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  1. Okay so you meant the ROM importer that is why I was confused (well mostly)
  2. oh did you change the rpx file name? That isn't how I did it when I added my games I just clicked add on the bottom bar in LB then browse to my folder in the LB edit form. Then after choosing the RPX I'd type the Title into the Title cell and then match to the DB
  3. yeah I have no clue what you are talking about but I'm glad you fixed your issue. What is the ROM loader you are referring too?
  4. in the controller binding isn't there an option to save a core and game level remap?
  5. Navigate to the LB data/platforms folder do you have a Nintendo Wii U backup in that folder if so move or delete it. Also if you have any backup platform xmls in that folder get rid of them we have seen people having an issue with that lately. If there isn't any then I'm pretty much out of ideas why LB and BB would have different data as it uses the same xml files to populate the games
  6. hmm so in LB its normal but in BB its still showing all the stuff you deleted? That isn't normal.
  7. Wii U is kind of a PITA to add. I personally add games for it one at a time but you can go to the folder where your WII U games are and then use search in File Explorer to find just .rpx file then import just those then at the end of the import depending on how many games you added change the name to all of them to the title you want using the file path that is shown in the one of the fields of the table.
  8. you looked to have missed the checkbox to scrape the games using the MAME naming convention during the import wizard it is one of the available checkboxes if you delete the platform and then reimport with that checked it will name them correctly and find much more art for them. I see you named your platform SNK Neo Geo while LB is looking for SNK Neo Geo MVS or AES. So to fix it you can either change your platform name to match the platform name in RetroArch or you can add a new platform in the associated platform tab for RA named SNK Neo Geo. Either of those should fix it.
  9. yeah RivaTuner has been causing havoc on LB since a recent Windows update there are multiple threads on the forum dealing with it.
  10. yes X closes BigBox so if that is what the controller was mapped to then that would be normal behavior.
  11. One of the current limitations is that if you do a second import to the same platform it will overwrite all your previous data so basically you have to import everything you want for a platform in one go or if you want to add anything new to a platform you have to also reimport whatever you already added.
  12. That is what I do you can always delete the whole platform if you are unhappy with the results
  13. If possible maybe you could add a select option that will make checkboxes appear then let users delete them in bulk. I've seen this feature in a lot of image and file explorer software in Android
  14. I personally keep any rom that is just one file in a folder named after the platform but if it is a file type that requires more than one file to run the game then it goes into a folder. If using multi-file games or even single files that are in folders the best method of importing is navigating to the said system folder in Windows File Explorer and then using the search to search for the extension you want to import then just using ctrl+a to highlight all the games and then drag them onto the LB interface where it will start the import wizard.
  15. lol you are making this so much harder than it has to be by not just getting a full set but its your time do with it what you want.
  16. Additional apps are for a multitude of things depending on what you want to do with them. In the past I used them in conjunction with the Sega Saturn emulator SSF in order to mount a disk in Dameon tools before the emulator ran and then to dismount the disk when the emulator closed. They are used to link multiple games to one game like say in the instance of a MAME game like Street Fighter II which seems to have about 25 different version in MAME when adding the ROMs to LB it will combine the parent and the clone of these games into one entry the parent will be the facing game in LB but the clones will all be added to the additional apps feature. There are even other things you could do like link strategy guides to the game making the reader the application and then from the menu you could open the guide or maps or whatever additional things you wanted to call that were relevant to the game.
  17. Some games do need bios files but if you have the full MAME ROM set the bios files that are also in the MAME bios packs are already included in them so there is no need to download them or add them to your ROMs folder as they should already be present.
  18. I had a play around with it and it works okay from my local machine but when I tried to set it up on my server it doesn't work with my StableBit Drivepool virtual drive. I still haven't gotten around to opening a port on my router and testing it from a second PC through the web browser. The appeal to me for a Plex like service definitely exist especially if I could set it up and then say share it with my brother who would enjoy playing some old games but wouldn't have the patience or know how to do it himself. Like I said locally it works well for the few games I tried these are pointing to a network drive (from the same server that won't add any games). So as a application in its infancy its a good start.
  19. yeah if you use the RA.exe instead of the traditional download method that is where it will try to download the application by default now. Which is one of the reasons I don't use the .exe
  20. Cougar Force sounds like you are going to be attacked by a group of hot older ladies.
  21. Open BB got to controller setting and look for automation. (If you don't see them there BB may be controlled by LB's automation settings).
  22. You should download .Net Framework 4.8 manually like it is prompting you to. The latest revision of LB is using .Net 4.8 so you have to get that installed to use the latest version.
  23. yeah I would have to agree with just getting a new set at this point even if that means you don't update it for years again. You would at least know exactly what version all your ROMs are from.
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