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It has been a long time since I've done much with emulators, but I decided to try setting up LaunchBox and RetroArch on our media center PC again. I've decided I do not really want to just dump a bunch of roms in my data directory if I do not really plan to use them, however, I'd like a place to test the roms. So, it appears all the LuanchBox data is all self contained in the install folder? So one could essentially have one install of RetroArch and 2 installs of LaunchBox and 2 different sets of Rom directories? One LaunchBox pointing to your master roms directory, and as you decide to a rom you want in your main install, you move them to the second roms directory (which your 2nd install is pointing to... consider this the version you fire up when you just want to relax and play some games with friends). Does that work? And while I'm here... Mame rom scraping... it seems like most of the roms are getting no data (not even the actual game title). Am I missing something? Thanks for any help.
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