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  1. Been trying to get the PPSSPP core for Retroarch working, and mostly it works fine. However, when I try to load a savestate in certain games (seems to be 3D ones like Crisis Core and Dissidia - 2D games like FF1 load them just fine) Retroarch crashes every time. I haven't been able to figure out why or how to fix it. I've got all the necessary files in the /system/PPSSPP/ folder so nothing's missing. I'm using Retroarch version 1.7.5 but I've tested 1.7.7 and it happens there too. I don't want to use standalone PPSSPP because the shaders there aren't as good as RA's and I use RA's shaders to get linear AA at higher resolutions without black lines, which standalone PPSSPP can't do. So I want to stick with that if I can. Thanks! Windows 8.1 3.8 Ghz 6-core processor 16 GB RAM AMD Radeon R7 370 4GB graphics card
  2. Recently went back into RA to add my PSX games to Launchbox, and where once they ran fine (I remember setting them up and testing several many months ago last year), now I only get a black screen when I start them up. I can hear them but not see them. Happens with both GL and Vulkan, and my BIOS files are in the right place, named correctly, and verified. Any idea how to fix the issue? My specs are as follows: Windows 8.1 3.8 GHz processor 16GB RAM AMD Radeon R7 370 graphics card Thanks!
  3. Thanks, I'll check it out. Haven't seen the pause screen come up in Big Box yet, how does that work?
  4. How do you customize the game startup and shutdown screens that show up when you start and close a game? I don't know which view file has that information and I didn't see anything about it in the documentation. Also, I've got my platform list done fine, but while the list is correctly top-aligned for platforms and categories, for all the others such as genre, status, developer, etc. that use the same view file the list is vertically-centered instead. How can I fix it so it's top-aligned like the main platforms list view? Thanks!
  5. I was trying to download some Playstation 2 manuals from EmuMovies today, I've downloaded stuff there before as I do have a membership, though not a subscription, but every single manual I tried to download today (several from multiple packs) has been missing with a "File Not Found" error. Has anyone else experienced this?
  6. I just installed the new update today and since then, Big Box won't start. Launchbox runs fine, but Big Box won't run. No error message, nothing. I did have an error during the installation where it couldn't install one of the files because it said something about it being busy or in use even though launchbox was closed and it gave me an abort/retry/ignore prompt. I tried retry a few times but it just kept coming up so I went with ignore instead. Now I can't get Big Box to start. Any ideas? Here are my system specs: OS: Windows 8.1 AMD 3.8 Ghz processor AMD Radeon R7 370 graphics card 16GB RAM EDIT: Nevermind, reinstalled it and it's working now. Thanks anyway!
  7. I was just tweaking the game details page (TextGamesView) of the skin I've been working on and I was wondering if it was possible to have conditional layouts. That is, that the layout for at least a certain part of the page would be different depending on what kind of game the page is loading from. For instance, that the details page for an NES game would be set up slightly different than that of an SNES game or PS1 game (due to the different sizes/orientations of the covers, for example). Is that sort of thing possible? Or can the page use only one layout?
  8. Thanks, I'll keep that in mind. faeran's been helping me learn grids and I think I'm starting to get the hang of it after some practice with them today. It does sound better to make the theme more flexible for different resolutions since you never know what the person will be using.
  9. Oh ok, didn't know that. thanks, as I haven't tried rotating any of my wheels yet. I didn't know that about margin, and I haven't really used padding. But what about translate? I use that too sometimes. I was just never sure how to get the fine positional control with grids to make small adjustments to make sure things are in the right spot.
