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Better Beahving PCSX2 with Autohotkey Script


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Hey peeps

I had been having a little issue with the PS2 Emulator PCSX2, to keep it short you have maybe noticed that it seems to lose focus when launched through bigbox and it was quite frankly driving me nuts when I would start smashing the x button on my ps4 controller to get through opening scenes only to find that big box had then launched several instances of PCSX2.


After a bit of fiddling I decided to tackle this issue with an Autohotkeyscript which has completely fixed the issue for me so I thought I would share it with you guys. Place this in the autohotscript tab for PCSX2 and you will no longer have this issue, with the added bonus of your PS4/Xbox Guide buttons for your controller exiting out of the emulator and re focussing either launchbox or bigbox.



Sleep 2000
;Attempt to Focus PCSX2 window (Ive noticed that PCSX2 seems to lose focus)
IfWinExist, PCSX2
    WinActivate ; use the window found above

;This closes the active window when the ps4 button is pressed provided it is not
;the launchbox/bigbox window.
ExitButton = vk07sc000
Loop {
    If (GetKeyState(ExitButton)) {
        WinGetActiveTitle, WindowTitle
        If (WindowTitle != "Launchbox Big Box"){
            WinKill, %WindowTitle%
            IfWinExist Launchbox Big Box
            else IfWinExist Launchbox Premium


Hope this helps some of you guys/gals out


Have fun

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