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  1. Oh yah i even voted for it.. guess i forgot 😄but exciting stuff
  2. WOW i didn't think the RetroArch part could be done.. wasn't the team over there against it ?
  3. Phantom Pain. Bottom right corner
  4. just got time for trying it. But when i click the link on my phone, it says at the bottom of the page. "The page you requested could not be found" I See I was too late
  5. Just put out a mail.. Glad to see the android version return Out of curiosity will themes and even plugins eventually be able to be transferred from their desktop counterparts ?
  6. Sounds cool next time there's a poll make the suggestion and it will have my vote as well.
  7. Great.. But its in the regularly themes section, so i thought it didn't work until i saw the pictures realizing it was for BigBox
  8. Thought things looked a bit different ? its nice.
  9. ALIE

    The Covid Game!

    Loved it which i rarely say for something i played on mobile with touch.. funny and yet being able to throw in a classy moment for Floyd.. Even made a small donation that is how good this was
  10. Ok but not all videos are. I visited with a profile that i am not using regularly and isn't subscribed to his channel. And i could watch the most recent videos no problem. And considering you are asking for help maybe drop the passiv aggression.
  11. https://www.youtube.com/c/colpipes1978 I don't think they are?
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