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Arc's Unified Games for Windows box art


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It's always bugged me that Windows box covers have so many different standards, layouts, looks, etc.  Consoles are unified and look great in a collection.  So, I've designed my own Games for Windows box art template and started creating a unified set.

Here is an example:


The logo is a diagonal version of the windows flag with the original colors.  They are laid out in the same diamond as the Xbox controller face buttons (ABXY), with the negative space resembling an X, which shows it's relationship to the Xbox as well.

I've also designed a "digital download" logo, as these games aren't being played from a physical media, it seems to be a more accurate representation.

I can upload the template if others would like to contribute to the project.  I hve completed about 20 or so thusfar. It would be great to finally see Windows games have a high quality modern unified look.


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