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  1. Cleaned up the thread. This is not the place to debate the differences between two different front ends.
  2. This is precisely the reason that all this talk about changing the DB platform naming is pointless.
  3. Well when I have done imports without any media it imports in a matter of moments, not days.
  4. Attract mode doesn't download meta data or media the last time I checked, that may have changed though. If you just want to import games quickly uncheck all the media during the import wizard.
  5. No, the server requests are the bottleneck. I think let Jason do it how he feels is best. I've tried the "media pack" method in the past with other front ends and it sucks big time. You spend far more time going through it and fixing it up than actual playing. I'd rather let the importer do its thing while I do other stuff than sitting in front of a computer for days on end going through it all manually.
  6. This subject gets brought up fairly often and the answer is always the same. It's not your internet speed or the servers connection, it's that every single image or piece of data downloaded is a single request that your computer needs to send and the server needs to respond to. This is where the bottleneck is. On your PC try copying a single large file versus copying many thousands of smaller files. You will find the single large file takes far less time. This is the same thing that is happening here. The alternative is to download a complete media pack from some site and hope t
  7. Your problem is you are using a mismatched version of Mame and rom set. Get a matching rom set to the emulator or vise versa and try again. Not really sure why this is such a common issue for people when a simple google and forum search will tell you this.
  8. Usually it prioritizes the US roms and fills in with European and Japan regional roms.
  9. Neils post was not "negative" or "belittling", if you have an issue with a moderator than feel free to report it to @Jason Carr instead of taking whatever feelings you have towards any moderator here. Thread locked.
  10. It will function of course but some newer cores do not work with such an old version of Retroarch.
  11. Well it is ancient and some newer cores require updated Retroarch to work so there is no need to act all offended over a simple factual statement.
  12. Just because your bios or disk images work in some other emulator it does not mean they automatically work in RA. The bios need to have matching checksums and named correctly, you can check here: https://docs.libretro.com/library/beetle_psx/#bios
  13. It already does. Troubleshooting what exactly ? If a game isn't working it's either your disk image is shit or your bios is shit or missing.
  14. At this point in time ePSXe is obsoleted by Duckstation if you are looking for an easy to use stand alone emulator with a GUI.
  15. We do not recommend skraper at all, in fact we discourage people from using it, it has a nasty habit of borking peoples xml files.
  16. I never said that. I said that if you randomly download one off roms from around the net that they won't all work. But if you get a complete set and a matching version of Mame (example: .231 Mame and .231 rom set) they will all work aside from the games that aren't quite emulated properly which will have issues. But all the games listed as "working" will work just fine.
  17. PleasureDome has the latest most up to date Mame sets and the Internet Archive is sometimes up to date or at least very close. Just keep in mind if you use PleasureDome that it is a private torrent tracker site which has very strict rules you need to follow to prevent getting banned from the site.
  18. Ideally you want to match your rom set version to the Mame version and the Mame core in RA that has no year in its name is based off the latest version of Mame. If you are making your own set from random individual downloads from around the net you will never find a version of Mame that works for every game.
  19. Nah, it's not an argument but again, roms are not more difficult to find and you don't need to use a site like Arcade Punks to find them either. Sure Nintendo roms are not quite as easy to find but they are still very easy to find without the need for some shady sites either. When EmuParadise and a couple of other sites shut down other sites popped up in their place. Just for reference, if you want easy to find rom sets just a simple search of the Internet Archive has pretty much anything you want within reason, no modern systems like PS3 or XBox 360. I know people like to complain a
  20. This has always been the case and it hasn't changed, a quick Google search was all that was ever needed. So saying they are "disappearing" or "harder to find" is just an untrue statement. It was like back when EmuParadise removed all their Nintendo roms and then all the other stuff there was a couple of weeks where everyone was freaking out about where to get their roms from. The only thing that changed was EmuParadise was gone, just like in years past when other rom sites shut down, new ones opened up and people went to other sites that were lesser well known but still existed at the sam
  21. Nintendo roms are still easily found though, just because a couple of sites stopped having them it doesn't mean they are disappearing or more difficult to find.
  22. There's no need to re-import, you just have to select the proper core and make sure the associated platform is named correctly.
  23. Are your Mame roms imported under the Arcade platform or did you import them into a platform of a different name ?
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