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  1. Mame Tutorial for n00bs

    ok i couldn't remember what -i had back at my last version 0.177 or something . so those 2 MAME 0.194 ROMs (non-merged) . MAME 0.193 CHDs (merged) should be it.
  2. Mame Tutorial for n00bs

    OK Thanks . so Im getting MAME 0.194 ROMs (non-merged) . but i only see MAME 0.193 CHDs (merged) not split
  3. Retroarch Startup Guide w/ Pictures

    Within the cores yes and they seem to work doing set up. I hit save core configuration as well.
  4. Retroarch Startup Guide w/ Pictures

    Hey @Lordmonkus I have been using a Xbox One controller as my default player 1 without any issues. But now I tried adding player 2 a ps4 controller, in the settings i can set buttons but nothing happens in game. I have tried snes, Genesis, Ps1 cores but player 2 just won't work.
  5. ExoDOS Import

    What is the latest? is all the new packs on PD.
  6. ExoDOS Import

    Keeping a good ratio isn't hard at all and if things gets totally bad. Get a seedbox and throw ass much free stuff at it as possible. Even if you don't normally need a seedbox. I got a warning once when I wasn't careful. One month off running every free possible torrent and my upload was at 15tb. Now I don't have to worry at all.
  7. Alaska WIP

    OK sorry then I misunderstood you. I thought you felt the pictures was trooling. Yes Monkey's are freaking cool 😁
  8. Alaska WIP

    If Grila himself hadn't posted the fun gorilla neither would I. But since the topic owner did I didn't think it would be a issue. But if told I will delete the monkey and the refresh gif which was just to show interest in theme 😁
  9. Mame Tutorial for n00bs

    just seems like an absolutely insane jump in space i also see MAME 0.194 Software List ROMs MAME 0.194 Software List ROMs (merged) any chance that would be a new name for it ? size of them is around 55GB.
  10. Mame Tutorial for n00bs

    MAME 0.194 Software List CHDs (merged) 1.928 TB! WHAT!! am i looking at something wrong? from a certain pleasuresite. that seems like an insane jump in size. i think it was like 60gb last version i used which was MAME 0.190 CHDs (merged)
  11. No new advancements in 360 or PS3 emulation?

  12. No new advancements in 360 or PS3 emulation?

    PS3 is moving along very quickly right now. Seems like every month they announce progress. 360 is moving slower.
  13. static Theme

    Never apologize for using your free time creating something for the community. Looks fantastic can't wait but I will 😁