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  1. DOS76

    Christmas Theme?

    Down by the bottom there is info on the Christmas theme.
  2. If you want to have a different game be the facing game you just go to the game click it hit ctrl+e or right click and choose edit. the go to the path tab and change the game part to the specific rom you want so if its displaying sf3iii and you want to use sf3iiiu just add the u to the path and next time you launch the game it should launch that version (this isn't really helpful if you want to have to games showing but will help in your 2 player vs 4 player example from earlier)
  3. DOS76

    Current list of 4:3 compatible themes?

    Sadly there aren't very many (or really any) theme makers that have any interest in creating a 4:3 theme it seems. Since almost all the themes (besides the default and Unified Redux) are made by community members its up to those content creators what they create.
  4. DOS76

    Nemos Bartop 32inch First Build

    There are two folders LBThemes and Themes BB Themes just go in Themse not LBThemes.
  5. DOS76

    Boxart showing in desktop mode but not Big Box mode

    in the BB settings try refreshing the image cache
  6. DOS76


    The free version is only LB and it is missing many of the customization features that the paid version has. The paid version is both LaunchBox and BigBox and in it LB has many more options that will be locked down in the free version.
  7. DOS76

    Reporting an issue

    yeah that can be a tricky situation. Have you ever thought of converting your games to Gzip that is a format that PCSX2 recognizes and you don't need LB to unpack the archive. I'm not 100% on this but I believe the file size saving of gzip is better than most traditional archives if I'm remembering what I read correctly.
  8. DOS76

    Marvel Comics A-Z in LaunchBox

    I definitely could but if you don't have the same named comics I don't know what good it would do you. Data.zip Here is the data folder anyway in case you can do something with it. Data.zip
  9. I have 2 versions of every file.
  10. DOS76

    Migrating to Win10

    depends on your setup if you edit a game and it shows a relative path .../games/NES/SMB.nes then no drive letters don't need to match but if you see D:/Emulators/NES/ SMB.nes then yes you will need to match that or at least go to tools>change rom path for selected games in the LB menu and tell LB your new path
  11. yeah because the file isn't seen as a mp4 because its not its a .zip archive with a mp4 inside so it is seen as a zip and not a video file
  12. DOS76

    Seeking mame retroarch core v0.201

    Okay deleted your other post on the same topic. If no one answers creating another topic most likely isn't going to magically get you an answer. I'd suggest asking over on the Retroarch forum or even their Discord channel.
  13. DOS76

    Retroarch and Mednafen - wont work - help

    Mednafen Saturn is resource intensive so your mileage will be dependent on your PC specs.
  14. DOS76

    Retroarch and Mednafen - wont work - help

    To get to that screen that Neil is showing load the core for Mednafen Saturn then go to Info then core information.
  15. Unfortunately from what I'm reading there is no way to install the latest .net framework on Windows 8 so in order to use the program you will have to either update to 8.1 or 10 or install Windows 7.