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No Man's Sky: Fix for video cards without OpenGL 4.5 support!


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Below is a link to the work around for No Man's Sky if your video card doesn't support OpenGL 4.5. (AKA crash to desktop at white screen after title screen).

This was a huge problem for me as neither my CPU or GPU support OpenGL 4.5 as AMD has stopped driver updates for the legacy cards (anything below HD 7800).

I have tested this and works well enough to play on my HD 6670. I had to turn everything down to low, windowed, no boarder, vsync off, and 1280x720. Frame rate is a bit all over the place but even people with high end machines are seeing massive fluctuation in frame rate and hitching.



Please thank this guy if it helps you. He did what the dev team was not able to.....yet...

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There is this game named No Man’s Sky Crashing that many users play but said that they are facing numerous issues while playing it as it crashes. If you are one of those who have faced it then no worries because here we have some solutions to solve this error for you.

1) Update the game: As first step just open Steam, sign in to your account and Right click to the option named “No Man’s Sky” in your Steam Library and pick Properties.
 ii). Now tap the updates tab and make sure the option of Automatic Updates is set to High Priority.

2) Verifying the Game Integrity:
 i). Open Steam, sign in to your account and go into the library segment, right–click on the game and pick the option of Properties.
 ii). Then tap on the option of Local Files and press on the Verify the integrity of Game Cache.
iii). The previous step will take some time to verify after it ends to try to run the game.

3) Removing Mods: i). As the first step, direct to C:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\No Man’s Sky\GAMEDATA\PCBANKS and remove all the Mod Files that you copied so you could install the mod. For more solutions go for https://appuals.com/fix-no-mans-sky-crashing/
ii). At the end try to run the game as it would probably work now.

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