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Call To Arms

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After carefully analyzing all the feedback and critiques from previus themes I decided to create these using 100% of the suggestions you all gave me. I truly do hope you like them and use them thanks again! D.F.T.B.A

Intros have been integrated as of 7.8. You can download THIS intro under downloads then "Launchbox/Bigbox Official Media " and "Call To Arms"
To get this working. Simply download the intro, rename it to startup.mp4 the drop it into your ...\Launchbox\Videos\ folder.
Open BigBox/Options/general and set a  startup delay/turn off bigbox logo on start.



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If I could give some constructive criticism, and please don't get me wrong, the production value of your videos are top notch, but I feel like you are missing the mark on what these start-up videos are intended for. Let me try to explain. First to my knowledge start-up videos are only seen using BigBox not Launchbox which are two entirely different things but you mention Launchbox in quite a few of your videos. Also, take the video above for example, Instead of the whole "commercial" part at the beginning, you could just do something simple like just saying "Big Box Now Loading" with Now Loading fading in and out for a little while, that would be great. Second, your videos are more like a demos or promos and less about just opening the BigBox program. I feel like the majority of the videos you've posted would be something that Jason should want to use for his YouTube channel or something to try and excite potential customers, not something the end user would necessarily want to use on his or her machine. Clearly I can't speak for everyone, and I'm by no means trying to stifle your creativity or pretending I am the end all be all of these videos but I feel like there is so much potential in all the videos you've posted, but I just won't use them because they are too much like watching a trailer, which makes me just want to skip through it anyway.  Hopefully you understand what I'm trying to say and that I'm not at ALL saying your work is bad, they are pretty amazing actually... just if maybe you could simplify more of them, I personally would have much more use for them, especially when/if Jason implements random startup videos in the future.

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