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  1. Can't create new platforms

    If its a platform type but its a platform with no games then it isn't in the dropdown that's the way it is.
  2. Only way I know how is to go to manage platforms and the folder tab and edit the folder path but it is only one system at a time.
  3. Retroarch now not working.

    It only sets the emulator at import. If you change it or check it it will not edit the emulator settings you have in your xml file
  4. Crash N Burn for 3DO

    Nope and never looked back into it.
  5. Retroarch now not working.

    Missed my edit
  6. Retroarch now not working.

    I think I remember that being correct a config command with no config will = failure
  7. What could the big news be

    lol Amazon sells merkins https://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss_1?url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=merkin
  8. Can't create new platforms

    also if a platform isn't in the drop down that doesn't matter because you can type in any name you want there.
  9. What could the big news be

    I don't know what's worse the fact you said merkin or the fact I already knew what that was
  10. yeah not going to happen
  11. Are you asking for a license from some one? I'm guessing English isn't your native language and I'm not really sure what you are asking either.
  12. I'm using a controller so no keyboard bindings
  13. DEMUL + XBox One Controller

    here is mine setup with a 360 controller padDemul.ini
  14. A Couple Of Issues/Features

    1. No this isn't possible yet though it is highly requested feature that hopefully we will see added someday. 2. This also isn't possible. 3. No there isn't and that is also a feature I've seen requested multiple times.
  15. Where to buy "Genuine" SANWA buttons

    yeah I don't have that much horse power in my machine just used a old PC I had lying around so no desire to play PC games on it. Funny I like mine because they are a gamepad and you actually need them to be a keyboard for your purpose.