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  1. Nah, don't use it. I gave up on it and also there finally is an actual duplicate finder in Launchbox :-D
  2. I updated launchbox today and now launchbox is not starting anymore. Bigbox is still starting, but when I start a game from bigbox, the sound will stutter. When I launch the game directly from retroarch, the sound is fine. edit: If I run it from bigbox on my pc monitor instead of on the TV I don't have the weird stuttering but launchbox still won't start edit: I already redownloaded and reinstalled launchbox but it didn't make a difference edit2: okay, now I have launched launchbox and waited for an hour and suddenly it started again. Closed it and reopened it and now it started quickly again. Then I started the game on the TV again and the sound was fine. Is there a virus that detects if I have friends over and fucks up everything if I have? Who wou... how did my ex-wife manage to create such a horrible thing?! She's barely literate!
  3. well, the caching did something... now I can't control bigbox at all anymore. Is it possible to create single system bigbox installations so I can remove the really big systems, amiga and c64 into seperate bigbox installations? I removed those two systems and disabled all fade effects and I have not seen the bug again, yet... Again my original question: Is there a way to enable logging so I might get an idea what pains my poor setup?
  4. Hi, I tried that program after seeing you recommend it in another thread and it did update a lot of drivers but I still had stuff not showing up after updating. But I think it's really only a caching issue. When I close bigbox and start it again, the game showing the black screen will work. I'll set attract mode to the fastest setting there is and leave it running while I'm at work. That should do a ton of caching ^^ edit: I think this won't be the most productive day at work since I have to peak at my remote desktop all the time. But it seems to work: when I left home I had some black games already but now everything shows. I request an auto-cache mode and it shall be called "Gotta cache them all" edit2: nah, it was all black when I got home. Then I pressed cancel so I was back in platforms, there it showed something. Cancel again for option-menu-stuff => black Is there any way to turn on logging so I might get an idea about might be the issue? I started removing some duplicates but...
  5. Sometimes when I just scroll through my platforms or enter/leave a platform, everything will turn black. I can still hear the sound of the video but I can't see anything. If I then enter a platform, everything might either show for that platform again, or not edit: 37k games might be an issue. cpu is i7 16gb ram, 4gb ram cache edit2: sometimes it's just that a video doesn't play. Going up and down does not fix it, leaving the platform and reentering does fix it. Is there some way to turn on logging?
  6. I don't think it started with the update, maybe after I imported mame (without clones! ^^) But I can try running as admin
  7. specs: i7-4790 @ 3.6 Ghz 16 GB Ram GeForce 960Gtx Windows 10 64bit installed on ssd harddisk: connected by usb3, does ~ 160-170 MB/s read/write (today I also tried an internal hdd that does around 120-130 MB/s) video playback set to vlc (tried media player as well) ram cache set to 4096 I currently have a total of 26099 games in 33 systems. When the audit tool allows to not only remove the games but readd them as "additional apps", I should be able to trim that down quite a bit. cpu use in launchbox in idle is between 0% and 15%, ram use in idle around 1084 MB in bigbox it stays quite constantly around 12% with also about 1000 MB RAM use It seems to be a caching issue. If I keep going back and forth between two systems, it gets quicker after a while but it's always slow right after startup. Is there any way to maybe make it cache wheel images or put them in a special path? Then I could just put those into a ram drive or at least my system ssd so any slowdown from caching should only happen when I stop at a game to look at the actual art ^^ edit: the whole behaviour is quite weird and unpredictable. When I tried it just now to check the cpu and ram use, it was pretty smooth constantly. Before that, I disabled the wheel images and it worked fine with text only. Then I started it again with text only and text only was also slow. Maybe it's really joystick related. I can randomly have x-input enabled or disabled or a mix of those joysticks connected. When it was smooth from the start just now, I had no joysticks connected... edit 2: it's not completely unplayable. Just if I compare it to various youtube videos (or hyperspin) it's just a lot slower
  8. hmm maybe sometimes but I think often it will not be the same
  9. ye. eventually. But now when I tried it, I just created a corrupted database
  10. I got a version 3 that prefers not having beta in the title http://www.filedropper.com/launchboxcleanerv3 and... I have to hope... Oh damn, it can't detect the japanese versions at all -.-
  11. you can try version 2, It fixes that weird file size bug http://www.filedropper.com/launchboxcleanerv2 ahhh... I have to add one more thing: only use beta if it can't find a non beta one...
  12. ahh, it's for different regions of games for example if I have a european version and a japanese version and an american version, I want to keep the American version in the list and add the other two as additional applications
  13. hmm, where is it? I only see scan for added/removed roms. I still have the roms and I want to add them as "additional apllicationos" to what I think of as the main game, I don't want to delete them :-D
  14. oh! Ohh T.T Well, I practiced some golang then :-D If you're interested in a golang example how to parse xml files, be sure to check it out :-D
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