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  1. Yah I can honestly say i love the EU design and hate the US design. out it being blind Nostalgic emotions 😅
  2. Ass holes like the person who's already has it up on Ebay. I really want the EU version I would almost pay what he's asking 😑. Snes was my first console. Not my first gaming experience but it was the first console I had in my room as kid that was mine and not My older Brothers. American design not so much
  3. Yah I shook my head and bought it as fast as possible. Until now the best I had seen was around 200% the original asking price 😑
  4. Yah I only just bought a nes mini today 10$ more the new. Used but from a fairly big site that refurbish consoles. 2 years Guarantee which it nice.
  5. Edited the title figured it was a bit misleading. Anyway hope that it's gonna be easier to get a hold of when it hits all major stores.
  6. Sold out on Amazon. Uk Gamestop UK seems to have it. but I can't create a account since no matter what phone number I use during registration it says not valid. Guess I have to keep an eye out on the Danish stores.
  7. Not 100% sold on the font you think you could get closer to this? Image. I would say the style of the Attitude era but that might be very difficult. Of course unless heelsinc hates my idea or totally loves what you got then please go ahead 😊
  8. I love this solution a few themes has had done something like it.
  9. Wrestling Collection makes sense since it isn't strictly WWE. Clips moments /featured wrestlers ideas. Hogan Slamming Andre. Austin 3:16 promo with sound bit. Maybe a couple superstars raising the WWE Title after a win. Hogan, Austin, Rock, HBK, Bret Heart, Cena maybe with a quick sound bit from the commentary when they won?
  10. I don't have my new pc until Saturday. And even then I could only record with some free tool.
  11. Didn't Finkle do it as well oh der gid my history is completely off. Now that you say it i could see and hear Buffer clear as day.
  12. And Hogan theme is definitely appropriate for something like this.
  13. Howard Finkle is definitely the way to go he's about as iconic as they get.