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  1. I don't necessarily think his customers are going to be bothered by moral scruples.
  2. I completely agree, this man's behavior is bizarre. My immediate first thought upon reading his e-mails to Jason was: "This is a guy who posted an error report or a feature request and was brushed off by the mod team and is now looking for an excuse to 'wage war' with the LaunchBox community." That's just the conspiracy theorist in me, though.
  3. I don't think they know each other in meatspace nor do I think they were ever friends. Shaw is a software... I mean, he's a pirate yes, but he's more of a software dealer, undercutting the list price of software packages (seemingly primarily frontends) by selling them for cheap on the black market. Like a "Loaded Kodi Firestick" dealer. For whatever reason, he believes LaunchBox users are attacking his business, and he's threatening to sell his own purchased Big Box keys as a result.
  4. Then perhaps rethink your rhetoric, because that is the message being sent. I am not the only one reading posts this way.
  5. I think... I think Jason played right into Shaw's hands. He's pissed off a certain amount of his own userbase, created strife between longtime community members, and has sent to (evidently) 250k people some rather... uncouth dialog on his own part. Dialog which is *not* going to do him favors winning over any new customers from the PC gaming and emulation scene. I care enough about the people here and about LaunchBox that I was coming to fight for it, but I think this e-mail was poor strategy. I also think the response from many in this thread towards those with dissenting opinions is appallin
  6. This is one reason why I go to the trouble of editing my BB themes to display platform and publisher/developer logos in the game wheel. The other being different versions of the same game which use the same artwork across platforms. It allows me to determine which specific game I'm viewing at a glance. Theme developers might want to keep these situations in mind in the future.
  7. It could be Down depending on the view.
  8. I don't suppose custom fields were ever looked at? Edit: Anybody know of a way to draw a random Box Front from games within a playlist?
  9. This is the right idea. This would even help with mid-title article sorting (for instance: Paper Mario: *The* Thousand-Year Door).
  10. I don't think LaunchBox itself provides downloads for music themes. Are you using a legit version of the program?
  11. Current thought: it would be really nice for metadata tags (like different Genres) could have their own metadata and be sorted into Platform Categories as if they were playlists. Kind of a bother to have to create a playlist for a genre if I want that genre to have a description and artwork...
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