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  1. Name it whatever you want, it doesn't matter other than for scraping.
  2. Turn on file extensions in windows file manager so you can actually see what your files are and just rename the file from .txt to .bat. Yeah all I was saying is if you are hesitant to edit an ini file out of fear of breaking it you can easily make a back up to restore to if you do break something.
  3. CPU is the most important factor in any emulation, the more modern the system and the more accurate the emulation the more CPU power you need. You need raw clock speed and instructions per clock cycle for the more demanding emulation. GPU is important for the really modern systems emulation but still not as important as the CPU. An Intel integrated graphics chip is nearly worthless while a new AMD Ryzen based APU is not too bad at all. GPU is also important if you want to do any sort of resolution scaling or shaders but you don't need anything extremely powerful but you also don't want to rely on an Intel or older AMD integrated video. I wouldn't suggest anything lower than a 4th gen Intel I5 CPU and even that is starting to get be at the lower end for newer system emulation. The 4th gen Intels added a lot of new features and IPC (Instructions Per Clock).
  4. They don't go into any LB directory, they go in your \Retroarch\System folder.
  5. From what I recall it isn't a command line option with RA and the core but you set it in the core options. It has been a very long time since I touched it though, I prefer Mame stand alone.
  6. All you should be importing with CD based games is the cue file, nothing else.
  7. Just scroll to the bottom and you should see an empty space. Double click in the far left empty field and type in the name of the platform exactly the same as the platform name your games are imported under, then in the empty field next to that double click and a drop-down menu should appear, select the core you are using. It should work after.
  8. Since you are using CHDs my first guess is you either have your platform named differently in the associated platforms section of you RA entry in LB or you have the incorrect core selected in that same window.
  9. Just because roms, emulators, front ends and art work is "available for free" it does not entitle anyone to just take them and sell them. In fact most emulators are released under a license that actively forbids this. So yeah just keep justifying it to yourself and trying to convince others "it's fine".
  10. No, it's more akin to paying someone to break into someones house to steal their toilet and plumbing and tools to come and replace yours instead of you doing it yourself.
  11. You don't need to go and download roms one by one and no one should ever be doing this anyways. Mame sets are not difficult to find and now that The Pleasuredome web site and tracker is gone it's even easier to get complete rom sets since they are no longer locked behind a private tracker. You can download a complete set and hand pick your roms out quite easily which is what I do. So yeah, your entire post is wrong, you promote the buying of illegal hard drives which may have who knows what malware on it and your premise of picking games one by one from websites is wrong. The buying of "pre-laoded hard drives" isn't as much of an issue because of "it being naughty" but more of an issue because they invariably cause issues for the end users and we end up having to provide support for them because the sellers are real scumbags. Why should we go out of our way to provide support for these people that steal roms, emulators and art work from the community to make a profit off it ?
  12. Make a 2nd Retroarch emulator entry in LB and call it something different but point it to the same setup. Add the platform(s) you want to use with it, you will then want to set up custom config files which you will then need to call using the command line parameters.
  13. I did mess with it a long time ago but not through LB. But yeah it sounds like you are loading with different settings. What resolution are you trying to run RA in ? Are you using any command line parameters to call a custom .cfg file ?
  14. Really ? I didn't notice, thanks for "pointing" that out to me.
  15. Check out Roccat Power Grid or some of the possible alternatives here on alternativeto.net https://alternativeto.net/software/roccat--power-grid/
  16. I use a curated rom set (439 games) using a Non Merged set as a base and when I imported my games I had to go back and re-import a small selection of games 1 by 1. I have no idea why I had to do this This was done around 3 years ago now so I have no idea if Jason has changed anything or not. The only other option is to get a full set and import that using the full set import tool and the create a playlist of your favourite games. Sorry I don't have a better solution to the problem.
  17. My seedbox accepts magnet links with a copy paste. Copy the magnet link URL, click the Add Torrent button and paste into the bottom text box "Torrent URL:", click the add URL button.
  18. Updated the guide about where to get Mame roms since the old Pleasuredome site is no longer around but it has continued on in a better form that is much more user friendly.
  19. No, removing games from LB won't delete the images from your drive.
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