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  1. Awesome thanks for that @Ninja Danny B will give that a shot. I don't mind the pillar-boxing so much (kind of got used to it after playing so many old titles that didn't even know what widescreen was let alone ultrawide), better than big box slamming everything to the left of the monitor which is just weird looking
  2. Not meaning to hijack the thread or anything but was just wondering what your solution was @Ninja Danny B as I am also running 21:9 and would very much be interested in a workaround until somebody is kind enough to make native 21:9 videos :). Thanks
  3. I can't hate something I know nothing about If retroarch is your thing, thats awesome, it's just not mine, can't that be awesome too?
  4. Truthfully i don't care what your preferences are, to each their own, but the comment, whichever way you look at it, did come across as a "Retroarch is great" post Which is fine btw (I can make no judgements on that because as I stated previously, I have never used it).
  5. This, and thats just the hardware, if I recall correctly it also uses a super stripped down version of the .NET framework on the software side.
  6. Have to say I kind of agree with you here, that did seem like an ultra defensive "gotta defend my brand" reply on some levels . As I said before, horses for courses to quote an old saying.
  7. Ok rewrite of post, managed to locate command line parameter for you: 3dnes --r=SMB.nes where SMB.nes is the location to the rom path. So basically after browsing for the emulator, place --r= and then the path to the rom file after it. Hope this helps
  8. This is pretty much how I feel, in the early days of Retroarch in particular they were primarily focussed on ARM. Obviously that may have changed now (although I would imagine features are still limited to keep compatibility with ARM)
  9. I personally use stand alone emulators for all systems, not that I have anything aginst retroarch, I just never actually bothered to teach myself it as my emus were all setup as I desire before that was even a valid option. Does look very good (certainly from a controller standpoint, having to setup your controller just the once sounds real nice). Guess it's one of those things, whatever is easiest for you personally and gets you the results you want is the ideal solution
  10. I would highly recommend getting a bluetooth dongle, there relatively cheap these days and give you wireless awesomeness
  11. Have you tried using SendInput as opposed to Send ? I Believe this might help you out: $Esc:: { SendInput{!F4} }
  12. Good stuff, will likely not use this myself since I have a pretty nifty all round config (and only have a select few games for the system) that serves me well. Will keep this in mind in the future though when my collection grows
  13. This is really good news, cheers for the share, looking forward to this one.
  14. This was the wall I ran into with FB:A, it drove me nuts and I just ended up deciding to stick with MAME due to its simplicity in controller setup .
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