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  1. DOS76

    Your List of Small Things

    No one is crapping on your idea just pointing out that it is a request for a feature that would benefit an extremely small amounts of the user base and thus there is a good chance that it will never be completed. Now if tomorrow 50 users were to post here saying they had servosticks than it might be a different story but that is highly unlikely to happen.
  2. that is the MAME selfextracting package that has to be installed to a folder somewhere and then that will add the MAME.exe that you need to play the games. I don't want to be rude or anything here but it sounds like you are really in over your head with this stuff I strongly suggest you go over the the YT channel and watch a few tutorials to get a better idea on how things work.
  3. I just tested out GTFore06 in my MAME set and its working but I don't see a ROM file for it in my set so perhaps its a CHD only game but it definitely does work
  4. How do you plan on playing these if not with MAME if they aren't in MAME I don't know how you would emulate them at all, unless they are on Taito TypeX Nesica or one of the more modern arcade systems.
  5. My advice is to find a complete MAME rom set and all the files you need (minus the CHD which you already have will be in there.
  6. DOS76

    PC-Booter Disk Images

  7. if you copy and replace with update packs you will break your roms. Say an existing ROM in MAME gets an update in the newest pack and that update is only one file revision but it is still going to use the 8 other files in the archive if you copy replace it you will now only have one file and be missing the 8 other files needed to run the ROM.
  8. DOS76

    Bigbox lag

    If you have a Pentium in your computer its a lower end system just to clarify.
  9. DOS76

    To Compress or not to Compress

    CHD is a MAME format for disc images that other systems and emulators are slowly adapting but they are the same thing. There are different revision of them though which can cause incompatibility
  10. DOS76

    Move entire game collection to different HDD path

    sometimes it is full portable other times it isn't it depends mostly on whether or not it is using relative paths or hard coded paths to a specific letter. If you have LB and all your stuff on one drive it should be using relative paths and you really shouldn't need to do anything thing but if you have LB on one drive and roms on another then it will be using a specific drive letter and moving it will either require that you change the letter in the platform xmls or if it another computer to make sure that the drive you are moving it to is using the same letter. I have a lot of my stuff on a network drive using the computer name so for me I don't have to change anything as all computers on the network will have access to that address.
  11. DOS76

    Move entire game collection to different HDD path

    I already suggested copying the entire platforms folder for safety. Its not my 1st rodeo and I don't want some angry users accusing me of destroying their LB build
  12. DOS76

    Bigbox lag

    You can try either using X-Padder, Controller Companion or something like Joy2Key which will allow your XBox controller to send keyboard presses in the BigBox UI until it is worked on. The issue I believe I saw mentioned was that the controllers aren't using multithreading like the key presses are hopefully until then you guys can make use of one of these or other mapping software that will allow you to get around the issue.
  13. he was asking if you had tried Cemu through Steam through in house streaming.
  14. DOS76

    Move entire game collection to different HDD path

    best way to do it is open up all of the XML files in the Launchbox\data\platforms folder with Notepad++ then go to search in the menu bar and select Find type in the beginning of the old path as it shows in the xml so if it is showing C:\Launchbox\Games\ and you are just changing it to D:\Launchbox\Games you would just put C:\ in the find box do a count to make sure it is finding them then open the replace tab and type D:\ in there and then click to change in all open files and it will change the path in all of your xml files as a precaution make sure you back up the platforms folder before changing anything in case of a mishap. Also if you have any platforms with data on different drives make sure they aren't included in your open xml files when making the changes. I also wanted to add that the location you where talking about changing will have no effect whatsoever on the games you have already imported. That field is always set to show the games folder even if you imported your games and they are located in a complete different directory.