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  1. I have only dabbled into the XBox emulation but it has worked fairly well and easily with Launchbox using CXBX Reloaded. The one game I have and tested is Panzer Dragoon Orta and no special command line arguments were required for it to work. Below are some screenshots of my setup in LB. I do use an AHK script for closing out but it's just the generic close window one. $Esc:: { Process, Close, {{{StartupEXE}}} }
  2. It's not a BigBox option, it's in the emulators settings and it varies by emulator what you can do.
  3. Again, all I can tell you is that there is a video options setting that will work but I cannot remember what it is because it has been several years since I touched the stand alone FBA. I do remember having the exact same issue and it was resolved with a setting, no command line.
  4. Unfortunately I can't give you an exact fix for your issue but I do know if you play with the video settings there is a way to fix it. It's been several years since I have used the stand alone version of FBA and this was an issue I encountered and was fixed in the UIs video settings. If you use Retroarch for anything at all we recommend using the FBA core, it is much easier to deal with.
  5. RA uses other open source emulators for its cores so yeah while it can be considered a "multi emulator" it's not really one, not like Mednafen or Mame where each emulated system is built by the same devs and uses its own code. RA uses BlueMSX for its core.
  6. This should be doable, just have to map the controls for that specific game.
  7. It may or may not be on the next poll, it was on the last poll but got very few votes.
  8. Yes, nesting with playlists and folders are implemented.
  9. Highly unlikely it's a bug, most likely just not something Jason thought anyone would ever want to do since people tend to emulate systems that have a high compatibility rate rather than an extremely low one and importing games for them.
  10. You should ask this over on the Retroarch forums.
  11. No, but you can have LB delete a file when you remove it from LB, you have to turn this on in the options and it will only remove the imported file so for stuff like CD based games with cue + bin files only the cue will be removed, not the bin.
  12. Actually the slang shaders now work with Vulkan, DX11, DX12 and the new GLcore video drivers, not sure if they work with any others or not though.
  13. Just drop Zoms shader folder in your \Retroarch\shaders folder and load his presets like any other. It's a self contained pack, it doesn't require any other files from the default RA shaders.
  14. I would just remove the games from LB and import your new set, it won't download media and metadata for games you already had before, it will only get that stuff for new games.
  15. There ya go then, Mame has fast load as well if you hold the fast forward button, Insert key by default.
  16. I am using Mame stiff for mine.
  17. And the site you linked to had the 1.7.3 release on Retroarch when the latest is 1.7.7 and if you link to any more sites with roms you will be banned, this is your 2nd time linking to roms in 3 posts here.
  18. Double check that the images are there and named correctly to match your platform name.
  19. Just tested Under Defeat here and works fine with the Reicast core.
  20. People should be downloading their Retroarch from the official site, there is no need to go to a 3rd party site at all.
  21. Did you set your games to use the emulators you have installed ? If you want to change your emulator for all your games in a platform you need to select your platform, then select all the games in the platform by pressing Control + A on the keyboard. Now with all the games selected press Control + E, this will start the bulk edit wizard. In the first dropdown menu select what you want to change which in this case is the emulator, then a 2nd dropdown menu will appear, select the emulator you want to change to. Now finish out the wizard and your games will be using the new emulator. If you are getting a message saying you are running out of space then you probably have very little free drive space on one of your drives, possibly your C drive.
  22. You don't have to install or use Retroarch but you do have to have emulators installed to load and play games.
  23. I'm fairly certain it would be fine for what are you wanting to do on it though PCSX2 might be pushing it a bit hard depending on the game. The graphics card should be fine for emulation and resolution upscaling, it is a 1gig DDR5 vram card.
  24. Since it's free give it a try and see how well it performs, obviously it's not as good as a more modern CPU and graphics card.
  25. You shouldn't have to run LB as Admin and we even advise against it.
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