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Where to get clear logos?


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Hi guys, new user here but loving it so far. I recently added my Game Boy and Game Boy Color collection to Launchbox but in the big box wheel selection the game's names just show in plain white letters, while every other console's games have logos. Is there a site where I could get clear logos for Game Boy? Thanks a lot in advance.
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If you log in to your EmuMovies account it will download what it finds, if they have them, automatically. Otherwise, and ironically, the Hyperspin website has art available for free to download, and they have a Clear Logo section. Just drop these in your "../LaunchBox/Images/Game Boy/Clear Logo" folder. Same for the GBC folder too. As long as the file names match the rom name or the name of the game in LaunchBox you should be good to go. Restart LaunchBox for it to take effect. Otherwise, I honestly don't know where to download them.
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Thanks for the reply Brad, it seems like some new problems arose though. The wheel view is not showing the new clear logos, but the other views are. Wheel View: http://i.imgur.com/i3LJJni.jpg Other: https://i.imgur.com/TW8Fsj9.jpg Also it seems like the wheel is displaying the wrong name for some games: Right name: http://i.imgur.com/mBhzNYp.png Wrong name: http://i.imgur.com/cBflQsO.png Any way of solving these issues?
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