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  1. Subjective question gets a subjective answer.
  2. Yes, I read your question and it's been one asked before and answered the same way, you can get a pre praid credit card without a bank account. Others have done this without issue. Jason is also aware there are sales missing because of the issues with PayPal which are detailed in the very first post of this thread. So, if you have a better suggestion then by all means feel free to post it to Jason.
  3. Not something I care about particularly but very cool to see it since it has been something that people have been requesting for quite a while now.
  4. Using non arcade system games with the Retroarch Mame cores is quite cumbersome, it's doable but requires a bunch of extra work. I would suggest for Neo Geo CD to use either stand alone Mame or the FBNeo core in Retroarch. There are guides and thread discussions here on the forums for it.
  5. I built my new rig last year with a Ryzen 2700X in it and even though it's more than capable of running Higan at full speed I still prefer the Snes9x core for the above reasons plus it is so much easier to use the MSU-1 hacks with it. Nowadays when I want to play SNES "accurately" I play on my MiSTer.
  6. Email support@unbrokensoftware.com with the email address used for your license purchase and they will get you sorted.
  7. @Vloshko I am going to highly recommend you tone down your snarky attitude or you will be given a vacation from the forums. Being "Israeli which makes you blunt" or being a "nerd" is not an excuse for the way you are coming across here on the forums. You are coming off quite arrogant and confrontational which is not appreciated here.
  8. There are none, even the stand alone Mame doesn't emulate them well though it is getting better.
  9. If people want box art and a couple of others the devs posted a Google Drive to some here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1HdaoafqKWUaUX-I8fGI2qZcDVbgUdCqx/view
  10. I have a very old system and I have detailed it in the BigBox Performance thread but it does have a semi decent GPU in it (1 gig DDR5 vram) and BigBox runs reasonably well with it if I tweak it for performance. The system only has 2 gigs of ram and a very old AMD CPU. Also, Jason has said many times that a GPU is beneficial in BigBox. Now of course the entire system as a whole does matter but a shitty system with a reasonable GPU will work fine.
  11. @ninja2bceen dude, this is not a feature request thread and it's not like Christian will just go off and implement any old feature he wants to based on his whims. It's still Jasons product and he is Jasons employee. I'm sorry but this whole post of yours is just coming off as a "hey new guy, make this stuff i want now" kind of thing and not really appreciated.
  12. Any modern CPU is fine, it really doesn't matter for Launchbox but more ram and a graphics card that is not Intel on board video is highly recommended. For ram I would recommend at least 8 gigs minimum, some themes can use a lot of memory while others are very light. A dedicated video card is highly recommended and preferred but an AMD Ryzen G series CPU/APU is fine but anything with Intel on board graphics is not recommended at all.
  13. Your post is extremely difficult to understand but I think I get the basic idea of what you are trying to ask and say. Launchbox or any front end won't help you run a game if you can't run it in the emulator on its own and when it comes to arcade emulation it is highly recommended to match your rom set to the emulator version. For other devices such as a Pi or RS97 we do not provide support, Launchbox is not available for those devices, only Windows and Android.
  14. Not only pointless but counter productive, just because you downloaded something it doesn't mean you liked it or it was likable, you could download something expecting one result and getting the complete opposite and end up hating it.
  15. Ok, so you're just trolling now which is against the forum rules. Enjoy your vacation from the forums.
  16. So your complaint is the mushroom icon isn't to your liking ? A mile down the page ? it's right at the bottom right corner of a post.
  17. No I didn't, that's just your wrong interpretation of what I said. If you wanna translate what I actually said into something I did not say then you are more than welcome to leave. Good thing we have plenty of content and no one whining about a system that is already in place other than you who by the looks of it haven't uploaded anything. Not dismissive, again if you wanna translate what I said into something I did not say then you can leave. Wouldn't bother me one bit. Internet points mean nothing to me. Again I re-iterate, we have a like and thanks system in place and a leaderboard in place already. What more do you want ? A big fancy pop up banner showing off people or something ?
  18. What more do you want ? There are "like" and "thank" buttons along with a leaderboard.
  19. If people do stuff online for the validation of fake internet points then those people lead very sad lives. If people wanna cry and leave a community because they aren't getting the "recognition" they crave then so be it. There is a system in place for likes without the ability to abuse it and troll which is how the old system worked. We're sorry that the system in place isn't up to your standards.
  20. If you have a proper full set then those games are included in the set.
  21. The system as it is fine, the previous system was being abused by trolls to cause drama so Jason changed to what is now. At the end of the it's fake internet points, who cares.
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