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  1. If you are sourcing images from both EmuMovies and LB then it will get redundant images. Since LB allows for multiple cover images in order to cover multiple regions it unfortunately allows for duplicate files also as it has no way of knowing if the images are the same unless they are the same exact file down to the hash check.
  2. DOS76

    Issues getting box art

    I agree 100% that it should get that data from where your files are at and not just default but that isn't how the program works so you have to change the path 1st if you don't use the LB folder structure.
  3. DOS76

    Launchbox is not installed in Windows 10

    try running an admin level command prompt and type in sfc /scannow and look for Windows corruption.
  4. DOS76

    Windows 10 having trouble installing

    in Windows click win + r to open a run box then type winver in there and then report back what your build is. I don't know if you keep your system up to date or not but if you don't and you have an older version of Windows 10 that predates .Net 4.7 it would be at the point that it will never see the update to 4.7 and you need to update your Windows. If that is all good and you do keep it up to date you can try running an administrative level command prompt and run sfc /scannow and look for any corruption with your Windows install.
  5. DOS76

    Issues getting box art

    yeah you can type in .z64 in the one line and then leave the replace line blank and run the tool and it will remove all of the .z64's from the name
  6. DOS76

    Issues getting box art

    LB doesn't know what anything is you can import an empty text file if you please.
  7. DOS76

    Nintendo Switch

    Yes you can go up to the Games DB link on this site join the Games DB and start submitting the media to the DB.
  8. " This is a great theme, and if you use the nosh on this theme for bigbox, it will give it a unicorn look across both programs. " I always wanted a unicorn look😉
  9. DOS76

    Re-link images after move to new computer?

    once you move everything to the laptop you would either go to Tools and find the option to change the roms folder path and just pointed to the new location or you can go into the Data folder and then the platform folder and use the find and replace feature of NP++ to change all of the paths from there if you go the data folder route make sure to create a backup of anything you edit 1st in case you make a mistake you can easily revert back.
  10. DOS76

    Game title image download from EmuMovies

    you have to have a EM account and use the password and user id from their site. If you already have an id and that isn't working then I have no clue what the issue is.
  11. DOS76

    Neo Geo CD in MESS

    dude, you're awesome, it worked, and so are the rest of you, we have to jot this down, it only works with older versions of mame at this point, thanks once again belgarath .I just wanted to chime in and say that this does work with the latest MAME 0.206 (don't want to spread false information). A few versions ago there were revisions to the neo bios file so maybe your bios rom didn't match the version of the emulator you were using but whatever the issue is its on your side not with in MAME.
  12. DOS76


    Neil do you work for the tourist bureau? I live in Eastern North Carolina currently but represent Gloucester City New Jersey were ever I may roam.
  13. DOS76

    Mame CHD's- which set?

    I know there are some CHD only games (a few version of Golden Tee are CHD only) but I think that the importer will just use the data from MAME and import them also if they are considered working regardless of whether or not you have the files.
  14. DOS76

    Does LB 'remember' failed imports?

    try importing it again and check the box to force duplicates during the import process.