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  1. Nothing wrong with K-Lite so while you may not need it there isn't any reason to advise against it. Especially if you need to use WMP for anything because that does require codec packs.
  2. Its only for game play videos so if you click a game the video should show in the games detail pane on the right side. I believe there are a few places in the UI you need to turn them on. One is in Tools Options Game Details. Also under view check auto play videos
  3. you'd need a team of researchers to scour the forum and find outdated info and change it all or mark it all as obselete
  4. you can also use the intellivision voice for the games that use it but I don't remember exactly what it is. Basically you use cart1 to load the voice device and then cart 2 to load the game. If you are interested maybe @spycat (who I learned that this is possible from) can chime in with the exact command
  5. Yeah I wouldn't want to install Lakka on a tablet I'd be afraid that it wouldn't have touch drivers available. I would think if you wanted to do this with a tablet you would need at least one with a i3 preferably an i5. Beside the Surface tablets I don't know if any one is making Windows tablets anymore but understand the higher end surface tablets are pretty nice.
  6. Drag and drop is the best method to import in my opinion.
  7. Its easy to set MAME to use what ever monitor that you want to use its in the MAME.ini settings but for on the fly switching I don't know that might be more difficult you may want to just set up 2 instances of MAME on your PC and then when you want to use your projector go to the Launch with option and choose the emulator that tells MAME to use the projector instead. I had a dual monitor setup for a while with one horizontal monitor and one vertical monitor so I copied my MAME.ini twice renaming them Vertical.ini and Horizont.ini this creates a secondary .ini that supersedes the ini and tells it how to orientate the game so in Vertical.ini you set the monitor to use the secondary display and then all of your Vertical games will launch on that monitor.
  8. I'm interested to see if anyone owns a rotary control and can chime in with 1st hand experience.
  9. I suggest sticking with MAME
  10. You can also looking into Parsec if you can't get this working.
  11. DOS76

    Sega Model 3

    VF3 is one of the more glitchy games for Model 3 and that includes both versions.
  12. I actually call my folder for my LB Comic Build ComicBox (tm) so consider this a cease and desist.
  13. If you edit each of the SFIII games in LB and browse were the path is you will find a version of each game with a n at the end that is the no chd version of the ROM I believe the JoJo games have a no chd rom also but Red Earth does not
  14. Anything mentioning the LBxml file is pretty old and irrelevant at this point.
  15. While we don't have rules against necroposting posting a reply to a 28 month old question that is the users only post just seems like a waste of time.
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