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  1. Ok but not all videos are. I visited with a profile that i am not using regularly and isn't subscribed to his channel. And i could watch the most recent videos no problem. And considering you are asking for help maybe drop the passiv aggression.
  2. https://www.youtube.com/c/colpipes1978 I don't think they are?
  3. That sounds fair.. all will be useful no doubt about it. appreciate the work
  4. Awesome. Will the platform videos come to the build in downloader in LB ?
  5. Looks great gonna try it first thing tomorrow.
  6. 2 ways 1 - use the build in merging feature it will put all known versions of a game into one entry. including versions named differently from regions with unique names like France , Sweden etc.. 2 - do something like this guy -
  7. Multiple Save stats/slots in pause with screenshots then LB pretty much has everything as far as I'm concerned.. I realize this isn't an official poll yet..
  8. one question is it possible for every system to have a background image fitting the console when using RetroArch. edit - in the backgrounds folder i see you have images whitch i assume is for just that but with playstation using RetroArch it just loads the default... Edit - Got it working i saw that each system got a folder once a game was loaded and each game loaded got its own folder within that folder. didn't realize until now that the platform images had to be put in the system folder.
  9. yes out doing any configuration the RetroArch systems pause out issue.. Thanks now to set it up in detail ✌️
  10. Yah plus those 2 sections has unfortunately never gotten the same attention. Not as many awesome themes to pick from as regular themes. I could imagine the selection would sky rocket with this.
  11. Then Pause screen would just need multiple save stats πŸ˜‰..
  12. Could be cool if Pause screen was possible as well ⏸️. If possible @Jason Carr @y2guru Dreaming 😊
  13. @Chadmando decided too finally play around with this now that i have the time. but in setting it up i ran into a problem when i do step (open LB tool super pause it says "can not find settings exe"
  14. Amazing stuff πŸ‘
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