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Sound weird in games when launching from bigbox and launchbox not working after update


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I updated launchbox today and now launchbox is not starting anymore.

Bigbox is still starting, but when I start a game from bigbox, the sound will stutter. When I launch the game directly from retroarch, the sound is fine.

edit: If I run it from bigbox on my pc monitor instead of on the TV I don't have the weird stuttering but launchbox still won't start

edit: I already redownloaded and reinstalled launchbox but it didn't make a difference

edit2: okay, now I have launched launchbox and waited for an hour and suddenly it started again. Closed it and reopened it and now it started quickly again. Then I started the game on the TV again and the sound was fine. Is there a virus that detects if I have friends over and fucks up everything if I have? Who wou... how did my ex-wife manage to create such a horrible thing?! She's barely literate!

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