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  1. if you don't have the ini then you can't turn them on and by turn them on you change 0 to 1
  2. Don't know about the glass thing but what you are looking for to skip the initialization is called a no-nag version of MAME there is a guy in the community that uploads one here every month.
  3. To elaborate LB will match the art with either the ROM name or the game title given to the game in LB.
  4. sounds like you need to look into this. https://docs.mamedev.org/advanced/devicemap.html This way MAME always knows what control is which
  5. yeah if you uncheck all skip options you will get all kinds of crazy stuff in there
  6. Also what parameters are you using to import them as I don't have any of the games except the parents.
  7. if you edit one of the bootlegs in LB delete the metadata id and scan for metadata again what happens?
  8. Its not going to go away but if you want a copy of it just copy it from the theme folder and keep it somewhere safe. I don't think LB has a built in method to backup themes (someone correct me if that isn't factual).
  9. You can get them from PleasureDome they are part of the softwarelist chd set. You don't have to download the whole torrent you can just get the neo geo chd section of the torrent. I already mentioned all this information 5 post up.
  10. I would suggest just getting the chd files for these. They will definitely work and also be the best value for space on disk.
  11. does it support CHDs? If so you can download them from Pleasuredome as part of the software list chds you can just download that section assuming your torrent client is setup to allow you to pick what you download before the torrent starts
  12. I don't use that core or emulate Neo Geo CD through RetroArch so I don't know. I use MAME personally so I can't really help with the nuts and bolts of it. I just know if it doesn't work in RetroArch it won't work in LaunchBox.
  13. open retroarch load the core then go to core information look for the information and see what the checksum is for he neocdz bios is and make sure that your file matched the check sum if not find a new bios if the bios checks out look into checking out new ROM files
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