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Hey guys, I've been trying to setup Amiga in my BigBox and I've been quite successful in doing so with the emulator WinUAE (even though I've got yet to solve how to move with my joystick in the trainer/cheats menu some games have) But recently I've been moving from different emulators to Retroarch because I find it amusing having all my games with one single emulator (despite installing many different cores) but I'm stuck at Amiga because when I load a game with RA I get a grey screen with menus I have to navigate with the mouse, games don't load automatically like in WinUAE. Could you guys point me to a Tutorial or explain to me what I'm missing? I haven't found anything in the Youtube channel nor in the forums. Thanks in advance!
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I too would love to be able to have the Amiga working with Retroarch. The fact that it launches to the grey home screen means the puae works. I have read posts on other sites talking about making configs to play the games but I am not sure if it applies on PC as these forum posts were Android users and other 'formats'. I know people will say there are easier emulators out there but surely an experienced technical person has done this? Asides from placing the kick31.rom in the Retroarch system folder (which may not be needed but was recommended somewhere else) I've not been able to progress past the grey home screen/menu screen myself. I just wanted to see if anyone has been successful with getting Amiga running on Retroarch?

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