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Is it possible to launch non-steam games and still have the steam overlay?

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You can technically do this, yes, but it is a huge undertaking if you have lots of games and, as far as I can figure, it wouldn't be possible to use LB/BB as the launcher for the ROMs.

You would need to convert the ROMs to a proper EXE and add it into Steam.

To do this (or at least the way I did it) was by making a shortcut to the emulator, in the shortcut adding the full path to the rom/iso (and possibly other command line options), making a VBS file that points to the shortcut and then using iExpress (it's built into Windows, so just search it on your PC; it's a basic installer building utility) to convert the VBS to an EXE (you just uncheck/don't use any of the installer specific options; make sure you point to the cscript.exe that is in Windows\System32) and then add that into Steam. This will only work if you are using Steam as the launcher though; doing this and still using LB/BB as the launcher probably won't work, unless someone knows another way. You could add Steam as the emulator, but it will only open the Steam UI and you'd still have to launch your games from it. Adding explorer.exe as an emulator won't work for non-Steam games either (this was how I use to import Steam games before the importer came along; explorer as the emu and Steam Shortcuts as the ROMs). I did this way back when I was just using Steam as a launcher for everything (ROMs, Origin, GOG, etc.) and the overlay worked with anything I added this way.

So technically you can do it, but not sure about with LB/BB.

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