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Changed path to games, now can't play


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So I have like 12 systems setup in LB with over 11000 games. All added and defined the path to the games and all was fine and dandy. However recently I changed paths to my stuff and my games all now reside in a new folder/path. No problem you would say, just go into manage platforms and change the path to the games for the system. Yeah well, that doesn't work. Looking at the details of the games they each still show the old path. Am I missing something? Please tell me there is a quick way to remedy this. If not perhaps an update that will actually have the games path be changed when you change the path in the manage platforms section.
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No built in fix but if you grab Notepad++ you can use the find and replace feature to quickly and easily change paths. First find the path you originally set in LaunchBox then close LaunchBox and use Notepad++ to open the LaunchBox.xml file then go to the menu click search then click on find in find type in your original path and then I usually use the count feature to see if the xml finds my paths then go to the replace tab there you will be able see the path you just type in find and another text box to type in the new path that you created then click replace all and save the xml that should be it as long as you didn't change the actual names of the ROMs or any of the subfolders they are located in.
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