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  1. DOS76

    Retroarch 1.7.5 Cores

    By default LB uses the Nestopia core but Mesen is the best one right now.
  2. DOS76

    install the mame

    Okay 1st off welcome to the forum. We are going to need a little more information from you as to how you imported your ROMs. Did you use the new full set importer or the old method to import? Which version of the emulator do you have? Which version of the ROMs do you have? If you used the old method when you imported the games into LB which option did you choose in the import wizard the move games into the LB games folder, copy games to that folder or to just leave your games where they originally were? MAME by default expects all the games to be in MAME\ROMs so if you chose the 1st option to move the games into LB or your ROMs aren't located at that location MAME can't see the games because they aren't where they are expected. If you used the newer method and pointed the importer to your roms folder and it is in the expected folder inside of the MAME directory then I would have to guess that maybe your ROMs and emulator version are mismatched and that can cause issues
  3. Probably just means the game isn't in the database if you want to add the game yourself go to the top of the forum and click on the Games DB in the site header register for an account and then you can start submitting things.
  4. DOS76

    I'm having a problem with Kat5200?

    You can also turn on the option to show hidden folders in File Explorer (Windows Explorer for Windows 7 users) In Windows 10 you just switch to the View tab in the ribbon click the little triangle icon under options and then choose change folders and search options. Click the view tab and change the radio button for showing hidden folders. There are also a few other good checkboxes in there to uncheck like the one to not show know file extensions. That is always one of the 1st things I change when I start a fresh build.
  5. DOS76

    Portable build

    LB doesn't actually install on your computer so if you plug the drive in it should work on any Windows 7-10 PC
  6. DOS76


    The game names also come from the database so that is why they aren't translated.
  7. You were warned because you offered to fill a hdd with copyrighted material and send it to someone else making profit or not doesn't make it any less illegal and that in itself was the issue. If you were living up to your user name anything like that would have been discussed in private and then there wouldn't have been any warning.
  8. DOS76


    yeah I don't believe that any of the information from the database gets translated only the information that is part of the program by default so when you scrape games the info is only going to show in English. I've seen French users mention this before on the forums.
  9. DOS76

    Mameui64... Launchbox Cannot find ROMs

    We get asked that question so much its nice to see someone figure it out on their own.
  10. DOS76

    Auto Hotkey Scripts

    the button combo doesn't work in MAME as it doesn't accept simulated keyboard presses it is however very easy to set your own button combo inside of MAME just load a game go to the tab menu then into Input general, User interface and assign a combo to UI cancel.
  11. DOS76

    Sega CD 32x problem

    I got this working some time ago. I think in order to use the disc switching you have to set a directory location for file browser in RA settings under directories. It was some time ago though so I may not be remembering correctly. I went to the RetroArch discord and they hooked me up with a solution.
  12. DOS76

    How to run clones in BigBox

    If you don't have the games detail pane turned off in the BB settings then they should show as an option to launch there
  13. As of right now it is just the arcade stuff. Adding support for the software lists is planned though so it will support those in the future.
  14. DOS76

    USB devices keep getting disabled

    If you have windows 10 hit ctl+s and type in Device Manager find your USB hubs and go into the properties if there is a power option make sure to set it so Windows can't turn the device off
  15. DOS76

    Games Over Network

    I do just this with my setup but I'm using Windows Server for my network storage. I would imagine that if you can either access the files through File Explorer in Windows via either mapping a network drive or using the computer name then you can do it too if it requires something like SMB then I'm not sure if it's possible.