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  1. ALIE

    Mame on Retroarch

    is there a good guide for this or anyone who can explain how to set it up. i got standalone Mame running but i am clueless when it comes to mame in Retroarch .
  2. ALIE

    Colpipes1978 New LB Build

    Looks Great will this be downloadable like what you had before a Certain person who will rename nameless messed it up.
  3. ALIE

    Emulation Ninja Frontend page

    They say imitation is the highest form of flattery ðŸĪŠ
  4. ALIE

    9.2-beta-1 Released

    This is already looking like its gonna beat RL. i love that it just uses fan-art for a game something the database already has a good chunk of instead of having to create folders for each game and having to put the fanart in and renaming it. pretty sure this has been mentioned and answered but other then fade out. The only thing missing is universal platform specific images for games out anything. And it doesn't seem to randomize fan-art when a game has more then 1 image.. But seriously very impressive first beta and the spinning disc is a nice touch 😍. and i just realized my 2 things was on the upcoming list 👍
  5. One thing more Rocketlauncher has the option for a little animation running in the Coner, i think the default is Mario. But it's just a bunch of images with slight changes like old school cartoons. Thinking with LB already having gif support this could be even easier and better to get going.
  6. LB can already unzip games. (personal opinion) It's just not as clean as Rocketlauncher with the loading screen with the bar and little animation in the corner. Or what you have
  7. For Pause screen if possible I would love to see options like browsing manuals, magazines, cheats,retroachievements, and such. Maybe a jump to emulator settings, load and create save state. Fade in and out is important and as long as it works and can have information like developer, times played and such. its not catastrophic for me if the developer name screen and such has already been show before it goes away. But I would love to see a custom timer if possible. Also the ability to have a universal platform fade in and out image folder but also game specific folders like Rocketlauncher can have. As for Bezels the latest released console i use them for has been GameCube.
  8. ALIE

    9.1-beta-1 Released

    in launchbox My platform category seems to have messed up completely it shows the platforms instead. big box shows me a mix of platforms and playlist and categories but all says no games.
  9. Very cool. I had a modchip for 360 called Xk3y, before support stopped and Microsoft killed it. You could connect to it with your phone app and pick games to play.
  10. ALIE

    CleanBG Theme

    Yah I love these baggrund Images. I actually considered finding someone on Feever or another freelance marketplace to make them. I did find someone a while ago I just couldn't justify using the money.
  11. ALIE

    CleanBG Theme

    Sorry Sorry perhaps you were talking to the guy above. My bad
  12. ALIE

    CleanBG Theme

    He did way back 😁
  13. @eatkinola has testing started just wanted to say I'm definitely still interested in helping.