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  1. It has been requested by at least one person but there didn't seem like much interest in it being worked on.
  2. DOS76

    Sega Saturn

    oh its for Android sorry missed that originally. I'm going to assume that LB only imported the cue files during the import leaving the bins behind and that is why it doesn't work. This is a known issue with multidisk games at this point and it is on the list to be fixed. For now you can copy the bin files for the games into the same folder as the .cue files that you already imported.
  3. You can't start a emulator or program from the platform wheel it would have to be done from the games wheel.
  4. sounds like you are trying to set the controls in the quick menu instead try opening RA without any games loaded and then go to settings input input binds player one and setting up your controller there the weird thing is you have to even setup you XBox controller as they usually just work out of the gate in RA without any configuration. The LB controller settings are strictly for LB and have no effect on RA what-so-ever so when you turn the controller option on in LB does it allow you to navigate the LB UI?
  5. when you manually add the image from inside the edit window you can then right click on the image and select what image type it is if you don't do that I think it just adds them as box-fronts by default. As to the region stuff if the game has no region tag it won't know where to put it and will place it in the main folder so some of that could come down to your games naming conventions. Most NA games are released for both the US and Canada but occasionally there is a specific release for Canada and when that is the case people will add the art for it.
  6. I believe to change controls you have to save a remap file not a config the option to save remaps should be somewhere in the controller settings where you set the controls. I believe you should be able to set remaps just like overrides by core, game and content directory.
  7. DOS76

    Sega Saturn

    That is usually the indicator of a bad rom.
  8. See sometime I do know what I'm talking about.
  9. That is the way the MAME importer works in Android at the moment its for whole sets I believe in another post Jason responded to this and said that it will be getting changed in the future to allow a smaller selected set to be imported
  10. Two ways you can accomplish this. One you can go into a single platform use ctrl+a to select all games. Then go to tools and select the option that says Change ROM Folder location for selected games. Select the new folder and select ok. Rinse and repeat for every platform. As a second option you can close LB open all the platform XMLs with Notepad++ then do a find and replace typing d:\ in the find field and then d:\Launchbox\ in the replace field and then choose the option to replace in all open documents then go to save and reopen LB. To be safe you should backup all of your platform xml's prior to doing this just in case this way you can't come and curse me out if you try this and something goes wrong.
  11. A very old one called Project Tempest supports them but it is terrible and hasn't been worked on in years.
  12. Yeah this is the 1st time I've heard this mentioned and I'm sure that is purely an oversight on @Jason Carr's part and that the ability to handle both of those scenarios will be included in the future. Its still very early stages for the Android version of LaunchBox so thank you for your patience until this details get worked out.
  13. DOS76

    Moving my Library

    That is what I do for game paths if they need to be edited for emulators I only use a few so I just do it in the UI.
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