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  1. Sorry I don't know enough about RL to be helpful
  2. you can download them there and put them into the appropriate folder in LB
  3. hmm I have an issue where it appears Windowed on my 2nd monitor on start and I just drag it over make it bigger but I've never seen it open minimized before.
  4. LB doesn't actually host any manuals so if you don't have an EmuMovies account you won't have downloaded any. Greyed out just means the manual isn't present in the Manuals\PlatformName folder
  5. My command line is blank
  6. Okay that command line you entered isn't for MAME. I don't use RL but I'm assuming its what it uses
  7. Does this feature also edit additional app paths that have the emulator checkbox ticked?
  8. hmm I have zero delay encoders I don't remember if I had to set them up in RetroArch or MAME or if they were just seen like a regular xinput controller I'm leaning towards not having to config them in the emulators. For LaunchBox and BigBox there are separate config for controllers for LB you go to Tools Options and you enable your controllers if you want to use multiple controllers with LB check the use multiple controller checkbox if you have any issues with the joystick being uncontrollable try turning off z axis scrolling. For BB when it opens to the platform view press the back button and go in to options controllers and you can enable and set your options there
  9. Well to be honest his customers are buying preloaded HDD's so I really don't care if they are disappointed with their purchase. Do the work yourself people
  10. well he never says he doesn't have a license he must or how else would he be using BB. If he was including a shared license it would probably be easy to track and suspend the license just look and see it being used by different IP addresses.
  11. I'll bet you guys are more worried about this than Jason is
  12. You can look into Antimicro its free and does the same thing as the other two
  13. I believe in the options under controllers you can change what the buttons do.
  14. Welcome to the community let us know if you run into any issues and we'll try our best to help you get them sorted out.
  15. Working great just updated my MAME ROMs from a local set on the PC to the latest set on my server