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  1. Then Pause screen would just need multiple save stats πŸ˜‰..
  2. Could be cool if Pause screen was possible as well ⏸️. If possible @Jason Carr @y2guru Dreaming 😊
  3. @Chadmando decided too finally play around with this now that i have the time. but in setting it up i ran into a problem when i do step (open LB tool super pause it says "can not find settings exe"
  4. is the files for changing parts of the theme itself available? i see the awesome templet for the banners but i don't see the theme files..
  5. Nice. What video editing software would you recommend for a beginner.
  6. those cinematic loads are awesome. curious are more platforms still planned? obviously covering everything is a giant project and i don exactly expect one man to do that. but curious where it stands
  7. My OCD is very pleased ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
  8. it happened again when i restarted. but after i got home from work and powered my pc up and Big Box it no longer seems to be an issue
  9. Oh that is a great question. Pretty sure it was the same theme I was using.
  10. got this error using the latest version of LV-101 from the LB theme downloader
  11. came across this on a random google search . @HannesRoets gotta ask if this is still in the making
  12. hadn't noticed but i see it now.. looks great either way
  13. Curious why the name change πŸ˜€
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