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Lassiveran's Commodore 64 Media Pack


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Lassiveran's Commodore 64 Media Pack

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5a0cf97134c4d_LassiveransCommodore64Mediapack2.0Advertisement.thumb.png.1a3329fef8f81dd1824064cd577ea6b0.pngCommodore 64 holds a special place in my nostalgic heart.  I have decided to create a number of fan made box fronts to fill in the gaps.

I'm currently working off a cabinet friendly list of originals.  I will work on those first then move to larger sets.  I will do as many as I can to fill in some of the holes so we don't end up have 1000's of "No Box Image" pics.  I have included 2 versions of a generic "No Box Art" placeholder in this release along with ~170 box fronts covering # to E.  Subsequent releases will include more covers as I finish them.  

I have managed to located a few box covers as I have been going through the list.  If I did any work on the images either cropping or other adjustments, I will include them in the release as well.  Also, now I have included primary controller information in the form of a joystick or keyboard icon I created as well as number of player details.  Also, you will notice a code for gamebase64 to help you with determining which game the cover represents in greater detail than the file names I provided.

I am not a professional graphic artist, I have been learning a few tricks as I have been going along to streamline the process.  I welcome positive feedback and constructive criticism.  After version one is released I do plan on moving onto Themed Clear Logos and Tape/Floppy Disk Images (As shown in my post in Games Media forum) and to take any requests to fill a fan favorite box art I may have missed.

I appreciate the hard work everyone has done do far making launch box a great aesthetic front end and this is my way of giving back to the community.  I look forward to feedback.





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