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  1. You may not agree with it but we cant have roms shared here.
  2. Moved thread to appropriate section and you can make feature requests by using the Help & Support drop down menu at the top of the site and clicking Request a Feature.
  3. No problem, glad it got you sorted out.
  4. There's a Skip Mature Games box during import of Mame games.
  5. Go into your \Launchbox\Backups folder and look for the most recent backups zip file, open it and look for the file that is being said is corrupted, in your case it's the InputBindings.xml. Copy this file and place it in your |launchbox\Data folder over writing the one that is there. Do this with Launchbox not running, startup Launchbox and hopefully it doesn't give you the message. If it does give you the message go to the 2nd most recent backup zip file and copy that InputMapping.xml file out.
  6. I have never used AdvanceMame before but I did just download it and took a look at it. What immediately stands out to me is that your are pointing to the admenu.exe which is not the emulator but rather the front end. Try changing this to advmame.exe instead and see what happens.
  7. Are you 100% certain you have the correct core selected for LB to use ? There is more than 1 core and maybe you have the 1 selected that is wrong.
  8. Lordmonkus

    Linux Build

    The problem and will remain the problem for the foreseeable future is the potential sales. As much as I would love to see a Linux version of Launchbox and even make the switch to Linux full time for myself there simply is not enough of a user base to make it worth Jasons time to port Launchbox over.
  9. Bios are always the tricky part, even if you think you have the right bios you may not. I ran into that issue on several occasions trying to the non arcade stuff running through Mame.
  10. Probably Retroarch but I don't think it matters for LB. What I believe the issue to be is Windows and how it handles command line parameters, it doesn't seem to like passing them when the file or paths have accents in them and all LB is doing is passing the tom to the emulator via command line. Try moving your Retroarch install to another folder path without an accent and see if that solves the issue.
  11. You would need to move the roms and re-point LB to them or do a quick re-import without re-downloading media, it will be pretty quick. I am almost certain that accent in your folder path is the cause of the issue.
  12. Are your roms located in the path that contains any accented characters in it ? We have seen problems where any folder in the path with accented characters don't load games with the emulator via command line.
  13. Just a very minor update, changed the Shinobi rom from shinobi.zip to shinobi5.zip, this version of the game has much better sound.
  14. This is simply not true. While the 10.8 release did have some performance problems 10.9 was released the very next day to try and fix most of them (which it did) and now 10.10 is out very quickly after that and fixed the remaining issues. So you're statement saying it gets slower and slower with every release is completely wrong. If anything @Jason Carr makes it run faster with updates, for instance pre LB Next was slower than LB Next which we are currently on.
  15. Yes, the same steps apply. Have the correct bios for the emulator and import the correct files, usually cue.
  16. The tutorials for these are the same as all other systems, plus make sure you have the correct bios.
  17. Have you double checked that your N64 games are all using the proper install and Retroarch and the correct core ? I have often "run into issues" and after a while of troubleshooting only to realize I was pointing LB to and older install or incorrect core.
  18. Copying it over should work just fine, especially if you have all your emulators and roms in sub folders of your Launchbox folder.
  19. You can select all the games in a platform and then press Control + E to bring up the bulk edit tool and change the platform for all those games. Not 100% if it will move the media or not but if it doesn't you can just move all that media after if you wanted.
  20. Email support@unbrokensoftware.com and sort it out that way.
  21. The error code you provided (which has been removed from your post) is an indicator that you were using a pirated license. If you feel this is an error contact support@unbrokensoftware.com with your details and they will sort you out.
  22. Yeah, i'd suggest testing the Xbox controllers and see if all the buttons are recognized on those, that way you will know if it's the controller or something else in your setup.
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