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  1. @viking is back 😀 this looks beautiful
  2. Just a heads up i downloaded the latest version with the Theme downloader and the theme stopped working it only had the default Theme views i also tired the repair option but it didn't work. got it from here on the forum and it works again.
  3. Multiple Saves states will be awsome. Glad it's up high. Doesn't Retroach have a automatic screenshot feature when making a save state?
  4. Pause features work great and they just seem to work out fiddling like with Rocket. Saving and loading the save Stat will that be upgraded to having the option to make multiple and pick from a list. 1 thing I see missing.
  5. Will this be aded to the theme downloader 😁
  6. i have only tried RA but it seems to go into pause flawless. but i have an issue when i go out the game is still in its own pause mode.
  7. I got it up and running do to @Colpipes78videos. But he gad to remove the tutorials unfortunately. Maybe send him a pm? Or ask on his Discord
  8. Sounds great personally I was pretty impressed with the first release of the start up screens. Support for more emulators later is that on you alone or something the community can do with plug ins?...
  9. ALIE


    Upcoming? It's been out for a while now. Next Gen is probably out next year maybe this year bit I doubt it.
  10. Well this is exciting 😁 pause screens is the last major feature I can imagine being left for me at least..
  11. This is dangerous I may not play as much as stare at the theme 😍..
  12. This is great really looks like the default Kodi.
  13. Sure makes sense. Guess it flew over my head 😂
  14. Pause Screens is my most anticipated as well. But I'm sure @Jason Carrhasn't forgotten just need to be patience. BUT I gotta ask why the "Whatever you say Damien. I wouldn't want to cross you" comment? All he said is he also wants it. Sorry seems weirdly snippy for no reason.
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