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For about half of my systems (running in retroarch through rocketlauncher) I get errors about Window AHK Class and "No default_emulator". I've tried about everything and still can't get it to work. Another small nuisance, for the other half that do work, when launching games it won't automatically go full screen with bezels (switching to full screen inside of retroarch removes the bezels?). Does anyone know how to fix either of these issues?

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Simply Austin Is a fantastic YouTuber and I would also recommend watching all of his setup guides to empower yourself to diagnose problems and make sure you havn't missed a step. It is easy to spend hours and hours trying to solve an issue in rocketlauncher and the more you know about the program and how it works with the front end and emulators, the better the overall experience becomes. 

This may help but a little known set of options to newbies is in the EMULATORS tab of GLOBAL or any system there is the 'EDIT GLOBAL MODULE SETTINGS' button, these settings will override any settings that you have preset inside your emulator and options for fullscreen/aspect ratio override are in here for most EMU's, along with other options.

As for setting up default emulators and EMU's in general just watch Simpy Austin. He covers every base, worth an hour of your time to save hours in troubleshooting.

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