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  1. Firtst select all the games in the platform by clicking on one and then use ctrl+a to select them all. Then go to tools and select Change ROMs folder path for selected games
  2. Unfortunately there is no quick way to go about this. I'd like to see that change also but seems like if its going to we will have to wait for it to be added.
  3. I don't understand how someone voicing their opinion that they think something is too expensive is "putting people down". I haven't seen anyone get rude about it in fact the OP says " No offense to the product, I think they are doing great work on it at least from what I can tell; but that is just far too much money sorry. Good luck with your product and best wishes". To me that is a very gracious way to say they think it cost more than they would be willing to spend. We should never get to the point where the users should only be able to say what we want to hear them say. If some potential customers think the price is too high that is a good thing to know not a bad one. Ultimately whether or not the price is too high will be determined by the market. If people stop purchasing it for that price I'd say its too high if they continue to buy it with the price increase then I'd say for them it was priced right.
  4. Okay basically you would want to copy everything except the platforms you don't plan on having included in your smaller build. 1st copy everything in your old LB build to your new computer except you games images manuals music and video folders. This is assuming you don't have the space to copy everything. If you don't have the space you would have to go to those folders and manually copy only the files you want leaving the platforms you no longer needed. If you do have that space just copy the whole build and then delete the specific media for the unwanted platforms from the copy. Folders that can be edited will be Data\platforms in there you will be able to delete the platforms that are no longer relevant to this build then repeat for games images manuals music and video. Just navigate into each of those folders and delete all the folders that pertain to systems you no longer have.
  5. DOS76

    Price Region

    @DeadVoivod really we don't need remarks like that around here.
  6. Price is now $75 and that is if you are in the US so with exchange rates could put at a higher price for some users.
  7. if you need to run LB as admin you have a issue happening somewhere and as @neil9000stated running it as so is bad.
  8. use ctrl+shift+escape to open a task manager windows go to file run new task and type in explorer.exe and it should then start Windows with its normal shell. I personally made a bat file to open explorer when I did this and made a platform named Utilities in LB and add that bat and a few other things I wanted to add.
  9. If you mean just the ROMs stored on the server over a network share then no it should not be an issue. If you mean the whole LB build from the server then you might see an issue with performance.
  10. can always look into the MAME software list set they have pretty much everything. Well some of the last few generations stuff hasn't been added yet.
  11. you can move the from within the UI now go to tools and there is an option to change rom folder.
  12. yeah that plugin that was linked allows you to use software lists it works very well to big up to @JoeViking245 for making it a thing for all of us.
  13. for 1 it Depends I know I have seen some PCs that allow you to set a custom image right in the bios so you would have to poke around in the bios settings to see if its there.
  14. as of the latest beta and future releases it will now be found in the Launchbox\thirdparty\Autohotkey folder.
  15. @sundogak this is a known issue already. They are looking for a solution but there just may not be one unfortunately.
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