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  1. CriticalZone

    @CriticalCid the default version of 2.0 works like a charm i do have one issue but i guess that is what is called dpi scaling issue? Clock and name/details isn't showing correctly unfortunately. But the other versions including Blue i can't switch platforme views? Not sure if this is by default but only horizontal view i think the one that is called 2 works.
  2. Dot Framework 4.7 Blocked (SOLVED)

    Sitting here reading from the first to last post . super mature attitude by what i am guessing is a former forum member now
  3. @wyzrd Awesome such quick work. gonna be awesome having the software again.
  4. 7.11-beta-1 Released

    Yeah i noticed some nice small details but having black on Mobile is the best. Can't say i have noticed what @lordmonkus is pointing too.
  5. 7.11-beta-1 Released

    Forum has changes for the better as well. Black theme now also works on Mobile yah.
  6. 7.11-beta-1 Released

    Yea back with a vengeance gotta wait until tomorrow and try this out. Surprise start with? Any hints.
  7. Live Streams?

    I see no reason to think they are over. @Jason Carr must be really busy don't think i have seen him be this inactive on the forums and stuff for more then a day 😂 not even on Vacations.
  8. Wait is it possible for Playlist to have clear logos sets specific for just one theme? Didn't i miss this feature because added.
  9. Fundamental Theme

    If you do so please make it optional somehow. It's one of my favorite parts i wish it was in every theme.
  10. Your List of Small Things

    One more thing Themes having their own Clear logo's for Playlist would be nice. I have some thems with unique sets of Logos liked Silver Ring but the Playlists still has the default.
  11. Yah i know I Recent watched the series again, first time since the final episode aired and i learned i love it even more now😄