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I am having a problem trying to launch my gog games, I have them all in .7z to save space, I want to be able to extract and run the exe through launchbox, any help out there on how to do this would be great.



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You're gonna have a real hard time doing that. If you have the install in an archive, and it decompresses, that's (as far as I know), not going to work at all. I have most of my GOG games shortcut's in a folder. I would import those shortcuts, set a fake emulator, set the platform, then bulk edit that emulator off after they're imported. The decompression option only exists for games with emulators attached. I wouldn't recommend running games that way period, but it's doable obviously with roms. It's even technically possible with DOS games, but an extreme pain in the ass. It's just as much of one for PC games as well.

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You can use the importer and add the roms with the Windows Search box, or use the Windows Search to filter out all the exe's you want to import, and drag them in to LB. It'll run through like normal, select / make the platform (PC), you'll select an emulator (it doesn't matter what), then import. Highlight all the games in that platform (Ctrl + A), then bulk edit them (right click -> edit), select emulator from the first drop down and then leave it blank. That's currently the easiest method. The Windows importer is a bit tricky, but I do think enhancing it is something Jason does want to do. If you have a folder of GOG shortcuts, you can import these the same way too. When you filter out the exe's, there might be extras, which you can remove extra items from the import's last screen by clicking on a game and then delete.

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