media resources for everything! (I kid I'm well past that stage and now do just enjoy playing games took about 2 2 and a half years)
  6. DOS76

    Mame on Retroarch

    MAME in RA is super simple for Arcade stuff if you want to use Software List stuff its a little more complex but like Monkus I'm assuming you only want to use it for Arcade. If not there is a guy who figured out how to use software list stuff on the forums but you would have to search for it as I can't recall how to do so or who posted the solution.
  7. DOS76

    Launching XBox One app from LaunchBox

    did a quick Google search and adjusted the time frame to within the last year actually found that in a reddit post
  8. DOS76

    Launching XBox One app from LaunchBox

    %windir%\explorer.exe shell:::{4234d49b-0245-4df3-b780-3893943456e1} Type that in Windows 10's search bar and it should open the applications folder. I just did it and created a XBox app shortcut on my desktop.
  9. DOS76

    Recommendation Cores/Emulators

    yeah any list would need to include performance guidelines because which core or stand alone emulator will be best will rely heavily on your PC specs. Also emulator specific features such as upscaling and other things could also heavily influence which emulator the user wants to use.
  10. DOS76

    Deleting non imported MAME games

    If you get the split set you can't delete them either you have to get the non-merged set to do what you want to do. All 3 sets are available for download every month on PleasureDome
  11. DOS76

    Supergrafx ?

    When you try importing them check the checkbox to force duplication and see if they don't get imported then.
  12. DOS76

    How to batch edit additional apps

    there you go didn't even know that post was a thing
  13. DOS76

    How to batch edit additional apps

    Yeah Jason can do what ever he wants to do but mostly he works off of the poll and what is most popular with the community.
  14. DOS76

    How to batch edit additional apps

    There isn't anyway to currently and it is a travesty that this feature didn't get votes on the poll as it really needs to be implemented to improve usability.
  15. DOS76

    New platforms for launchbox database

    The plan is to actually merge all Arcade systems together so you won't see anymore added.
  16. DOS76

    Mame Tutorial for n00bs

    wow yeah I knew about the hash files and totally didn't even think about that. Feeling kind of dumb
  17. DOS76

    Mame Tutorial for n00bs

    go into the command prompt and navigate to your MAME.exe and type mame.exe -?
  18. DOS76

    turbo graphx emulator and CHD

    shouldn't be in the bios folder just alone in the system folder
  19. DOS76

    Mame blackscreen with Steam BigPicture

    do you have a MAME.ini file and is it in your root directory
  20. DOS76

    Bigbox Space Explosion

    Is the end of the video cut off?
  21. DOS76

    turbo graphx emulator and CHD

    In the system folder inside of RetroArch.
  22. DOS76

    turbo graphx emulator and CHD

    I don't know why but I went and grabbed those 3 optional bios files
  23. DOS76

    turbo graphx emulator and CHD

    Neil I hope you know I was mentioning you showing the file name in your previous post and not asking you to show him what I was referencing.
  24. DOS76

    turbo graphx emulator and CHD

    That or Neil can just show you.