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  1. are you using any type of antivirus besides Windows Defender.
  2. try going into your updates folder and running the last installer again. make sure you install it right over top of your current install and not nested inside of your current folder.
  3. the thing with that is that is you can have a file that is named correctly but be the wrong check sum and RetroArch will says its detected so if it says its detected but you can't get it to work still you will have to run a check and make sure it matches up with that info also.
  4. To be fair though people should be able to jump to that conclusion.
  5. might have to do with the mode that you paired you ipega with.
  6. No if you delete the folder LB will just remake them every time you open the program.
  7. wasn't this a problem that was fixed in the 11.1 beta?
  8. Well I suggest that you tell the emulator developers this on their websites and see how fast they either ban you or laugh you off of their site.
  9. I don't use FBNeo but from last I had read the ROMs it uses are not the same as the ones that MAME uses as in the files inside of the archives are different. I don't know if that has changed at anytime but if not then it would not be possible to use them interchangeably for any games that consisted of differing files.
  10. If @neil9000, is a scholar I'm the queen of England.
  11. I have crashes on my arcade machine too but it almost always takes 4 or 5 days to crash and then I just restart it at that point.
  12. DOS76


    if it has nothing in it you probably installed it nested in your Launchbox folder inside of another Launchbox folder.
  13. http://www.emucr.com/2020/06/desmume-git-20200619.html try this git version of the emulator from June 19th and see if you get different results.
  14. You haven't needed to rename them in quite some time and you can now have multiple startup video files that will play randomly.
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