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Hope this is in the right place to post this but i just wondered if you could add a seperate volume control for the videos being played by VLC, i know i can just turn down the volume using the mastercontrol in windows but sometimes i play music or audio books in the background when going through my games and its annoying to have the sound from the video when it starts playing, also i've noticed that if i click on the video to pause it then click on something else like an option from the menu for example the video starts to play again from where it left off instead of staying paused. i've looked in the settings but am unable to find a volume setting for the videos or an option the keep the video pause until clicked on again. am i missing something?

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yep i was referring to launchbox as well, adding my games then checking through them to make sure they each have a cover/video etc is fine but every time i click a game if it does have a video the sound is really loud so i usually end up clicking on the clip just to pause it so it shuts up which is not the point really, btw pausing a clip then going to a menu item makes the video resume playing again, is that supposed to happen as i would really like it if it stayed paused until i either manually start it playing again or by viewing a different game if thats at all possible.

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