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  1. Commodore 64 loading

    You can close LB go to the data folder open your c64 xml file with Notepad++ and use the find and replace feature to change all .zip references to .tap save the xml and restart LB and they should all be changed.
  2. Bandwith limitation on cover downloads?

    bandwidth is not limited due to using free or paid LB it is however a known issue that some European users get slower than average speed when downloading from the server not sure if it is known why that happens or not.
  3. Mame Core Download in RA

    yeah basically if you don't update it then it won't be an issue for sure.
  4. Mame Core Download in RA

    yeah but how many people know how to compile an RA core from source I know I don't know the 1st thing about it and while I probably could figure it out with some guidance its not really something the average user would probably do.
  5. Mame Core Download in RA

    yeah I don't think they will care much so it is your responsibility to make sure you have the core that you want so backing it up and copying it is your best bet.
  6. Trackball

    I believe you have to enable that in one of the MAME settings
  7. Database Small Things

    LB's original DB is built off ot the GamesDB which is what the program used to use but due to unreliability and ever increasing downtime it was decided that the LBGDB was a necessity really the majority of the info on there is the backbone of the DB we already use going back to using it would just create conflicting data since some of the info from there has been edited and changed to what we have in the DB now so adding it back in as a source would accomplish very little IMO.
  8. Themes not working

    NP glad I could help.
  9. Themes not working

    Go to your Launchbox folder and go into your themes folder and then to the specific theme and make sure that they aren't inside of a subfolder inside of a subfolder. Its a common mistake where people will unzip them into a folder named after the theme but for the theme to be packaged that way already so it will create 2 folders both named the same and if that is the case it doesn't work.
  10. Mame Tutorial for n00bs

    Multimedia is video snaps (I think) and the extras is all the samples, images and bezels that MAME supports for its UI.
  11. Incorrect names for Platforms in Database

    Should it really be renamed LaserDisc or aren't they all really just arcade games and should be lumped into the arcade category?
  12. Let's discuss the new HD 3D boxes!

    I personally don't like 3d boxes at all original or other style.
  13. Let's discuss the new HD 3D boxes!

    I mean I wouldn't have them in my collection but what does it matter they are someones artistic vision of the box its either take them or leave them so I really don't understand the question.
  14. Change Emulator For All Rom Files

    Only manually your best bet would be to delete all the games from the platform and reimport them using MAME instead this way all the additional apps would then work with MAME and not RA. Sorry that its like that bulk editing Additional Apps has been requested in the past but still hasn't been added so for now that is your best bet.
  15. Mame Core Download in RA

    For each core you can also make a copy and put the version in the name so if it some how ends up updated and causing you issues you can fix it by overwriting the other core. Truthfully from knowing what has changed from 0.195 to 0.196 a very large majority of your 0.195 games would still work if you had the 0.196 core.