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  1. I'm pretty sure there are Arcade games that run below 48 but can't name any off hand. Actually now I'm not sure I thought I saw a game as low as 15 but on looking into it its 15khz which isn't the same thing.
  2. well for arcade there isn't really any boxes because they would have to come in some big ass boxes
  3. I'm going to be honest here there are some many things going on development wise that you can ask for DB changes until you are blue in the face but they aren't likely to happen any time soon. The DB is sort of the red head step child when it comes to getting things added to it. So basically good luck.
  4. ah does it only output to the console if so then my bad I thought it might generate a file somewhere.
  5. you could also add the -v option to you LB commandline for MAME and it would generate it without needing to use Powershell or a command prompt
  6. I have a 4:3 dell in my arcade machine and its nice but honestly you can use a wider monitor and not stretch and still get a great picture just will have black bars on the left and right.
  7. Try Googling PleasureDome ROMs you are looking for the MAME 0.215 ROMs it can be either split merged or non-merged but I suggest going with split.
  8. In RetroArch's settings in LB have you added a line for arcade in the associated platform by default Arcade isn't included so most likely LB just doesn't have the instructions on which core to run. You say you have the latest version of MAME but do you have the latest version of the MAME ROMs and if not what ROM set do you have for MAME?
  9. if there is a way you can use Excel to use the list to generate .txt files for the items in the list then it would be possible to just import the text files as the roms and it will scrape them and display data for them but without a actual file to import then it is impossible.
  10. Assuming that LB was closed like the instructions said if you can't delete that folder it could possible be an issue with you hard drive not being able to access the part of the drive where the data is try running chkdsk /r from an admin level command prompt and look for bad sectors but be warned that this is a long process depending on the drive size.
  11. https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=30135 Did you try this tool to fix it?
  12. Okay 1st off thanks to all 3 of you guys for collaborating on this plugin nice to see the community working together to make things happen. Now to a quick question I downloaded the plugin and had WinRAR extract everything to the plugins folder then I went and unblocked all 3 files. So what do I do with the zip file itself does it stay zipped, do I extract it to its own folder or do I have to extract everything to the root folder. Also is there anyway to get this to work with LB and not just BigBox?
  13. also run a admin level command prompt and run sfc /scannow to run the System file checker in Windows it will attempt to find and fix any corruption that may have occurred to your Windows install.
  14. https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/all/how-to-turn-off-flip-scrren-keys-in-windows-7/fad2ecb0-c441-4f2f-b2be-7b52bfa6215d that link should describe what you need to do and this is an image of my laptops Intel display settings showing where you can either set your own hot key or completely disable it.
  15. You can do this but it will require some work on your part. You would simply need something that LB thinks is the game in question so a text file named after the game would suffice and when adding the text file as a rom you might also have to fool the program by providing a text file as a emulator also. Arcade would be an exception because you can import a whole MAME set without actually having the games and when the import asks for a path just put any path in and LB will still use the internal data from MAME to import all working games. Sorry if this isn't what you were looking for but the program isn't intended to be a archiver although like I said if you are willing to do some work with generating text files you can fool the program into being one.
  16. James I removed your email as you should never post it in public like that. go to Help & Support right here in the fourm and go to license support
  17. There is something called Phoenix that is for both 3DO and Jaguar but it is difficult to get to work in conjunction with Launchbox from what I have read. For N64 I ditched Project 64 sometime ago in favor of the Mupen core in RetroArch I've recently played through Ocarina of Time with it and I'm currently working on a game of Majora's Mask.
  18. @KrakermanIn other words you took down the info that could have maybe helped another user in the future?
  19. select all games in question with ctrl+a then press ctrl+e to open the bulk edit wizard select favorite. If the value fields checkbox is unchecked just hit next and it should remove them if it is checked then uncheck it and finish up the wizard.
  20. Unfortunately you can not if you have a lot of additional apps I suggest you delete the entire platform and reimport them.
  21. LB sees them as separate too the issue is that LB only takes commands from one controller so if you had one Zero Delay and one XBox controller you still couldn't map them separately they would still do the same thing. In other words you can't map separate functions to different controllers
  22. you don't he is asking you to check the path not edit every game. You can also try selecting every game in question for a platform and then go to tools and use the option to change rom folder path
  23. DOS76

    Mame confusion

    Separate files within the set so they are in the set just not part of the ROM
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