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  1. Just a little update here - be sure to vote here: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/launchboxfeatures SPECIFICALLY 'LaunchBox for Android' option (since the Nvidia Shield TV is an Android device).
  2. Add the application in Nvidia GeForce Experience and from there you can edit the app you've added including adding your own custom image (like the example I gave in the post above).
  3. guldenschuh311 said Hey guys, I bought the premium a while back, and just been too lazy to set it back up when i reinstalled my OS, but I had a question for you guys. I own an nVidia Shield TV and I love to use it to gamestream my PC games. I absolutely hate the steam big picture, and I hate nVidia's Gamestream game management. Anyway, what I have been attempting is making a seperate platform for my games and batch moving them to a platform named "Gamestream" so I can just launch BigBox and then the games I want to launch. Here you go: https://www.launchbox-app.com/forum/features/bigbox-on-nvidia-sheild-how-to-w-i-p ** getting emulators to run can be a pain, I reconmend borderless windowed moe where possible. Hope that helps.
  4. orac31 said Seagate ST8000AS0002 Archive HDD V2 8000 GB Internal Does anyone know if this hard drive would be too slow for emulators ie ps2 gc etc I have lb on external 8tb drive but what to put it internally thanks I think I'd be highly inclined to chuck the extra £50 odd quid at it and get the NAS version rather than the 'Archive' version for the sake of reliability. I really wouldn't bank on the Archive series of drives to cope with frequent read/writes (normal HDD use).
  5. fromlostdays said So does it work with the shield controller? The touch screen? I'll let you know after Monday. :P I can, however, confirm it works fine with an EggBox controller connected with an OTG cable but "use all controllers" must be turned ON in BigBox controller options. (if it works this way, I'm sure it's pretty much guaranteed to work with the Shield controller) SentaiBrad said That's awesome Amy! I've always wanted one of those tablets and this is badass. They're surprisingly cheap! Picked mine up on Amazon this week for only £150. I guess to keep costs down is the reason you get absolutely nothing but the tablet in the box. Not even a charging cable!
  6. Update: Created box art icon for SHIELD gamestream list. ~
  7. update: Can confirm DOS games work right away. * Adding RetroArch and other emulators (tried PPSSPP) into gamestream settings doesn't seem to work. Still playing about seeing what I can do with this and get away with.
  8. Pretty simple really... (sort of) In Nvidia GeForce Experience on your PC go to Preferences and then SHIELD. And manually add BigBox.exe to the allowed games. On your SHIELD tablet or SHIELD TV device go to SHIELD Hub and you'll find BigBox in 'PC GAMES' where you can then launch it. W.I.P... when launching a game you'll hear the audio and this lovely blank screen. Notes to self: * Have only tried retroArch based games * perhaps adding retroarch and individual emulators to GeForce Experience will work? * DoS games? I'll update when I've made more progress or have more info! ❤️ (mods feel free to correct spelling of 'SHIELD' in the title) ;)
  9. djweevil said Sounds excellent. Good job. On my speakers though one of the sounds is clipping the rest. Ie the volume fluctuates. Unless you did that on purpose. Oh and your bells song is awesome as hell. I did put some fairly aggressive ducking side-chained via the kick drum, particularly in the 80-320hz range, not sure if that's what you're experiencing or not.
  10. ? Release a new track today. Woo! ? ❤️ ? Feel free to listen to it on my BANDCAMP page. If you wish to remix or even sing to it, you can do so on my Allihoopa page. ? Fee free to download (You can 'buy' the track for ZERO $£ or more) and ask questions here! :D
  11. Just been hammering BigBox on my latop to see how it runs. With the following specs and settings, Big box cover flow seem to work perfectly fine. Obvious not as well as my Desktop PC, but still what I consider "normal" performance. Specs: Acer E1-571 i5 3210m @ 2.50 GHz 8GB RAM Intel HD Graphics 4000 - Driver version (21/12/2015) ** Intel HD Graphics control panel's "3D performance" set to Performance. And "Battery Mode" also set to Maximum Performance (I think this is overlooked by some Laptop gamers). Windows 10 on SSD but LaunchBox is on a the normal slow HDD (via optical bay caddy) though. Tips: * In BigBox, Image cover quality at Medium and having Fps at 30 seems to be a nice balance for this laptop. * Make sure your drivers are reasonably up to date and let your computer use everything it can to maximise perfomance in Intel HD Graphics Control Panel.
