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  1. Using the Mame Full Set importer with anything other than the latest set at the time of importing will give you games you don't actually have. The older your rom set is the more this will be an issue. You can still import your set the old way by simply drag and dropping your rom set into LB and filter it all out using the built in filters. The Full Set importer uses a Mame database xml file to import more accurately. Using the copy feature on a Mame set, especially a split or merged set is not something we recommend doing because it will only copy those files imported and will not copy other necessary files such as parents or bios files such as neogeo.zip or qsound.zip.
  2. Amiga through Retroarch is a major pain to setup. WinUAE is better but still a hassle, I would suggest FS-UAE, it still has some setup but is much more intuitive than WinUAE and pretty close in terms of accuracy.
  3. Sadly it's not something that the majority of the average users seem to care about. Myself and @Zombeaver have been asking for it for a long time now and maybe one day we will beat @Jason Carr down enough to make him do it
  4. You can them anything you want but they have to match up.
  5. Do your platform names match what is in your Associated Platforms ? Also do your roms folder structure have any accented characters in them at ? Windows has a problem with this when running stuff via command line.
  6. Sounds like you are severely overthinking it. Make sure your platform names in LB and the Associated Platforms of the Edit Emulator window match up, differences here will cause games not to load.
  7. Lordmonkus

    Multi-user support

    It has been asked for on occasion and has been on past polls but never got enough votes to make it worthwhile doing.
  8. Lordmonkus

    Multi-user support

    It is not. It's unlikely to be. You can have different installs of LB for each user account.
  9. Because you had the nestopia core loading the games which is an NES core.
  10. Your platform names do not match, I would suggest changing the one in your Associated Platforms window to match the one you have in Launchbox. Edit: I would also recommend to use Snes9x for now over Mesen-s, wait until it's a bit more developed before using it.
  11. No worries, I had to ask. The proof you bought a license is just that you bought a license. The reason I had to ask is because the drive letter and folder structure shown in the first picture is not typical and "preloaded drives" sold online often come with viruses and other malware. I know BitDefender can be over protective at times, I have used it myself in the past but never had Launchbox flag it. It has been a couple of years since I have used it though.
  12. Ok, im gonna ask a question and im not judging, but did you buy a preloaded drive ?
  13. If you downloaded it from here, the official site, then it is most definitely a false positive. However if you downloaded elesewhere or obtained it by some other means then all bets are off.
  14. I want to say yes but I don't use either so I cannot say with 100% certainty.
  15. Yes, you can do this. During the import uncheck all the media and it won't download any, you can then go back and rescrape a platform for all the media you want.
  16. Mechanical drives fail every day to the point of not being read and having to be sent off for data recovery. There are different levels of failure.
  17. Explain ? You can already import PC games into Launchbox quite easily.
  18. It should work if you load the cue file unless its a bad rip.
  19. Because the emulator requires you to load the cue file.
  20. I honestly cannot speak on it beyond what I have said. I am not a programmer and I have no clue what exactly Jason is doing in the code behind the scenes so I have no clue whether or not you could make use of previous xml files. I am advocating for more user choice with regards to different rom set versions and allowing users to input an xml file and appropriate rom set.
  21. Support for other rom set versions has been discussed but nothing has been decided upon as of this point in time.
  22. My guess is it prioritized by region and you set it to US, Pang is the Japanese version if I remember correctly.
  23. LB won't be loading up "more processes". By that argument maybe some people are using 10 year old mechanical drives on the verge of failure. All drives even mechanical can have catastrophic failures. Moving parts are just as prone (or more so) than non moving parts. I don't know what's out there currently, I have no reason to look since Launchbox runs fine on all 3 of my systems including a 15+ year old toaster.
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