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  1. LaunchBox is not intended to be used from a NAS which if you got it working that's great but I doubt you will find official support documentation for it since its outside of the intended use case.
  2. In the past long before this feature was ever thought of I used to just go into the Image, manuals, and video folders and make the appropriate changes manually. Another option that has always been available would be to go to manage platforms and manually set the folders to the older folder location to the old folders I will say however that option is extremely tedious
  3. If I'm remembering correctly controllers support in LaunchBox is a premium only feature so depending on what version you are using this will or won't work (or maybe that is controller automation is only in premium don't remember if its both) .
  4. the issue was when you changed the name of the platform it didn't move the media or change the name of the folders the media was originally stored in. I believe in the latest version this has been changed and it will automatically change the folder names for the platform but I feel like I read that in passing so don't hold me to it being true.
  5. Zero Delay encoders are seen as generic ganepads and not keyboards
  6. Unfortunately it is not a feature that LB/BB supports. It was put on one of the community feature polls at one point but did abysmal in getting votes and thus did not make the cutoff. No clue when the next poll will be or if it will be one of the choices or not on the next go around.
  7. check in the Launchbox\Data\Platforms folder and if there are any duplicates or backup platforms delete them.
  8. DOS76

    mame rompaths

    Sounds like you added your new roms to a new location then you had to tell MAME where they were located or it wouldn't work. Unfortunately you will have to continue to do so if you don't add the new files to the same location
  9. look in the LB\data\platform folder and see if there is a backup in the folder
  10. Okay 1st things first if you can't get them to work in RetroArch then that is the 1st issue you have to deal with as they'll never work in LB if they don't work there1st. Did you download the MAME core from the online downloader in RetroArch?
  11. thanks for replying although its been almost 5 years since I posted this and didn't even remember the post until reading it.
  12. Do the games work for you in RetroArch or MAME if you try to start them without using LaunchBox?
  13. yeah I set the Zelda theme and its working here too. May be browser specific what browser are you using?
  14. DOS76

    Mame Questions

    most likely those other version of the game are just a right click away in the additional apps section to change the one that is the facing game right click the game and go to the edit window from there look for the additional apps section and click on it from there find the proper rom click in that field and then select the make default button and it will make the necessary changes
  15. not optimal but if you highlight the text like you were going to copy it it is legible
  16. You've just misinterpreted what Neil said he said you would need the non-merged set having the split and the merge are basically the same thing when it comes to pulling random files out of the set.
  17. If you were to remove the platform and then add it back in again it would combine all of the US and European games that had the same name leaving only the European exclusives showing in LaunchBox
  18. by default LB is looking to scan the Launchbox\Games\Super Nintendo folder if you games are in another location then you have to go to tools edit platform and change the rom location in the folder tab.
  19. combine them would consist of using a tool like winrar or 7zip to unpackage the archive then putting them back together as one file instead of separate files. As to the second part of your question I don't know the answer to that.
  20. I believe Demul is using a different bios then that one. I believe you need the to find all the regional bios for DC in the MAME ROM set and unzip them and then combine them in a new zip file This is what the one I have for Demul looks like
  21. it does almost sound like RA has the refresh rate is set wrong I've had that cause issues for me in the past.
  22. I don't know if that is the quality of the images you are using and not the app. here is an example of one I made with it and the image is 1280x1987 (image width set to original) and looks pretty nice in my opinion but if that isn't good enough then I have no clue what else you would do. Could just be a case of the old adage shit in shit out.
  23. content directory overrides allow different settings on cores as long as the games or each system are in separate directories.
  24. good to know. Hopefully @Jason Carror @C-Beatscan look into it for you
  25. What theme are you using and have you tested on more than one theme? I ask because if its on a specific theme but not all of them may be a theme issue and not a overall BigBox issue.
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