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Hello all! This is my first time doing anything in xaml or skinning anything, for that matter, but I've started making a new theme for Big Box after watching Jason's videos and poking around in a few files from other themes to see how they work. This theme is inspired by Kodi 17's new default theme, Estuary, so I call it Estibox. I only have a few views at the moment, but I may add more soon. I've used Viking's excellent platform videos for the platform view, and all credit on those goes to him for his great work. Estibox is a 16:9 theme so I'm not sure how it will look in other aspect ratios like 4:3 as I have no way of testing them. Here are the views I've skinned so far:

Platform Wheel 2
Text LIst (games)
Vertical Wheel 1

I do have a couple questions if anyone can help. First, is it possible to add a drop shadow under the poster and screenshot in the games views using xaml? One that would be applied for any such image in the view whenever it loads? It would be much less work than going into Photoshop and adding a drop shadow that way to every poster and screenshot, even though that can be somewhat automated with actions. Second, is it possible to adjust the size of the font in the text list in that games view and if so, how is that done? Thanks for any help!

Any comments, questions, or suggestions are always welcome. I'll put what I have so far up soon once I make a few adjustments. I hope you like it!




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