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DosBox - Jetstrike (Config and Game Instructions)


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Hello! I know this is my first post, but I just had to get this information down somewhere where I (and other people) can get to it to get this game to actually run properly. The attached .txt file is a custom perfectly WORKING config for DosBox for use in LaunchBox. Either see below for the changes or download, rename to .conf and point your Jetstrike install to this custom .conf. Changes made: Machine Type: VGA Only CPU Core: Simple CPU Cycles: 10000 (Ten Thousand) <-- this speed appears to play at the same speed the CD32 version runs <3 Sound Blaster Type: Sound Blaster Pro 2.0 Game Instructions: Rotate aircraft: Up/Down arrows Throttle - Numbers 1-0 (1 for minimum, 0 for maximum) Auto Throttle: Tab Shoot: Space Bombs/Missles: Alt/Ctrl (right side of keyboard) (depending on your loadout) Eject: E Autopilot: A Undercarriage: U Fly-by-wire Landing: lower carriage and hold shoot/space to auto-pitch craft for landing VTOL/Agile Mode: Enter (Harrier & Chopper) I have the original CD (DOS and CD32 versions) and Instructions if anyone's super interested in scans and such. The Manual has more information about the weapons and on-screen icons etc, but the above info will get you playing! I really hope someone finds this info useful to get their game running in LaunchBox. I'll possibly add more info to this and other games in the future as and when I come across certain problem-ridden titles. :P
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