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MS-Dos AHK script wont run


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I can't get the MS-DOS Auto hot key script to run.

I think its because all my MS-Dos games run from .bat files and I have chosen the "Do not use DosBox/ScummVM"

I just need an Ipac reprogramming script to run on game launch and on process exit. 

I have it all working in other emulators fine so I know its not an issue with the script.


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Ok so I can get the first half of my script running by making it a .bat and running it as an additional app.

Seems there still isn't a bulk edit option for this or a Platform additional app option.

If we do end up getting this implemented can it also be made to execute additional apps on process exit?  Or Aps that be executed everytime we go back to Bigbox/launchbox?

Ancient frontends like Mamewah could do this with ease.

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Made a batch file that checks the process list for emulators , if found flashes the Ipac to that emulator.

The second you exit the emulator the Ipac flashes to BigBox/LB and starts to check the process list for emulators again.

Works fine, Its not really ideal as its polling the tasklist a lot , but it works.



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OKey this looks bit complicated, will need to look into this.

Basicly i need to close the emulator with 1 key and once closed the key can be used in bigbox again.
So i dont want to bind 1 key to alt+f4 because if i close the emulator it goes to bigbox and then i cant use this key anymore.


In bigbox i have the C key setup as "back button" but in most emulators i have setup the C key also to close the emulator.

Example mame has key setting "UI cancel or UI exit" to close the emulator, but once closed the key can be used as back again which is great.
However not all emulators have keysetting to close the emulator


But thanks for providing the link, will check it out


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You can do that with an AHK script and focus. 

#IfWinActive, LaunchBox Big Box


should work
It will make alt+F4 only return C and only when bigbox is in focus.

if not try

!f4:: Send c



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or add this AHK script to every emulator you use/need to. It will force close the currently open process with esc.
Map back in bigbox to ESC also.

 Process, Close, {{{StartupEXE}}}



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