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I'm running into a bit of a conundrum when it comes to filling in the metadata for episodic titles. Specifically for release dates. Is it the common ideology to register each episode as its own title? Presently I am using Additional Applications to order them. It would be beneficial for this purpose to allow for multiple release date fields (as, should one use the date of the first episode's release or the date of the last's?) and a small notes column to specify which episode was released when. Might also be useful for DLC. Just a thought.
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Yea, episodic content and DLC gets dated on It's release not the games. Yea it's kind of confusing, cause I know IGN reviews them at the time they come out then again the entire thing if it is relevant but won't consider it for Game of The Year until all of it is out. So if a game came out December 2014, but it all finished in 2015 they'd count it for GoTY 2015. It's... odd. Personally (and I love Telltale Games) Publishers need to stop doing episodic stuff, it is annoying... I'm looking at you Square Enix. Stop.
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