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  1. So... it says I have 8.2 beta 3 but I don't have an option to enable Launchbox.next? Am I missing something? It's just a scaling issue and was a tiny dropdown to the far right. I see it now. Thanks! What's strange is that I'm running 1920x1080 and even turning scaling on windows to 100% its still doing the same thing. Weird.
  2. Fantastic theme, nicely done. Quick question, on my game select menu I can't get anything other than the clear logo to show in the background, is there a way to change that?
  3. @RetroGaming If I could give some constructive criticism, and please don't get me wrong, the production value of your videos are top notch, but I feel like you are missing the mark on what these start-up videos are intended for. Let me try to explain. First to my knowledge start-up videos are only seen using BigBox not Launchbox which are two entirely different things but you mention Launchbox in quite a few of your videos. Also, take the video above for example, Instead of the whole "commercial" part at the beginning, you could just do something simple like just saying "Big Box Now Loadi
  4. @Hexxxer I think this theme is VERY cool, I would like to see consistency where the clear logo is displayed though. I Love the Sega Master system and Genesis there the background overlays on the video and the clear logo on top of that, which seems to be missing from the other platforms. Otherwise I think the different styles per platform is awesome and adds alot to the over all theme. NICE JOB so far.
  5. @CriticalCid, if these panels were essentially just giant platform images on a wheel of three where the left and right are just images and the larger middle panel would be the dynamic info panel that basically just lays overtop the smaller static platform image behind it. couldn't that work? I mean it at least would be doable until more features/plugins are implemented?! I'm asking because this is a very nice looking UI (not perfect) but a good start and something I personally would like for my "Emulation System" in my livingroom.
  6. Maybe, however I've not had any problems prior to this beta and I've not changed anything on my pc side since the last time I used launchbox. I'll have to look deeper into it tomorrow I guess just in case.
  7. There seems to be an bug when trying to download images/media for me. None of the boxes are showing to be able to select or de-select things.
  8. @Grila, here is a vector image of the Big Box Logo I made also a pdf for those who don't have illustrator. @Jason Carr feel free to remove this if you don't feel comfortable sharing it. Big Box Text Logo Large Vector.ai Big Box Text Logo Large Vector.pdf
  9. LOL... Thanks for clarifying Jason, you just proved my point though. I clearly don't know what I'm doing and I was able to get it working...
  10. Thanks everyone @Eirulan I had a little bit of a problem getting auto scrolling to work myself but here is what I did, as instructed in the .pdf file that Jason includes in beta. First: Add: xmlns:controls="clr-namespace:BigBox.Controls;assembly=BigBox" in the opening UserControl tag. Next: Paste this code into the place you have defined for the text to be: <Canvas x:Name="NotesCanvas" ClipToBounds="True" HorizontalAlignment="Stretch" VerticalAlignment="Stretch"> <controls:ScrollableTextBlock Name="ScrollingNotes"
  11. So I've been playing around a bit with a new theme and there are a few things that would really be great but I can't seem to figure out how to do it. So I've got the video and the scrolling notes as well as the cover flow positioned and working, but where I'm struggling is the left part under the video (see mockup images). I want the info to be 1. Clear Logo. 2. Info (note color of text and size is different than the fillable information) 3. The game score would be great 4. (Bottom row) Rating and "Playmode" using images instead of Text. (Also would love to have toggles to show op
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