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  1. DOS76

    Force LB Update without clean install?

    I sort of didn't clarify when you do the new install I meant for you to do it in a new location not over the old one. Hope I didn't create any confusion.
  2. DOS76

    Force LB Update without clean install?

    And if it does turn out to be a bigger issue and won't update you could try doing a clean install and then just copying your new exe files into your old build. I would suggest either renaming or backing up your old exe files in case it doesn't work though just to be safe.
  3. Next Wednesday MAME 0.199 comes out so you may just want to wait a few days until then to download the roms but totally up to you. Onto the images LB is only downloading what you tell it to and since it was changed to support more than one cover image due to people insisting on that feature to accommodate games with different covers from different regions that is just something that happens unfortunately. How did LB delete your Arcade games by the way as I see you've said that in the last few post and did you check the backup folder to see if there was a copy of your Arcade.xml to restore them from.
  4. I just use Torrent check to update mine it does require a little manual work but I find it to be very simple to use it its located here on the PleasureDome forums http://forum.pleasuredome.org.uk/index.php?showtopic=26754
  5. DOS76

    Escape Key Remap

    well say if you still wanted to use your control for it you could actually edit the code to be alt+f4 instead of escape but if removing it does the job for you than glad you got it all sorted out
  6. DOS76

    Escape Key Remap

    If you are using LB controller automation and it uses escape in the emulator the ahk that can easily be edited to use alt+f4 instead because there certainly is a few stand alone emulators that use escape in that manner.
  7. I'm not really sure but the fact that it dictates where your chd files go and will either move them if you let it or list them missing if they aren't in the folder is one of the reasons that using the program wasn't for me.
  8. DOS76

    cps games do not run

    Not sure then if it was MAME I had some ideas of what it could be and if I'm reading your original post correctly some of the games in the platform are working so it sounds like it is configured correctly.
  9. DOS76

    cps games do not run

    Which RA core are you using for CPS MAME or FBA
  10. DOS76

    LaunchBox.Next Missing Features Thread

    lol you know what I think I should have known that its was able to be toggled from views but totally forgot about it.
  11. DOS76

    LaunchBox.Next Missing Features Thread

    Strange I have scroll bars all over on my screen one for the games one for the details and one for the platform list
  12. DOS76

    Lauchbox stoped working

    you can definitely move your old folders into a new install.
  13. DOS76

    8.4-beta-1 Released

    Yes, that's why I noticed, I loaded up the beta and had no sound, had to turn the knob up. That's alright Neil you like playing with the knob.
  14. DOS76

    8.4-beta-1 Released

    cool I kind of like how it works took me a second to figure it out but got it.
  15. DOS76

    8.4-beta-1 Released

    is the volume separate from your system volume (fingers crossed)?