  12. This is going to vary quite vastly from game-to-game. However, there will ordinarily be two main ways to do this: ** 1. Re-naming the executables or creating a shortcut to the correct executable. Example: In playing Fallout 4 you're first given a splash screen menu which you then must click 'play' or 'settings' etc before the game launches. In the game directory there are two executables: Fallout4.exe (which is what Steam opens) and 'Fallout4Launcher.exe' which actually just jumps straight into the game. In this case, you would just point LaunchBox at the latter and the Configuration path to the first one so you can reach the settings. ** 2. Application Command-Line Parameters. Example: In a steam environment this is the "set launch options" setting for each game and would be a command to do things like bypass intro videos and such. You would have to check the Intarweb tubes to see if your particular games has a command-line/Launch option to bypass the initial splash menu screen. Eg: With the latest 'Doom' game to skip the developer logo videos everytime I launch the game "+com_skipIntroVideo 1" is added to my "set launch options", and if the same command is added to Launch Box's Command Line Parameters it would have the same effect. Good luck on your search!
  13. I have a slightly more elegant/simpler solution for getting windows store apps/games in LaunchBox: ⭕️ Copy and paste this into file explorer. %windir%\explorer.exe shell:::{4234d49b-0245-4df3-b780-3893943456e1} ⭕️ What you have here is a list of all your installed games and apps INCLUDING from the Windows App Store. ⭕️ Right-clicking on an App store game gives you the option to "Create Shortcut". ⭕️ With this shortcut you can either get the direct address of the App without having to go through task manager, etc. Or you can just place it in your LaunchBox/Games directory and point LB right at the short cut. Hope that helps! - Confirmed tested with 'Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition Beta' and 'Tennis in the Face' Edit: didn't read the entire thread, the above is pretty much what was suggested by @DOS76, so credit to them.
  14. Cadet Stimpy said Might be. I believe the issue that many people aren't liking is that, say, a trans-gender male whose hasn't yet had the 'transforming' operation, can enter the Woman's/Girl's bathroom, while still sporting his package. Granted, he'll be behind a stall door, but what about when he goes into the Woman's Locker Room? That's my understanding of it, and I can see where the concern comes from. Just to clear a few things up for education: ** I think you may be referring to a Trans Woman, as a Trans Man would be someone who was assigned female at birth and is now transitioning to Male. (It would be rather disrespectful to keep calling a Trans Woman a Man and not use their preferred pronouns, otherwise, no?) ** I'm not confident a persons genitalia is what defines their gender... if a guy loses his in a horrific accident, does he automatically become a Woman? So what ever is between someone's legs (that you'll never see or ever have the right to ask what's there) is kinda irrelevant. ** In a locker room (I guess America doesn't use cubicles or changing rooms which is a shame) environment I think the Trans person is likely the be absolutely petrified compared to anyone else. If the individual is the type to be parading themselves on show, that's a matter of that individual's inappropriateness. Like if someone peeks at you over your cubicle's door in a bathroom, you tell the authorities about that person, no all people that have the same look or skin colour or religion, etc. To note: If a Trans person is in your bathroom, the likelihood of them being there for a sexual gain for them is close to nil. Reason: If they are ACTUALLY Trans, they will be on Hormone Replacement Therapy for some years before even surgery is refereed to them. The HRT medication pretty much all but leaves them with barely any sex drive. So it's best to maybe just not worry about it all and if someone is being a pervert in a bathroom, get them arrested... otherwise I'd advise you to look up "Shawn Stinson" on google image search or similar because if the "bathroom bill" came into effect, that Trans Man and many others like him will be forced by law to use the Women's bathroom. And that would be pretty crazy. But we're in a pretty and crazy and diverse world. Let's just love each other and worry about actual problems. <3
  15. angelobodetti said Anyone have BOR up and running in LB? If so, any tips I should know before I give it a try? Runs fine in LaunchBox... but then LaunchBox is a frontend not the thing that actually runs the games. Tips: * You don't even need any launch parameters. Set full-screen etc within OpenBOR. * If you're running multiple mods in OpenBOR, it may be better to simply make additional copies of OpenBOR and just have ONE .pak file in the PAK folder at a time for instant launching rather than having to select. You can then just Point LaunchBox at each OpenBOR for each mod respectably. It's less than 2mb, so shouldn't make too much of a dent. (Of course the PAK files will be larger depending on what game you're running).
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