  10. Hi all, fairly new here and still learning the ropes of xaml. IT's fun to see what you can do with it, though. I saw wallmachine's question and I thought I'd add my own two cents to help. I've found that, like Jason said, setting your VisibleCount higher than what you actually want on screen eliminates the flickering. Specifically, add 3 to the number of images you want shown and that should do it. I had that same problem for a while until I did some searching here on the boards and found the answer. I hope that helps you! I do have a couple questions of my own if anyone can help, and I apologize for the unnecessary threads, I wasn't aware before that this was the place to ask for coding help. Anyway, I've been working on a theme, and there are a couple little things I was wondering about that I couldn't figure out how to do. First, and I feel silly asking but the method seems to elude me, is how do you center text within a textbox? TextAlignment and HorizontalAlignment don't work, I've tried them both. The text is always left-aligned no matter what. Here's the relevant bit of code from my HorizontalWheel2GamesView: TextBlock Text="{Binding Path=SelectedGame.ReleaseDate, StringFormat=yyyy}" Foreground="Red" FontSize="60" FontFamily="Eurostile LT" Margin="496,945,0,0"></TextBlock> <TextBlock Name="Genre" Text="{Binding Path=SelectedGame.GenresString}" Foreground="#FFFFFF" FontSize="32" FontFamily="Eurostile LT" Margin="445,1010,0,0" TextAlignment="Center" HorizontalAlignment="Center"></TextBlock> <TextBlock Text="{Binding Path=SelectedGame.Notes}" Foreground="#FFFFFF" FontSize="30" FontFamily="Eurostile LT Condensed" Margin="790,915,0,0" Width="800" Height="175" TextWrapping="Wrap"></TextBlock> And here are screens of the view to show what I mean: The genre item is what I'm trying to center, under the year, but the text in the textbox always stays left-aligned and I'm not sure how to fix it. I admit I'm fairly new to xaml so I may have overlooked something. Second question is this: is there any way to customize the Additional Apps/Versions menu on the game details page? As in changing the highlight color, font and font size, etc.? I've changed every style xaml file in the solution, but none of them seem to affect it. Or the lock/unlock keypad and keyboard on the settings page, which I'd also like to customize if I could. Here are a couple shots of my game details page to show how the AA/V menu contrasts with the rest of the page: Thanks for any help you guys can give, and I apologize if any of these questions have been answered already.
  11. Just a question, feels a little silly to ask but I haven't been able to figure it out. I'm trying to center some text inside a textblock element on one of my game views but haven't figured out how to do it. TextAlign doesn't work and HorizontalAlignment only affects the textbox itself and not the text. No matter what I do it stays left-aligned. Also, I've noticed that when entering a game view, text that doesn't come from a binding path but which was simply typed in directly in the code, renders before everything else on the screen. Is there a way to force BB to delay that rendering so everything appears at the same time?
  12. Jair


    Nice job, Grila! I've only used Plex a little bit but you got it just right.
  13. Hi all, I'm working on a theme but I don't know all the different possible binding paths for games and platforms like Most Played, Genres, Last Played Game, and so on. I've learned some from looking at what others have done in making their skins, but I was wondering if there was a full list anywhere of all of those paths. There doesn't seem to be any actual documentation about the skinning code aside from the few tutorial videos that Jason put together a while back. Good stuff, and I've watched them, I just was hoping there might be some written material as well that might detail some of this stuff. Thanks!
  14. Hello all! This is my first time doing anything in xaml or skinning anything, for that matter, but I've started making a new theme for Big Box after watching Jason's videos and poking around in a few files from other themes to see how they work. This theme is inspired by Kodi 17's new default theme, Estuary, so I call it Estibox. I only have a few views at the moment, but I may add more soon. I've used Viking's excellent platform videos for the platform view, and all credit on those goes to him for his great work. Estibox is a 16:9 theme so I'm not sure how it will look in other aspect ratios like 4:3 as I have no way of testing them. Here are the views I've skinned so far: Platform Wheel 2 Text LIst (games) Vertical Wheel 1 I do have a couple questions if anyone can help. First, is it possible to add a drop shadow under the poster and screenshot in the games views using xaml? One that would be applied for any such image in the view whenever it loads? It would be much less work than going into Photoshop and adding a drop shadow that way to every poster and screenshot, even though that can be somewhat automated with actions. Second, is it possible to adjust the size of the font in the text list in that games view and if so, how is that done? Thanks for any help! Any comments, questions, or suggestions are always welcome. I'll put what I have so far up soon once I make a few adjustments. I hope you like it!
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