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  1. I have zero delay encoders they are pretty cheap and work well but I don't believe they are x-input but I've never had any issues with them
  2. LB supports any emulator imaginable (if it can be launched via command line). If an emulator isn't in the suggested list you can just type in any name in the box. You can go as far as to add files that aren't games into LB and then add a program that isn't an emulator as the emulator and use those files so there should never be any limit as to what you can add as an emulator.
  3. can you get the game to play in MAME alone without LB being involved? What version of MAME do you have and what version of the ROM set do you have? Since you have just grabbed a rando copy of the game from online now you have no way of knowing what set it came from so if you still have the original one that came with the set that might be for the best.
  4. In the download section of this forum there are a few vertical themes but you are lucky if you get a handful to choose from
  5. At this point I didn't realize anyone was using the plugin still and not the built in feature that handles high scores.
  6. Do you maybe have downloading via a metered connection turned off in Windows 10 and that is why you get errors?
  7. I had some bad freezing from LB for a while and didn't know what it was turned out I had a bunch of bad sectors on the disk I had LB on. Not saying that is your issue but you may want to error check you disk by running a chkdsk /r command. Fair warning though depending on the size of your drive it could take a long time
  8. I would never buy a Pi personally I think they under powered.
  9. Baticera won't run LB/BB EDIT: Well it might now that LB works (rudimentary) on Linux
  10. I had that happen to me just today. did a chkdsk it reindexed some files and everything is back to normal (I hope running a scan on the disk now)
  11. There is no lite version of LB that will work on a Pi or even lesser hardware. Some people use a streaming solution to play on their TV via either SteamLink Nvidia Shield Parsac ir Moonlight. There may be a few other solutions so sorry if I missed any of them. I have no experience with setting up or running any of those so unfortunately giving you the names of them is about all the help I can offer.
  12. yeah can only be changed after the fact.
  13. the CHDs you are looking for are in the latest MAME CHD set.
  14. I have personally never ran into a chd game for PS that doesn't load but at the same time I'd be lying if I said I tested them all out. I also didn't convert my PS games to chd I downloaded mine in that format from the MAME Software LIst CHD sets. I would think since CHD is just a form of compression that if the original ROM worked before converting the conversion would also work but can't back that up with testing. I don't play much PS1 so I'd rather save the space and then make a course correction if by some chance I come across a game that doesn't work then I can quickly hunt up a bin/cue somewhere.
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