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  1. DOS76

    USB SSD Stick

    See I didn't even know those things exist
  2. DOS76

    USB SSD Stick

    They actually both use flash memory but the quality of the SSD memory is much higher than the flash drives Source https://danielmiessler.com/blog/the-difference-between-ssd-and-flash-hard-drives/
  3. MAME has a ton of data if you want to kind of work around stop the import. Then reimport the games again when it ask you to get artwork marquees videos choose the option to not get anything and run it it will import much faster then when it finishes you can to got tools download media and metadata and run the wizard it will then fetch all the media and yes it will take a long time but you can at least play your games now while you wait for the media and stuff to import.
  4. DOS76

    USB SSD Stick

    read and write speeds are usually much slower from a USB Flash drive I haven't heard of SSD USB 3.0 sticks and always thought flash drives used the same tech as SSD just slowed down by the USB speeds compared to SATA. I've had a SSD to USB enclosure for years if that is the same thing you mean.
  5. or do you have any core specific overrides already set using the filter so its overriding what is in the main config?
  6. I prefer to just use the close option from RA by setting a key combo on my controller same for MAME why use a AHK when the program already has built in options to do the same thing but in a cleaner manner.
  7. Those are all good improvements.
  8. or you can just press the end key on your keyboard and it will take you to the bottom of the list without scrolling. Still doesn't help if the list is long and you want to get to the middle though but I guess neither does a descending order sort
  9. could be a permission issue that won't allow the changes to write.
  10. yeah if use it will only work with a non-merged set
  11. Pretty Easy actually in Notepad++ there is probably even a way to use a variable and have it just change any value between <Playcount>#</Playcount> to 0 but I don't know how to do that but if someone could show you you could then use NP++ to open all your platforms xmls at one time and then search your text with the variable and replace the value with 0 for all entries in all open documents. This might explain it better.
  12. We learned computers are weird sometimes (oh wait we already know that)
  13. for cores that support multiple platforms they now have content directory overrides so all your Sega CD or any or all platforms supported by the Genesis GX Plus Core can run separate configs. This assumes of course you games are in platform specific directories (and if you keep them any other way you're weird).
  14. I've found that in the past you didn't need the chd's in game specific folders for Demul but don't think it hurts if you do either.
  15. I have a similar issue with RetroArch the 1st time I launch it it will take some time to open but then all subsequent launches are pretty much instantaneous so I don't really worry about it.
  16. you do realize that you are responding to posts from 2016 from a user who hasn't visited the forums since 2016.
  17. Next time you try to reimport them check the box to allow it to import duplicates in the import wizard.
  18. It isn't searching for more games its rebuilding your image cache.
  19. I'd like to 2nd OneDrive its great for this. Just point your emulators saves to the folder and that is all now you can play the same game on any PC you have.
  20. DOS76

    DeMul issues

    yeah I meant Dreamcast sorry for the typo.
  21. DOS76

    DeMul issues

    Just to add I have no clue how close to complete the Saturn set in the MAME SWL CHD folder is.
  22. DOS76

    DeMul issues

    No clue I've never heard of rips being self booting or requiring a boot disc for any DC games. You can get DC chd games by download the Dreamcast folder out of the MAME Software List CHD torrent that is available and update almost every month on Pleasure Dome but you are required to register there and maintain a ratio which depending on peoples internet can be an issue and get you banned from their site.
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