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[REQUEST] Nested Filters Phase 2


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I was trying to find if there was a thread going about nested filters but didn't run across anything. I have been hoping for this for a while now and when I heard about the nested filters I thought it was going to be what I was envisioning but ended up being a little different than I thought. The current nested filters feature is definitely more powerful than this as far as being able to filter on N number of fields and query each one with a specified term but this option is just faster to use and a little more intuitive. To be clear, I don't see this as a replacement for the current nested filters functionality, this would be in addition and completely separate.

This idea comes from Rom Collection Browser, a plugin for Kodi. I did a quick mockup on top of a screenshot of the City Hunter theme below. Basically this would allow you to filter games using a smaller set of fields, so genre, publisher, year, # players, and alphanumeric or whatever combination people think are most commonly used. Maybe even make it configurable so you can choose what filters display. If this is brought up within a system, it would populate the publisher filter with all the of publishers from the games in that system that you have in your collection, same thing goes for the other filters. What's nice about this over the current nested filters is this is providing all the possible options, you don't have to remember the publisher for that game you played 20 years ago, it's in the list. At the end of the day its just less input from the user to filter the games, its quick and simple.

I would assume the big challenge with this is when to load each filter from the systems database with all the options, probably when loading bigbox or something and then cache it. The other thing to consider is when does it actually filter the games, should an event handler just fire when a selection is changed which would do the filtering right then? Or require the user to hit a button or add a button to the ui that would kick off the filtering, I cant remember how Rom Collection Browser does it. It would also be cool to see this filter all systems at once which I know was one of the cool things about this in Rom Collection Browser. 

The other part of this is how do we get this filtering UI to show up, I was again thinking KODI style, where if you hit down once, the alphanumeric filtering displays, if you hit down again, this would show. Would obviously figure out some sort of focus state so that as your hitting up and down through the filters it doesn't close. 


Let me know what you guys think, this is a huge want for me! 

Awesome work Jason, props.

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