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First Release of Mednafen Saturn is OUT


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It's labeled as unstable and experimental but it's out and from my quick initial tests it is working beyond amazing for a first release. http://forum.fobby.net/index.php?t=msg&th=1326&start=0& Here's how to get it working. First download the latest release from the Mednafen homepage. Extract it into it's own folder called whatever you want it to be, I called mine Mednafen (duh). Copy your Saturn bios into the root folder where the mednafen.exe is located. You will need to rename your north american and japan bios files. mpr-17933.bin for the NA, sega_101.bin for the JP. Add Mednafen to your emulators list in Launchbox and you can now tell your Saturn games to use Mednafen. If you have the correct bios files the games should load. Once a game has started you will need to configure your controls. Press Alt + Shift + 1 to setup controls for player one. You will have on screen prompts to press the corresponding buttons on your controller. Alt + Shift + 2 for player 2 controller. Remember that this is just the first release and have fun testing. So far I have only done 2 quick tests of Darius Gaiden and DonPachi to test regional bios and both games from initial tests play flawlessly and smooth on my AMD 8350 @ 4 GHz.
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