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Hey guys, I've been having some issues with RetroArch and it's auto-save, load feature. With Mupen64Plus it crashes while using autoload; my options are disabling autoload (which I use for other systems) or using core specific configs (which is a pain to manage.) I'm attempting to work around this by launching my emulator with a script to delete all .auto's (the auto saves) from the folder when it launches Mupen64Plus through RetroArch. Example script of what I want to launch with the emulator would be: cmd.exe /c "del E:\Google Drive\Game Stuff\Emulator Saves\RetroArch\States\Mupen64Plus\*.auto" I'm having a difficult time figuring out if this is possible to do though so I've turned to the forums for help. Thanks in advance for any help!
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I managed to figure out a work around for this incase it helps anyone else having a similar issue. I used an application called Belvedere which monitors and managers folders. I set it up to monitor my save directory and it automatically moves any .auto extensions into a different directory. So now I can keep backups of auto saves incase the emulator crashes during normal gameplay and keep the emulator from crashing during autoload so that I don't need to use multiple config files.
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