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  1. Users can't add new platforms so you will have to wait until it is added which I doubt will be a high priority considering it just came out and there is no hope of any type of emulation for it for years to come so while I'm sure it will eventually get added I wouldn't think it was going to be quickly
  2. I really would suggest using MAME over the CPS3 emulator at this point but this does work if you have the right roms
  3. As it is part of the main set I don't believe that it requires any additional command lines. MAME more see things like these and tiger electronics and those thousand in one TV devices as individual machines much like they do with the arcade games so they don't get added as a platform in the Software lists
  4. https://www.gamingonlinux.com/2020/08/libretro-retroarch-were-hacked-wiping-some-repositories
  5. RetroArch was hacked a while back and last I read they hadn't replaced all of the missing cores yet possibly that core hasn't been replaced yet..
  6. the latest set will be 0.226 make sure after grabbing it from there that that is the version number you have for the emulator also
  7. Yeah I could see this being something that could be added in the about page or somewhere else but users might find that data helpful.
  8. yeah probably just for editing LB as I wouldn't attempt playing anything through RDP connectivity and bandwidth is probably the most important factor but at the same time I wouldn't get anything with less than an I3 in it.
  9. if you just want to remote into you PC while you watch TV all you have to do is set up a Remote Desktop connection to the PC and it will show the other PC on your laptop. I do this basically everyday to access my Windows Server which I run headless so its basically the only means I have to communicate with the server. Remote Desktop session to my server
  10. is LB even working off of 225 yet maybe that is the problem
  11. running LB/BB as admin is not recommended at all and is liable to cause more issues than it fixes.
  12. I don't believe that it is planned to change how BigBox runs
  13. well where did you buy it for $60? That isn't the price and as far as I remember $60 has never been the price
  14. its software that works with the system but I find most of the ones I ever tried to be shit so I exclude them from my collection.
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