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Possible Kodi issue: Heads-up


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This is not super critical yet, but some renewed MS controller changes borked the XB1 controller for Kodi again. I upgraded to the 17.0 alpha as it has a joystick addon that explicitly supports xInput and correctly recognizes a 360 style controller. That appears to have worked. HOWEVER Currently their addon functionality still receives and processes controller inputs even while Kodi is in the background. So while running an external program, it is possible for Kodi to do weird things based on the input you're giving to the other program. I've had Kodi try to reboot the computer twice now and end up in a folder menu once. Unfortunately I couldn't log in to their bug tracker, so I reported it to hopefully relevant thread. Upshot: Be aware that Kodi users might come here once 17 gets closer to release and past release if they don't fix the problem. While not LaunchBox's problem, one possible preemptive solution would be to make it work like the Steam Addon which closes Kodi when launching Steam and opens Kodi when exiting Steam. Just a thought for consideration.
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Correction, sorry. I forgot that the addon has a "close Kodi" setting. However the setting does not work. Kodi is still running in the background whether the setting is set to 'yes' or 'ask' and you select 'yes'. I'm running 17.0 with Mimic. For reference I started a bug ticket with Kodi here: http://trac.kodi.tv/ticket/16719. edit: Ok, belay that. I was going to start a ticket but saw this: https://bitbucket.org/jasondavidcarr/launchbox/issues/577/does-the-big-box-work-with-kodi-160-jarvis. So I guess consider this the report to whoever makes the launcher.
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