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  1. Hey I have been inactive in the community for a while so feel out of the loop current updates and possible discussed advancements and such.. But wondering if the EU forcing Apple to allow apps to be downloaded from websites outside of their marketplace could open up doors for IOS and TVOS versions of LB.. of course there’s the development side. Not a developer so can’t speak on how easy it would be to make versions of these.
  2. Beautiful very different from anything else. great Job
  3. Just wondering with EU forcing Apple into allowing side loading of apps is an IOS version something that would be up for reconsideration ?
  4. Arhh shit😪 what did I miss.. is it true support is ending?.. I wouldn’t mind supporting further development.
  5. That is awesome huge update... Of course I can't help but wonder @faeran if Dave will be able to bring the community creator to the Android themes?.. If you have any inside knowledge 😉
  6. Wasn't gonna add my my two cents. But after your last comment I have to. This isn't like buying a closed system like an Xbox or Playstation . And The themes are literally made by the community for the community. In that sense they aren't part of the product you pay for. Comments like yours is probably why big companies like steam or Sony never would go for it and need too tidly control their systems. If you ask nicely the community would gladly help you. But with that shitty attitude
  7. Yah maybe a high quality overall platform fanart to fall back on? but yah theme looks stunning
  8. Looks really good. Definitely trying it out soon
  9. Fun 😃 ..Maybe Christmas and new years themes could be of interest when the time comes around.
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