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  1. Bigbox as Windows Shell (minor) Issue

    Hmm just tried this and while it works I didn't set it up to auto login so had to log on I know I read there is a native solution but I always use auto logon which is a tool in the Microsoft Systems Internal Suites you run that set the password and everything should go fine another snafu I did notice was that when you exited BB it didn't launch explorer I had to use shift+ctrl+Esc to open Task Manager and run explorer.exe I'm guessing this shouldn't be an issue as if your leaving BB you must be planning to need a keyboard to make any changes to your system.
  2. Bigbox as Windows Shell (minor) Issue

    "The simpliest way to do it: In windows search type "edit group policy" Now we search for "custom user interface" it is under User Configuration\Administrative Templates\System. Now you have chose enable and under options to write the path for the program we want to start up instead of explorer, for example c:/launch box/bigbox.exe. Perfect way for an arcade cabinet. To reopen explorer again exit bigbox and press alt+ctr+del and open task manager, new task and write explorer.exe. Back to normal windows." This quote is from the comment on the videos. Never tried it but sounds like a perfect solution.
  3. Bigbox as Windows Shell (minor) Issue

    I take it back I can't find it in the downloads
  4. Bigbox as Windows Shell (minor) Issue

    I believe that somewhere in the download section of the forums there is a program that launches BigBox and if you leave BigBox it auto launches the explorer shell.
  5. CEMU launch issues

    Just tested with 1.11.0c and those commands still seem to be working for me.
  6. My 1st Arcade Cabinet Build

    Good Job.
  7. Bigbox as Windows Shell (minor) Issue

    Why do you want to run the program as admin that is actually not recommended.
  8. 7.15-beta-1 Released

    I'm all for cheevos (cutsie name like Nindies)
  9. 7.15-beta-1 Released

    Can we all agree to call Retro Achievements RAch or anything beside RA to avoid confusion.
  10. There is only one Windows 10 but it requires you to keep updating your PC.
  11. use the tab button on a keyboard to set the controls once your in the menu enter will put in in the mode to set buttons when in that mode then try pressing the button you want to do and it should map it. It should work with just about any controller in my experience
  12. do you have the coleco.zip file in where MAME looks for the roms by defualt that is the roms folder in the MAME folder also you have to go into tools manage emulator and choose to edit MAME then go to the associated platform tab and type in the name of your platform (this has to match what is in the left side platform menu in LB then in the middle section type coleco -cart
  13. I mean I don't know if that will help you or not for this particular issue but the software is on like version 7.14 for stable 4.5 is probably from 2015 or so there have been tons of improvments since then Also what emulator are you trying to use I don't think I saw that mentioned in your post
  14. Why such an old version of LB
  15. you can right click on any game in LB and add it to a custom named playlist so you can make your own lists.