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  1. I have never owned a Pi and know nothing about them; however, I do know that you can download Retroarch for Pi. Go to Retroarch's website and in the downlaoad section you will see a link and guide for the Pi. I do not know anything further from there regarding the Pi, sorry.
  2. Well, if he openly admits he based the design off of those cabinets then what is the issue? It is not like he is trying to hide anything or lie about it.
  3. You could take any upright cabinet and find similarities, besides some rare examples that have radical designs. Most are designed relatively similarly. Besides the control panel, his and those do share some similarities for sure. However, that does not mean that he intentionally ripped them off. If I were to make a cabinet tomorrow without directly referring to a previous design, I would still end up designing something very generic and thus having an appearance akin to many before it.
  4. Is mame.ini in your ini folder or root directory? On the off chance it’s not in the root directory, place it there. Also check mame folder and files aren’t set to read only. I had this problem in the past but for the life of me I cannot recall how I rectified it though the read only was an issue with my RA at one stage so I thought I’d mention it.
  5. Beautiful looking cab, very sleek and professional job.
  6. You do honor me with your honoring me. You are a gentleman, scholar and a gamer! Also, I just took back my SFII high score so whoever took it from me... in your face!
  7. I though quoting your thank you would be a good comedic lead in for my screw you remark. I have been trying to better a few scores today but now I have seen my SFII score beat I am going to sit in the dark and eat an entire tub of ice-cream.
  8. Yeah, and I just want to a say a big SCREW YOU to whomever just beat my high score on Street Fighter II. Whoever you are, you are now my sworn enemy.
  9. That is fantastic that you figured out what the issue was. Instead of having to manually change the softlists option between using the CDi and everything else and instead of having two instances of Retroarch can this option for the CDi be saved via saving a directory override? That would make the whole setup so much better than the first two. On another note, out of curiosity, are you going to use the kickass overlay for the Entex like in the first post in this thread? I absolutely love it and it is just one little step towards feeling like you are actually playing an Entex.
  10. This should not matter @FuriousPig but is the folder containing your ROMs inside you software list ROMs folder? I have a folder called MAME 0.220 Software List ROMs (split) and inside that is the advision folder containing the ROMs. You probably have tried it but just in case try copying the advision folder outside of your software list folder. I am trying anything I can think of here no matter how seemingly simple and silly.
  11. I am running lots of stuff via the MAME core in Retroarch that are a mix of software list ROMs and other ROMs that I obtained elsewhere and just renamed off of the hash files. As you can see I have quite a few platforms: with the MAME core I am stumped with this one because once I ensured I set everything up as I mentioned previously it has all just worked. It did take me some time to get it all working via Retroarch. There was a lot of trail and error. I gave @FuriousPig my hash files as well as some other stuff via a PM so I though with everything else that has been mentioned tha
  12. Gee, I am scratching my head here trying to think of what it may be. I think the things that I have suggested or mentioned already. Let me just repeat myself in checklist form so I can clearly make sure I have not missed anything: Inside Retroarch's system folder, there has to be a folder called mame. Inside that folder there has to be a folder called hash. Inside that folder are all you .xml files such as advision.xml. The folder your ROMs are in must be called advision. The ROMs must be zipped and named as per what MAME is looking for which in this case is defender, scobra, spa
  13. Besides the PM I just sent you, does you RA setup in LB look like this?:
  14. Extract this: 1.zip inside RA's system folder. You can then put your ROMs wherever you want to put them on your computer. Though, make sure the folder your ROMs are in is called advision. Then, rename your ROMs to match the hash files that you will find in the folders you extracted inside RA's system folder. Just look for the file called advision and you will see the names in there that MAME are looking for. This is easy because obviously there are only four games for this platform. For bigger systems you can use @JoeViking245's great MAME Software Lists Import Tool. Then, make sure the Entex
  15. I did not have to setup another instance of RA. I’ll reply after I finish work tonight as I’m just about to go to work.
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